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I made a Courtney base..Cause of boredum.. Credit please :3
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 Layla and adular, fawn fighting.
Layla and Fawn fighting.
(Mess hall)
(Team Real is eating on one side and Team Fake i eating on the other)
Lia: So who is everyone voting off tonight?
Fawn: Layla.
Layla: Oh yeah?
Fawn: Yeah. Because your such a bitch!
Layla: Oh no tu did not just say that?!
Fawn: Oh. But I did.


Vincent: I vote off Layla... that perra is cruel.

Lia: Annie... Annie... ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh she is trying to ruin my chances with Jordan!!!!!!!

Mathew:1 Word...Layla

Fawn: Bye bye Layla hello no más seeing the bitch

Layla: adular, fawn is so out! No one stupid little lesbian Loser!

Annie: I'm very tempted to vote off Lia,...
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posted by iPsychic
Hello! I didn’t have time to proof-read, because I’m a little busy. Also, in Australia (where I am), I have to go back to High School on Tuesday. So, I may be slower at uploading the chapters, sorry about that :( Again, thanks for the reviews and support tu guys have dado me! :) Also, I need ideas for the siguiente chapters. If tu have any, I will give tu virtual cookies!

I woke up early the siguiente morning and got lectura for school. My parents already left for work, like they do almost every morning. Before I left to walk to school, I looked in the mirror one last time. The bruises on my cheek...
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posted by iPsychic
Thanks so much for all your support guys! While I was escritura this, I was listening to TDWT songs >W< Also, again this may not be my best chapter. Enjoy anyway...

Chapter 4

‘Well, we got to go to class now,’ Zoey told me.

‘What do we have?’ I asked.

‘Food tech, let’s go!’ she replied. We raced each other to our comida Tech room and walked into class. I hoped that those group of guys weren’t in this class. We reached over to available desks siguiente to each other and sat down. At that very moment our comida tech teacher walked in.

‘As tu may know, today we’ll be cooking!’ our...
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chris: choices and más choices were made the last time, first they had to choose the person who can best choose for the teams advantage, than that person was may to choose two persons from the other team to switch to his o her team, after that a arm breaking challenge was played and because the good switch choice team yellow won, after that duncan made some alliances with the boys, in the ceremony leshawna got voted of but she quited before she went to the cave so another vote round and bridge was the one to leave, sorry for duncan but alejandro felt sorry and told mirra about the allaince,...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So.....yep, it's the siguiente part. o3o So, I hope tu guys are all ready for the most, kissey, lovey, mushy, etc episode ever! :D Ssssoooo, yeah, I'm just gonna start the story know. ^^; Hope tu all like it!


*at elimination ceromoney*

Chris: *walks up to podeum* Well, look whos back. Haven't seen tu guys in awhile - as in a week, hehe. So, I hope tu know who your voting for.

Alex: *glares at Star* I sure do. How about tu Noah?

Noah: *glares at estrella as well* Yep.

Star: *gets a very scared look, and gulps very hard* *She...
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posted by colecutegirl
riley: hello viewers! last time on total drama randomness the campers had to find 4 keys ocated on the island camellie and mirra are the 2 team leaders! team awsome(mirras team) and well camellie hasnt got a team yet! But someone took te fun out of it por not letting the oso, oso de out *bear comes and stannds siguiente to riley* For reals? now tu let him out! *runs away screaming.

bear; *waves paw and runs after riley.

mess hall:
noah; great another día stuck with him *points to cody who is staring at noah* (soz i like the noah and cody couple)
star*laughs and noah smiles at her*hey im star
noah: hola im...
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*at Trent and Courtneys wedding*

Trent: theres something I have to tell you

Courtney: what is it?

Trent: *takes out guitarra and starts playing*

Courtney: *stands there listening*

Trent: I'm dating tyler!

Courtney: your dating tyler?? well Im dating Bridgette!

*Camera goes to Bridgette*

Bridgette: yeah shes dating bridgette backstage, at my concert, at locker at school and beyond!

Bridgette: Im also dating DJ!

*Camera goes to DJ*

DJ: Yeah boy she dating DJ too!

DJ: tu know what time it is cause Im dating Beth too!

*Camera goes to Beth*

Beth: Yeah I know but its true DJ dates me to

Justin: and I swapped with...
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mike:phew a least now gwen can't kill me

*la' reloaded,france*
chris:hello & welcome to total drama reloaded in france... these teens are going to miss hallo...
danny:eva is gone yes i hatted her
trent:where is gwen
chris:she got votted off and danny i wasn't done... as i was saying halloween
duncan:man i amor being allowed to scare people
chris:well today tu get to trick o treat
dj:whats the catch
kirby:*snobs* is it too *cries*
scout:shut up
chris:the catch is too...
ruby:please don't fight
scout & ruby:grrr
chris:that is the 3rd time i didn't get to finnish *croses arms*...
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"So, who ya gonna ask to the Girl's Choice dance?" Alani Miller asked. The girl with blonde hair was always chasing down the latest couple gossip in our circle. "Don't know. I don't really like anyone." I replied. "Don't lie, Katani. We all know tu are in amor with Nathan Cameron." Nathan happens to be one of my closest friends in our group. Alani's blue eyes narrowed like she could read my mind, which was covered with hearts just like my notebook at the mention of his name. "You wuv him!" my friend Akiko Johnson said, appearing from nowhere. Akiko was resident crazy to everyone outside our...
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Duncan's P.O.V

Gwen came back with my gun.I told her to take care of Courtney but when i took my hand off her back,i felt something warm dripping on my leg.I looked and saw it,blood,but not my blood Courtney's blood."Holy crap!Courtney is bleeding!"i yelled looking down at the messy blood pond on the floor and some drops on my legs.Gwen gasp."This fucking bitch!I'm going to kill him."I was so mad.I lay down,looked at my gun and shoot it.The alarm of the mall when off.I got up ran to Courtney and Gwen,i carry court while Gwen ran in back of me.

Giny's P.O.V

It was morning here in Costa Rica.I...
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posted by bubble_babe
"Hello and welcome to NEXT!" dicho the host "4 girls and 1 boy have sighed up for the amor of one guy." A boy named Duncan walked out into the open "This is Duncan, and i'm Kenzie, and This is NEXT!"

    (on the bus) 4 girls and 1 boysat on the siguiente bus, all looking happy as hell, they are in the run for a cena hottie, they talked about Duncan, and thank god no1 started a fight over him. the bus pulled over and and girl number 1 is up for Duncan. A girl steped off the bus in bunny ears that play boy bunnys wear, and had a nice rosado, rosa camisa, camiseta on and a rosado, rosa scirt, fliping her...
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after two long days of work and doing all that boring things out just not to get kick out has gatten me mad!"said gwen.courtney knew that if duncan was still im TDA she had to stay,cuz she didnt want to be away from him o him from her."so did every work out between u two?asked bridgette and ashley at the same time.courtney sigh."i think so!"said courtney super happy."no way!"said gwen trying to hide her madness.courtney,bridgette,ashley and gwen looked outside as duncan knock on the door cuz he was going to talk to courtney.when courtney opened the door she saw that a card was in the door...
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