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TDI_A_WT_ROTI posted on Jan 14, 2013 at 11:53PM
Okay so Duncan, Courtney, Heather, and pretty much Sierra have been confirmed to be on TD5. Who else do you guys think will be on? Also, what will happen with Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen if she comes back? And if Alejandro comes back, will Heather actually start a real relationship with him?

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hace más de un año amore222 said…
courtney and duncun wil get back gwen dumb duncun he steres at other hot girls then he kissed courtney and they got togeter again and heater dos not want to date alejandro he is a robat and she cant kiss him and gwen and courtney are enamies courtney kicked gwens face then gwens face has one eye and thats al