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Liza: (stamp's Layla passport) yeah, shocker.

Layla: tu think I'm going to vote off Lia? No way. add a z in that name, and tu got it.


(elimination room)
Chris: tu have all voted and the first one goes to our invincibility winner Cole!
Cole: mhm.
Chris: The siguiente one goes to.... Lance.
Lance: BOYA!
Chris: Amber.
Amber: YES!
Chris: Rochelle.
Rochelle: YAY!
Chris: Fawn.
Fawn: YAY! Final 8!
Chris: Annie.
Annie: YES!
Chris: Lia.
Lia: YAY!
Chris: Liza. Layla. There is only one más left, and the final one goes to...
Liza: Oh just give it to me! We all know I'm staying.
Chris: No, your not. Your...
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13.Scott (mean and anoying)
11.Lightning (for no reason i just can't stand him)
10.Anne Maria (she bruined the whole moey thing)
9.Dakota (shes ok)
8.Jo (shes one mean girl)
7.Sam (hes nice but wierd)
6.Brick (hes so funny)
parte superior, arriba 5
5.B (hes so freaking funny even though he dosnt talk)
4.Cameron (hes SO CUTE)
3.Zoey (shes really nice and sweet)
2.Mike (do i really need to explain why i amor HIM)
1.Dawn (i amor nature and shes the best0
Well this is my opinoin whats yours
ok so i think that Mike, Cameron and Zoey are really awesome friends so i made this
It was a sunny día and a young couple named Mike and Zoey.Were riding bikes in the open.
"Hey look"Said Zoey. Theirs Cameron down the hill.
"Cool"Mike sad.Lets go say hi.
Mike and Zoey rushed there bikes down the colina to see the small skinny bubble boy sitting on a bench lectura a book about butterflies.
"Hey Cam" dicho Zoey.
Cameron looked up from his book. "ZOEY MIKE". He exclaimed."Is that you"
"Yeah"Mike said."your outside your bubble i see"
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Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the World! The north pole! Here the teens had to build skates and then race them. Liza cut Layla's forehead, adular, fawn made Rochelle and Lia fall into a lake that was -20 degrees. And Chilly got rockets to put on his skates In the end, Liza and Layla won invisibility and Chilly was sent packing. Who will win? Who will die- I mean lose? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(theme song)

(First class)
Lia: I don't even know why Layla picked me.
Liza: What ever the reason is, don't trust her.
Lia: I won't.
Amber: well, thanks again for letting me be in...
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(First class)
Chilly: Thanks for letting us stay in here for awhile.
Layla: what ever.
Chilly: What's that suppose to mean?
Layla: nothing...
Cole: Come on. Who should we vote off?
Layla: Well Liza has invisibility so we can't vote her off.
Chilly: What about Rochelle?
Layla: why Rochelle?
Chilly: I don't know. Just the first name that came into mind.
Cole: (sigh) I guess. Rochelle?
Chilly and Layla: Rochelle.


Layla: as if I'll vote off Rochelle. I'm voting off Chilly. I mean, he didn't give me the rockets. He agreed to be in an alliance with me, and if he doesn't listen to me, he get's...
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*In the Confessional*

Jordan: YAY! I beat Draven in a fight... well, got him arrested... But I still made him lose!
Draven: Agghh... stupid Jordan... I swear, when the merge happens, he will be eliminated.

Draven: But right now I need to eliminate someone else... hmmm... Daisy.
Daisy: I've got a few plans up my sleeve to stay in.

Daisy: I'll just change the votos if the try to boot me >:)
Sayu: It was wo afainst one >.> there was no way that was too fair...

Sayu: Anyways! i guess i havve to vote margarita out...

Sayu: she's kinda mean but its ok. I still have faith! We shall raise again!...
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Please remember that not everyone's oc will be in this first part! I tried my best, and hopefully I'll be able to include some más characters in the segundo part. It's kinda short, mainly cause I'm still getting used to escritura in script format. Thanks :)
No one’s POV
Francis: *walks into school* “First día back... senior year. This will be interesting.” *checks watch* “Where the fuck is that boy...?”
Jamee: “Francis!”
Francis: “Jamee!” *runs over and hugs her* “I’ve missed you, tu beautiful bitch!”
Jamee: “Aww! That’s sweet....
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Chris: Hello! My name is Chris McLean and I am the host of this brand new competition! Total Drama Athletics! This competition will consist of 11 girls and boys participating in Athletic Challanges to win an Athletic Scholorship and One Million Dollars! Lets welcome our contestants now! First up is...Sam!

Sam: Hey, I'm looking adelante, hacia adelante to winning this, and I know for a fact I will!

Chris: Uh, Okay. Good luck with that!

Sam: What did tu say?!?

Chris: Um...Our segundo contestant is...Jordan!

Jordan: Hey! What's up Chris?

Chris: Nothin' much, Thanks for asking!

Jordan: Where's everyone else?

Chris: Oh...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Italy! Here the contestants made a pizza and pastas, pasta dinner! The girls on Team Italy actually wanted to lose to get Draven eliminated. And boy was Draven mad. Also, Layla made Joss kiss her which made Liza mad. In the end, it was Fawn's falt for making her team lose because man Draven made that comida GREAT! But in the end, It was Draven being sent packing. Now, Team Italy only has 4 girls while Team Germany has 7 players. Time to change that. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Around the World!

(Theme song)

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Mike meets Jimmy: Chapter 1

I do not own Total drama revenge if the island of Jimmy two shoes cartoon.

Slight Mike/Heloise 
A tiny bit of Cameron/Heloise
Slight Jimmy/Zoey, 

"Finished!" Cameron exclaimed as he screwed the last bolt into his machine.

The small bubble boy had been secretly working on a teleportation device since he first arrived at the camp. Just in case if he missed his mother too much. 
  It took a while, but with patience and a very skilled mind, the teenage boy was able to make the small device in only days.
     Cameron hid his tools under the...
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*In the green room*

Chris: welcome back to Total Drama Video Game Highschool..

Sgt. Calhoun: in our last episode, we say Team Leet get their first loss

Sgt. Calhoun: and Marissa was sent home!

Chris: Tonight our contestants will have to play assassin....

Sgt. Calhoun: so sit down, get your palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz and start watching the show!

*Theme song plays*
*In Team Leets room*

Isaac: what are we gonna do now? We lost Marissa

Sayu: she was one of our best players...

Draven: well forget her, she's gone....

Draven: Personally I would have liked to see margarita leave..I don't know why all of tu voted...
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posted by SuperGwen
Future Fanfics

These are all the Fanfics I'm planning on escritura o what I've already written with my OCs.

Mike and Ally

"Words hurt, but they start love"
"Regret something Beautiful"
"Here we go again.."
"Growing up is a whole 'nother ball game"

Crystal and Trent

"Shattered Glass and Broken hearts" 
"Advantage game."
"Dont come crawling back"
"You can't go back when nothing is there"

Tabitha and Duncan

"Loving a loser like me.." 
"Suffocate the truth"
"Vanity, not just a deadly sin"
"Hold me closer, babe.."

Scarlett and Scott

"Abandon me. Why did you?"
"The future is only a step away.."


So, yeah, I plan on wiritng these, it may take a while, but I'll try to make them all. 

Cole: Something's up with Joss, Liza and Layla....I think they're in an alliance and this fighting is all an act...

Chilly: So I saw something interesting....I went to get something for the pizza and saw Joss cheating on Liza with Layla.... so its time to put my plan into place.....


(First class)
(Liza is sitting on a sofá crying)
Amber: (enters) Are tu okay Liza?
Liza: Just get out okay!
Amber: Is it about Joss?
Liza: don't ever say that name again!
Amber: (sits por Liza) Listen, Joss-
Amber: Sorry. HE didn't mean to kiss Layla.
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 The Drama Freaks winning banner
The Drama Freaks winning banner
Chris: Last time on Total Drama the Arts. We had the cast (The new word I'm calling them since there not on a campsite) sing and dance. On Lia's team she picked Courtney and Gwen to sing and Duncan and Trent to dance. On Jordan's team he picked Bridgette and Zoey to sing while Mike and Zeke were dancing. In the end The Drama Freaks won the challenge while The Musical Prodigies had to vote off somebody. In the end it was Courtney who didn't get a gillded chris. Who will be voted off tonight. Find out tonight on Total... Drama... The Arts!
(Theme Song)
Lia: (Over intercom) Guys wake up!!! It's...
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posted by colecutegirl
OMFG!! I haven't updated in 7 months?!?!?!? woah!! im soooo sorry guys but here it is number eleven-io...hope u enjoy and some characters may be missing as i lost track of them but yeah...
*couple of days later* (lets skip the haloween special aint haloween)

riley: *whispers to someone* hehehehe tu ready?
?????: lawl this is gonna be awsome.
*both pull a rope and ice cold water falls on every camper asleep*

campers: *run out of cabins soaking*
mirra: WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!
star: I so didn't sign up for THIS *lifts arms up and looks down...
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posted by nocofangirl218
What's this? I'm UPDATING something?! XD

Hehe, seriously though, I feel rally bad for not updating this earlier. ^^; I hope y'all can forgive me, and I hope y'all can forgive me! :3


-At the Elimination Ceremony-

Chris: *comes up to the podium* Hello contestants! Welcome to yet another elimination ceremony here on....Total Drama Rama!

Duncan: ...don't tu think the audience already knows this...?

Chris: ...proooobably, but I don't get paid to just half-a** my job. Anyway, let's just get the first part of this out of the way. *takes...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama the Arts! The campers first día on the set became also the first día of there first challenge. Lia team leader of the musical prodigies won the challenge after Jordan team leader of the drama freaks didn't have the full requirements. It was then when Dakota got eliminated and had to take the Bug-O-Shame home. What will today's challenge gonna be? And whos gonna lose... Find out all this tonight on Total... Drama... The Arts!!
(Theme song)
Everyone in the traliors are sound asleep
(In the musical prodigies tralior)
Lia: *Plays loud music* WAKE UP!!!
Duncan: Ughh its...
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-Time for Plan B: The Hidden Camera-
And -First Milestones-

The teens were shocked to see Blainley sitting on the Celebrity Gossip sofa, with her legs crossed and a triumphant smile on her evil lips.

"You actually thought tu could steal the real footage back to make yourselves look innocent?" She laughs. "Nice try Morons! But I thought ahead! I knew you'd want to take back the real video back. I made this fake one to knock tu off track! Your never going to find the real tape! So good luck because your lives are officially over! Blainley..Out.."

The Video buzzes off and the young adults stare...
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-Getting the evidence-

Ally opened her laptop and asked her friends to privately chat. She publicado the problem and waited for the replies. It only took a minuto to get some answers.

CourtGurl547:"Your gonna do what?!"

AlGal556: "We are going to break into the studio and steal the real audio back!"

Moonchild90:"Isn't that a little too risky?"

AlGal556:"It's not 'risky' if it means that mike and I can finally get some peace from Blainley!"

GothChic01: "But, isn't know..illegal?"

E-Scope:Nothing is illegal anymore...-_-

AlGal556: Besides even if we do get the evidence..which is nearly impossible..Mike...
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*In the green room*

Chris: Ladies and Gentleman...

Chris: Welcome to the newest season of Total Drama....

Chris: Total Drama....

Sgt. Calhoun: Video Game High School!

Chris: yeah....this is Sgt. Calhoun...

Chris: He's replacing Chef this season after Chef had an accident *holds up hands like air quotes"

Sgt. Calhoun: Lets get this mostrar on the road!

*Theme Song plays*
*At an abandoned military base*

Chris: now this season will have our players being put into the virtual worlds of your favorito! video games.

Sgt. Calhoun: Lets introduce the contestants!

Chris: yeah...they're...
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