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 dnt mess with gwen
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This isla del drama arte de los fans contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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I must warn tu sensitive readers out their.. This chapter contains a very well described birth if tu don't like that part..don't read!! And don't judge me if tu don't like it!!
-The birth-

  A burning pain up Ally's spine again as she collapsed on the ground. She tried getting back up, but the pain she felt was too strong to let her stand.  
      "Mike! Mike!" She called. "Help me!"
      Coincidentely Mike had came out from the cocina after helping Cameron get más ingredients for dessert. He immediately saw Ally on the ground and dropped a bowl full of whipped...
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Duncan:Good morning, Babe!
Courtney:Good morning, Dunky!How are you?
Duncan:I wanna ask tu again:Do tu want to go out with me?
Courtney:Yes!Can I say at the girls?
Duncan:Yes, babe!*kisses Courtney*

At the girl's room...
Courtney:Girls, girls!I have to tell tu something!
All the girls:What?
Courtney:I'll go out with Duncan!
Gwen:Wow!*envy* And I don't had a fecha with Trent!
Courtney:Maybe tu will have a fecha with Trent another day!
Gwen:I think...
Courtney:I go at Duncan to see at what the hour!

At the living-room...
Duncan:What happened, babe?
Courtney:At what the hora is the date?
Duncan:At 19:00 we've...
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I opened my eyes and saw Duncan carrying me away."Duncan.....""Princess,go to sleep please.Get rest so tu don't feel the pain."He dicho harshly."It's not that bad."I dicho groaning in pain trying to hide the sharp stinging in my arm and leg.I looked down to see the blood dripping down from my wounds.Duncan kissed my cheek and carried me to an ambulancia that was now here."Don't be brave."He argued quietly.He took me to the ambulance,and the EMT put me on a gurney inside.Everyone was watching me,concerned.Except for Heather.Never Heather.The EMT people pushed Duncan away from the ambulance,they...
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