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posted by TDI_Zeke
All About Me:

Name - Ezekiel James Rodgers

DOB - June 7, 1995

Favorite Animal - Horse

Spiritual Animal - Mouse

Favorite Color - Green

Spiritual Color - Yellow

Favorite TV mostrar - Total Drama Island

Favorite Movie - Hmm... Night at the Museum

Favorite Book - Hmm... Half Moon Investigations

Favorite Part of the Body - Elbow

Spiritual Part of the Body - Wrist

Things tu should know - I don't have any friends in real life... it would mean the world if tu added me on this.

About Spiritual Stuff:

I've become interested in spiritual beliefs ever since a spiritual healer got rid of a pain in my stomach which had...
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posted by poptrop300
1) An attractive guy that chicks digg.

2) A being who has a level manliness about them of which is somewhat subtle yet unparalleled, and which is sometimes mistaken por lesser men as gayness.

3) A higher level of man who endures a multitude of gay jokes, but is in reality much más straight than the lesser men who provoke him.

(I will be posting the ones that are not disgusting.

Okay this thing won't let me post unless its bigger so I'm gonna be escritura jibberish :D.Find the hidden messages.

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Chris: those are all really good songs, but only one team can only win. winner cannot be Trent but he does win invincibility for doing a good job and hitting all of the notes in the duet song. the winner's team will get to decide what is the loser's punishment is. okay and the winner of the challenge is Owen canto Jessie's Girl! congratulations to team A-list!

Team A-list: YES!
Chris: Okay team Cook kids and team A-list go to the auditorium to check out what is your punishment in 30 minutes. And I will give tu the options on what the punishment is.
Quinn: What! we can't make up one!?!
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so this is the episode where tu get to hear what they say do o think.and this is crush night so its all bout love

i cannot believe that i did not change my status. i am not taken! i had my eyes on someone on the show. he is really cute and is on my team. i keep on forgetting his name but oh well. i will just describe him. he had on a black camisa, camiseta with a skull on it, he ha a green mohawk and all the rest of his hair is black, and he had on red converse. i think we are perfect together!

being here is really great! i met a really sweet girl. her name is Bridgette. i think that i like...
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Courtney's point of view

*the siguiente day*so today i need to get the teams. i have the lista from my dad. the alarm for the ceremony went off.

Chris: Campers wake up today will be the día where tu get into your teams, tu have 30 minutos to go to the campus if tu do not go there in time tu will be eliminated.

*everyone went to the campus outside*
Courtney: So the team captains go to Jeff and Alejandro.
Alejandro and Jeff: Sweet!
Courtney: Jeff will be the captain of team A lista and Alejandro will be the captain of the cool kids.
the teams of the cool kids are, Quinn, Duncan, Jeff, Bridgette, Tyler,...
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The boys walked into their room, Geoff was the first to speak, “Are tu guys pumped o what?”
Shawn winked, “Hell yeah!”
Owen ran around the room, “Back for another season! WOO!”
DJ laughed, “Good to see tu again.”
Cody looked around, “Another season involving singing... won’t this be fun?”
Jason shook his head, “I know I’m not really looking adelante, hacia adelante to it.”
Frank nodded, “I wonder what the first theme will be...”
Aadan shrugged, “I just wonder what making the música video will be like.”
Leo nodded. He didn’t say anything; this season would be intimidating, his...
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posted by iPsychic
Hi! Sorry I didn't post for a week, I had school and didn't have time to make another chapter. I do make my own animations, watch YouTube videos, make my own movies, play flute and much más as well as escritura in my spare time. I didn't proof read as I didn't have time. Also, there is a person from the old cast in this chapter. I'm pretty sure that the old cast are 18 and the new cast are 16, but in this story they're all the same age. Enjoy :)

*Gym Class*

'I heard we're getting a new teacher today. Isn't that exciting?' Cameron asked us.

'Not really. What happens if they're tougher and meaner?'...
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posted by iPsychic
Remember, back to school tomorrow for me :( I watched a marathon of TDWT today, since it was on the channel AB3 :) They had my favourite episodes!

‘So, that’s how I won against Bowser for the eighth time, cool huh?’ Sam told our group. We were all sitting at our usual mesa, tabla at recess and Sam was telling us how he defeated Bowser on Super Mario Bros, while everyone was listening with boredom. Zoey and I exchanged bored glances, Cameron was drooling almost falling asleep, B was asleep and Dawn was pretending to listen but was just meditating, not caring.

‘Uh, interesting story Sam!’ I...
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posted by iPsychic
Hi everyone! I got Chapter 4 and now 5 uploaded :) Thanks again for your support! Also, I got 3 TDRI people in here. Scott and Sam in the detention room and Cameron later on :) Now, if tu get squeamish quite easily, I suggest tu may not want to read the middle of the chapter.
I do not own the Total Drama characters except the bullies and Sofie as they are my own. If I did, that would be awesome :)

I walked down the empty corridor all alone, heading to the detention room. As it was 3:30, no-one was around. Before Zoey left to walk home, she wished me good-luck on my first afternoon detention....
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posted by IloveDxC
I miss him. Cheating on Geoff was a huge mistake. besar Alejandro was not even worth it. Now that me and Geoff are over I guess I should mover on. But he keeps haunting my dreams, appearing in my thoughts and causing me to regret everything. In my bedroom sulking, I know now that I'm all alone.

I've told Geoff am sorry a million times but he never forgave me. I can't believe I lost the best thing I ever had. Being humiliated on INTERNATIONAL TV is one thing, being DUMPED por the amor of my life is another. I can't live like this ANYMORE. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I miss Geoff so much. But...
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posted by iPsychic
Hello everyone! I was busy yesterday and today, so I had to write this in the car on my iPod going places. Thanks so much for lectura and reviewing :) Also question: Do tu think I should add Anne Maria in the siguiente part? Also, this is probably not my best chapter but I didn’t have very many ideas. Enjoy :)

‘Alright! Today in gym, I’ll mark tu on your running, climbing and your sense of balance!’ our gym teacher boomed at us.

‘First, you’ll run laps around the gym, climb the rope and cruzar, cruz the beam!’ he continued.

‘Come on, let’s started running!’ Zoey told me. Everyone in...
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posted by iPsychic
This is my first poem ever publicado here. It’s about Mike’s personalities and how he feels when no-one wants to be his friend. It’s kind of sad. I’m terrible at poems so consejos would be appreciated :) Thanks!

I look in the mirror,
And what do I see?
One teen, but
Five personalities.

Making friends,
Was always tough.
Can’t I be normal?
I’ve suffered enough.

Everyone I meet,
Would run away.
‘It’s that freak!’
They’d always say.

Why tu ask?
Why do they run?
I have five personalities.
Not just one.

How I wish that I
Was a normal teen.
But of course,
That’s only a dream.

Sometimes I can be,
A gymnast...
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posted by iPsychic
Part 2

I decided to make a part two since tu guys were asking for another part :) Thanks so much for your support and ideas! tu can also find me on with my nombre de usuario 'iPsychic' just like my fanpop nombre de usuario :) Also, I am aware that Zoey may not have a brother but I included her having one anyway.

‘Who are tu young Missy?’ I asked Zoey. Zoey just kept giggling, her face blushing más and more. I started gasping again and was back to my normal self.

‘So, that was one of my personalities,’ I told Zoey. ‘That was Chester, a grumpy old man,’ I sigh after I remember one...
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posted by iPsychic
Ok! This is one of my segundo ever written Fanfic :) This is my first about the new cast which involves Mike and Zoey. Tell me if I need any improvements to the story! BTW, Mike's telling the story.


'You're such a freak!'

'You don't deserve to live!'

'Who'd want to be friends with a guy who changes personalities?'

Those words stung my heart, but not as much as what these people were doing to me. They kicked me in the chest, pushing me to the ground and yelled in my face. Just because I have a multiple personality disorder.

Why was I born with this curse? I ask myself that pregunta every day....
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posted by zaptrollwen
These are some of the dreams i've had about Total Drama. Note: Some are better than others!

1. Season 4 of Total Drama started (Called Total Drama Island Reunion), and the contestants were there and they had to build their own cabins. I think at one point Duncan and Trent entered laughing and joking around with each other for no apparent reason.

2. I was trapped in my friends house with Santa, Kurtis and Charlie (Santa Claus 3) and the mummies were out to get us, and outside Total Drama were forming an army. Duncan and Gwen had broken up and Courtney went up to him in my Step mum’s tartan...
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posted by TDIlover226
In which I completely contradict my last fanfic xD

Baldwin C. Tag. He was a gentle soul, intelligent, that would do the world wonders some day. He couldn't hurt a fly, nor would he want to. His soul was a pure one, and his intentions weren't in any way wicked. And it seemed like there existed not one person on the earth quite like him.
To a normal person, this would be a mound of information very hard to acquire, certainly enough to know about a person. Especially when it comes to someone like Silent B, who seldom feels the need to...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Isabella and Gabby were sitting down por the lake skipping rocks while little were they aware of the fact that Calvin was having the time of his life por harrassing his ex girlfriend Hadar will Hadar be able to tell her friends o will she chicken out find out on TDT!

(Theme music)

Gabby:I'm going to talk to Hadar I can't stand the suspense it's been a whole día and I haven't caught a glimpse of her how odd.
Isabella:Your telling me!

Hadar:Calvin at least tell me this much what are tu doing here; on the show.
Calvin smirked evily: Why not didn't tu miss me?
Hadar sighed:Of course I did.
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"Time for your siguiente challenge." Chris shouted through each cabin. The campers joined at the meeting area and rubbed their eyes. They saw Chris in his daily costume, it was the pirate one.

"Arr, today you'd be sailing the high seas, searchin' for..." Chris said.

"Grapes?" Lindsay asked.

"Gold." Noah said, without much joy.

"Correct!" Chris said.

Chris then threw a ball to the ground and it exploded with rosado, rosa dust and he disappeared.

Three notes were left, one labelled H, another labelled D, and the last, O.

Duncan picked up the D one and read;

Burning like the sun,
Only not as large.
Nothing can compare,...
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Last time Amy had left!
Ok Campers I hope tu had a good sleep because today is a crazy day!
Your Challenge:
Each Team will go through the obstacle course Go through the bouncy bounce house then the clicking turtles
then through a million gallons of water also through the flame throwers! then the snipping saws! Good Luck try to survive! Haha! Ready Start............. NOW! * Everybody races over the the bounce house* Riley: Dang this is bouncy! Allison is in the lead! adular, fawn left behind! Allison made it to the clicking turtles Rochelle: OMG this is...
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posted by TDIlover226
A DawnXB oneshot.
Written por your's truly.
At one o'clock in the morning.
Yeah xD

Dawn sat on her knees, quietly surveying the area around her. She had a light smile on her face. There were many colorful flores littering the ground, as well as many creatures scurrying about. It was an unusually calm día at Camp Wawanakwa.
It was a "free day," as the campers called it. Every two days a challenge would start and the cameras would start rolling. But the days in between were left for...
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