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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Our final 20 had to make a funny video. Ashley, Fawn, Elisa, and Liza switched teams, making Blake's life suck... not to mention Mathew's and Marissa's too. In the end, it was Lance who was sent inicial for.... ummm... why was he sent inicial again?
Chef: (shrugs)
Chris: Oh I think the reason is in that box over there. Can tu get it for me?
(Chef walks over to the box)
Chris: Thanks.
(Chef opens the box and wip-cream comes out)
Chris: (laughs)
Chef: grrrr...
Chris: What does that have to do with today's episode? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Reality...
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I just read a Fic made por iPhyscic about Mike killing himself, so I was in the mood for making a dark one-shot fanfic... Personally, I think I'm getting good at these! Do u think I'm a good writer? 
Anyway,  here we go!


What would happen if I died?:Mikes point of view.

My life is a living nightmare.

No one wants me o loves me.

All they do is stop and stare and say 'Hey! There's that crazy freak!'

They never appreciate the real me.

They never look past my physcotic appearance..

They never look Into my heart.

I feel neglected..
I feel sad...
I feel depressed..

Only one thing comes to my...
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-The interveiw-

After a peaceful night of sleep, the group of teens wake up from the turbulence of the plane. It only took 5 minutos until they landed at the New York Cross-Country Air port. They all pile out of the plane and end up in the main lobby of the air port.

"Where do we go now?" Bridgette asked confused.

"We go to the front entrance and get into the company limo." Molly replied leading the teens to the entrance.

The limo ride was pretty awesome. They all jammed out to their favorito! songs and turned the stereo up so loud, a car 300 feet behind could here them. Not only was the...
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Hello, reader

My name is Izzy!

The pregunta I always ask is;

Why do people run from me?

Is it because...

I try and force everyone

Telling them playing,

With fuego is fun?

Or maybe because,

I talk to my invisible friend.

Talking to him all day,

Over and over again.

What-ever it is,

I want to know.

Having a friend,

Would be nice... although.

I had a buddy

Who's name was Owen,

He was so funny!

And, I became his girl-friend.

When we both got hit,

By the Total Drama plane,

I lost all the craziness,

And for once became sane.

I broke up with him.

I dicho we couldn't be.

But, I miss my Big-O.

I really do miss my buddy.

Way before...
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posted by poptrop300
Okay just saying I don't want any hate from people who don't like glee.

Courtney's P.O.V

Okay first day. I went to the school yesterday and got my schedule. I have all my books. Alphabetised. I already put the libros I have today in my bag last night. I need to have a shower.

10 minutos later.

It's 6:30. I have enough time to let my hair dry naturally. I'm going to go downstairs and make myself breakfast. My parents left for work at 6. So I have to take the bus. I moved to Ohio with my parents a few days ago. My dad got transferred here. I am so glad I live here....
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posted by Gwentrend24
Camile: Last time on Total Drama OC's, the campers found out that they will be spending the siguiente 8 brutal weeks, on a haunted playa house. Alliances were formed, conflicts were started, *get's aggravated* and CAR KEYS were stolen. What do we have in store for our unfortunate contestants today? Find out right now on, Total. Drama. OC's!

Chris: Hey, how come tu get to do the introduction?

Camile: -.- Don't argue with me.

*Theme song plays*

Chris: *pulls out bullhorn*

Camile: Um, don't tu have a softer and nicer way to wake them up?

Chris: *pouts* Fine. Katie!

Katie: What's up Chris?

Chris: Can you...
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posted by starburst-rock
Rayla: Last time on Total Drama Blank! Are campers had a little fighting match. The jealousy of Duncan gets stronger. And estrella still hasn't found out that Chrystal and Noah are just friends! In the end it was Destrey and Mirra who won the fighting matches. What's gunna happen this week? Find out right now! On Total. Drama! BLANK!

*theme song plays*

Rayla: Good Morning campers! 

Noah: Sure that's what it is.


Noah: *:) at star*

Rayla: -.- Ok well I need Mirra and Destrey to come and pick there team members!

Mirra and Destrey walk to where Rayla is.

Rayla: K Mirra tu start!...
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Hello I Am Your Host Erica! Old Contestants: Trent Heather Justin Duncan Alejandro Cody Noah Izzy Gwen Courtney Lindsey Bridgette! New Contestants: Ivy Marisol estrella Crystal gótico And Talia!
Now I Will Make Teams!
Ivy Duncan and Bridgette!
ivy Team Leader Think Of A Team Name!
Talia Lindsey Noah!
Talia Team Leader TeaM Name
gótico Courtney and Izzy!
gótico Team Leader Team Name!
Marisol Gwen Alejandro!
Marisol Team Leader Team Name!
Crystal estrella Cody!
Crystal Team Leader Team Name
Justin Heather Trent!
Justin Team Leader Team Name!

If Any Switching Teams Send Me A Message!
posted by shellgirl54
Chris-and so hansel and gretel (owen and duncan
Greg-its greg!!
Chris-whatever greg,greger.grtetel whoever u r found out about there parents (alendjro and heather evil plan
Hansel-oh my godthey'regoing to abanden us!! i can't be abandon theres no comida there just small colured balls
Greg-i got it u see those pebbles outside the window we can use those pebbles ...
Hansel-to throw them at r parents until they r covered in it
Greg-no when we go into the forest we leave a secret trail and then when our parents abandon us we follow the trail
Hansel-yeah thats a good plan
Chris-and so hansel and greg finnaly...
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posted by owenizzyx
heather:there way a head and we got to go

courtney:we got to build something we can ro-ow

sierra:it doesn`t have to be a boat

girls:as long as it stays a float... oh why did we build gwen face

duncan & alejandro:it`s almost ready to set sail

duncan:just hammering in the final nail


owen:we really did this fast

guys:so we,ll be back in 1st class becuase they built gwen face

girls:we built gwen`s face

guys:were going to take 1st place

girls:becuase we built gwen`s face


girls:we built gwen`s face

*Theme música plays*

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Dead Rising!!!

Chris: and introducing my co-host CHUCK GREENE!!!

Chuck: yeah Im on this show!!

Chris: ok lets get to introducing our Contestants!

Chuck: they have been divided up into 4 groups of 2 and placed at misceláneo stores in the mall!!

Chris: they will have to make it back to the seguro room with out dying

Chuck: if they get bitten por the zombies we have the anti dote I think

Chris: lets play TERROR IS REALITY!!

*Camera goes to Stacey and Kurt in the Sports store*

Kurt: *scared* ahh man there everywhere out there

Stacey: oh calm down we can get out of...
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posted by gothemo1234
I think I know the answer Mr.mcclaen


Shut up, Fat Boy

Hey, don't call me fat, tu fuckin jew

duncan, did tu just dicho the F word?


No, He's talking about Fuck.
tu can't say fuck in school, tu fucking fat ass


Why the fuck not?


Dude, tu dicho Fuck again




What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody
Fuck Fuckytifuckfuckfuck

How would tu like to go see the school councilor??

How would tu like to suck my balls?


What did tu say?!?!?!?!?!

ouh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what I dicho was: