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Got this idea after I read a fic made por TDI_Angel, who made "Things the The TDI campers will never say."
    So I decided to make , "Things the TDROTI campers will never say"


Zoey: I hate Mike! He's a freak!

Dawn: I hate animals! They're so %#&$ filthy!

Dakota: I hate the paparazzi! They're too nosy! (or) I'm más focused on my future than being famous!

Jo: I amor Brick! He's like so cute! (or) Let's go to the mall! I want to get a new skirt!


Anne Maria: who cares about hair? (or) Vito really isn't that hot...

Scott: I'm always a team player! (or) Cheating? I'd never...
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-Baby clothes and stalkers-

It took Ally and Mike a few más weeks to get used to the camera crew. In fact, they actually got to know the workers better. They talked más and told each other of their lives. The one main thing  is that they all hated Blainley. After that agreement, the nice camera crew stopped following them everywhere. Now only in public places and a little bit at home.

Another mes passed por and Ally got bigger and bigger! So big that it looked like she was going to burst. Around that time, her and Mike were getting ready for the babies. They started buying toys, clothes,...
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This is for my friend TDRocksand6teen! His is for tu Cleo!!


Cleo was a very cool girl. She was always nice, and she loved to go online with her friends. But Cleo wanted to find a special guy in her life. A guy that would sweep her off her feet and make her feel special. As the girl was walking inicial from school with her friend Dominic, she started talking to him.

"What's the matter Cleo? You've  been quiet for a while." Dominic asked the young girl.

Cleo sighed and turned to face her friend.

"I just feel a little lonely. I feel like I want a boyfriend, but I don't know if I could find someone...
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-Talking to Blainley and Lamaze Classes-

Mike and Ally made an emergency meeting with Blainley at the Celebrity Gossip studio. It took about 30 minutos to get there por car, and enough time for the couple to figure out what to say. They finally get to the building and storm in until they found Blainleys office. Mike knocks on the door furiously.

"Come in!" Blainley says.

Mike and Ally walk in and cruzar, cruz their arms angrily.

"Well if it isn't the coupe, cupé of the hour? What can I do for you?" The blonde hostess asks.

"We want to talk to tu about the reciente 'Celebrity Gossip' episode." Ally dicho while...
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-Talk mostrar Trauma-

On the TV screen was a blonde women with a red dress. She was sitting siguiente to a guy with short black hair, A closely shaved face, and a blue shirt. Ally instantly knew that the blonde women was Blainley! The snobby hostess who interviewed her and Mike when they had to go to New York! And the guy siguiente to her was Chris McLean! The host of Total drama!

" Johnny Depp really does like to eat cheese! Onto our siguiente story! We all know Mike and Ally right? That cute couple with the corazón scars and the mental disorders?" The blonde women says as she rolls a video on huge flat...
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-First doctors appointment-

Ally woke up one morning an stretched in her bed. Her back hurting tremendously and her stomach feeling slightly heavy. The blonde climbed out of her cama and put on a red and white layered camisa, camiseta and maternity jeans. She finally waddled down the stairs and into the cocina where Mike was lectura a 'Guide to Parenthood: For new fathers'.

"Good morning Ally." Mike told the mother-to-be. "Ready for the first doctors appointment?"

"Do I have a choice?" Ally answered besar him back.

The young couple ate breakfast then rode to the clinic outside of their town. It was...
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-Telling friends and Family-

It didn't take Mike and Ally long to tell their friends. They all understood and promised to help. Dawn gave them free Lamaze classes, and Dakota even started a baby clothing line called M.A Baby.
   Ally was very excited about all of the things she could do as a mother, but before she could do that, she had to tell her own parents and So did Mike. It took a lot of thinking and decisions. They both agreed to tell Mikes parents first, then Ally's. Mike called his mother and father and asked them to come to the house later that week. After a long 7 days of waiting...
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posted by DandC4evacute
I'm so sorry, but I just can't do this anymore. I don't have any más good ideas, I'm not a good writer, and I've stopped being passionate about it. I hope tu understand my decision, but I'll understand if tu will never want to talk to me again. *takes breath* let's face it, I'm not the best writer, and I want tu to be honest and say that. I am so so sorry. Maybe i'll reconsider, but I seriously doubt that. Once again, I'm really sorry.

Love, DandC4evacute.

-Finding out the truth-


Ally couldn't believe what she saw. She couldn't be pregnant.. Not now..Her and Mike haven't even thought of marriage yet, and even if they had, they'd wait at least 2 years until they would have a baby.. Now this ruined everything. Now that there was a baby inside of her, Ally's world came crashing down. The now expecting girl fell onto the ground, which made a loud crashing sound. Mike dropped his papers and sprinted into the bathroom.
The first thing he saw was Ally in fetal position in the floor, choking and breathing hard.

"Ally! Are tu okay?" Mike...
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-Symptoms and Denial-

It was about two más weeks until graduation and Mike and Ally have felt horrible. When they walk around their house, there's always an awkward silence in the air. Ally hasn't talked to her parents in a while either. Whenever she looks at her phone, she feels the guilt weigh down on her frail shoulders.
Ally can endure her stomach tighten with terror and fear. It had already been a mes since the 'incident' and Ally has been feeling very weird. Every morning she feels sick and has to throw up. Her stomach hurts really bad and she has these crazy cravings for chips and...
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"Regret something beautiful" Chapter 1

-Morning Realizations-

The sun shines through a dorm room. It shone on a couple that was laying in bed. A blonde girl with now frizzy hair and tanned guy with a grin on his face. Both Mike and Ally were peacefully sleeping after a crazy, alcohol filled night. Ally was laying on Mike with her head on his naked chest, while Mike had his arm wrapped around her and the other behind his head. Ally slightly moved from the sun in her eyes and squirmed in her bed. The soft fabric of the fleece sheets ruffled under her as She opened her eyes and stared around in...
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"Words hurt but starts amor epilogue" & Intro to '"regret something  beautiful"

After finishing high school, Mike and Ally continued their relationship  for six years. they were able to go to college together and enjoyed each others company in an apartment Mike bought with his donation money.
Mike is just finishing college and is about to get a masters in acting. Ally is also finishing school and getting a masters as an entrepunaor. She plans on having her own música store.
Both Mike and Ally were very happy, they even though their friends didn't go to the same schools they did, they always...
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posted by DemigodsRock
Here is the prologue if tu haven't read it yet. :)


Twelve friends, both boys and girls
Will travel through many different worlds,
Adventure after adventure, quest after quest,
The friends will experience the very best

Characters recap: Gwen, Duncan, Eva, Cody, Tyler, Bridgette, Geoff, Trent, Noah, Heather, Izzy and Ezekiel.

Chapter 1 - Just One

The twelve classmates slowly entered the house, some scared, some excited, some both. It was dark and they couldn't see where they were going.

"Has anybody got a torch?" Gwen asked.

"I think I've got one in my back pack," Cody dicho as he reached inside...
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posted by DemigodsRock
The Room of Doors

Twelve teenagers

Twelve different personalities

Twelve different strengths and weaknesses

A room full of doors

The house on Sparrowmark's colina is 'haunted'. Nobody dares to trespass and it has been untouched for over fifty years. Other than that, Sparrowmark is a pretty peaceful place. Peaceful people, peaceful homes. One day, that was all going to change.

It was on an excursion where it all started. año 11 of the local school were on a tour of the small town and one of the attractions was the house on the hill. People called it the Ghosthouse. In the full class, twelve of them...
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-The ride to NYC-

Disclaimer: I don't  own total drama, o any of of the NBC cast


Since the end of the winter dance, Ally has been working nonstop to get packed for New York. She had to have everything ready for a  15 hora plane ride. After going insane just to get her stuff ready, she had to help her parents and friends ready too! Even Mike! She always bugged him about what to pack and to get his passport ready. He was really annoyed, but he didn't want to hurt Ally if he dicho that to her. Mike knew how important this was to both of them, so he just told...
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-The Surgery-

"Won't survive?" Ally asks weakly.

The doctor shakes his head.

"We've been looking all around the hospital since tu came in, but no one is your match." He says. "In fact, we are still looking.

Mike just couldn't believe it. The girl he loved is still going to die. Even though he stopped from killing himself, Mike felt dead on the inside. He had to do something, he just had to. He did not want her to go down. Mike knew that if she went down, he'd willingly go down with her.

    "I'll donate one of mine!" Mike exclaimed.

"That's very sweet Mr. Michael but there's a slim chance...
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hi!!!! i know many of tu were expecting this. well, here it is! basically, this mostrar will be featuring 16 campers. i'm your hostess, Hadar. here we have our first contestant, Star!
Star: *comes on to the dock* this is it? seriously? *sigh* ugh.
Hadar: *smiles* now we have Jecica! Jecica? hello?
Jecica: oh right that's me! *comes on to the dock*
Hadar: alrighty then. now we have Melissa!
Melissa: *comes on to dock* tu mean we're staying HERE? no hot tub? nothing?
Hadar: uh-huh!
Melissa: ugh, great.
Hadar: now we have Lance!
Lance: *comes on to the dock* it's not exactly what i imagined but i guess...
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-Is it all worth it?-

Both Ally and Mike separately walked home. They both were crying heavily and trying to clear their minds.

The minuto the two both walked into their houses, they grab a cuchillo and tan into their rooms. Locking the doors just in case their parents came inicial early.

Mike was depressed even more.  He just sunk onto his knees on the ground and started screaming.

"Why?! Why do I have to be so miserable!"

He grasped the cuchillo tighter in his fingers and raised it to his right wrist. His mind was buzzing with many thoughts. His brain was telling him to stop, but he kept on going....
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-Do anything to win-

The last campana had rung for the día at Lakeside high school. As Ally opened her locker, a little rosado, rosa note fell out of it. It had a tiny corazón sticker and 'To Ally' written in cursive.

'Dear Ally,

Meet me in the south wing hallway after everyone leaves. I have to tell tu something. Remember, I amor you!

              Love, Mike'

Ally grinned and put all of her book in her locker. She walked to the southern wing of the school. Around the corner, Tiffany smiled and rushed Down the hall, and through the lunchroom where she found Scott.
"Are tu ready?" Tiffany asked....
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-The evil plot-

It took Ally about a week to get over the debate. If Tiffany actually won, she'd never hear the end of it! Ally had to try her hardest! She worked día and night working on her dress and waltz. She'd never stop until she beat Tiff. As the same with Mike. He had been planing for ages! He really didn't want to lose to Scott either. It was Finally two weeks before the dance, and Ally and Mike were nervous wrecks! They were always on the edge and you'd never know when they were gonna snap and let their meanest personalities out. They didn't even get to talk to their friends....
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