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posted by TOTALFan
 Eh, had nothing else ^^
Eh, had nothing else ^^
We all sit down onto the huge mesa, tabla for all of us.
The chef served us all eggs and toast.

Lyric:"OMG!This breakfast is soooo good."

Brittani:"Unless tu like toe-nail clippings."

Christy:"Who wants cheese!"

Sumer:O.O"What the heck Christy?"

Christy:"Haha, Just Kiddin'"

Ronnie:"Oh my gosh, look at Phil!"
Phil was making googley eyes at Rikki.

Rikki:"Stop it!Jerk!"

Phil:"Aww, no need to hate beautiful."
He smiled at Rikki.
Rikki rolled her eyes but tu could tell she liked it.

Trevor:"You guy's NEED to stop before I BARF."
Lyric, Christy, Ronnie, Brooke, Samantha, Ashley, Raiynie, Paige and Dannie giggled,...
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posted by TDIsCourtney
I was first to arrive on Total Drama Island, siguiente was Courtney, Lindsay, Katie & Sadie, Izzy, Noah Eva Duncan Ezekial,Justin Tyler Cody Beth Harold Trent Bridgette Lindsay DJ Jeff Leshawna Gwen Owen Kateleigh (I made Kateleigh up, and ángel is me)

"Ok, if I call your name come stand over here, Lindsay, Duncan, Katie, Izzy, Sadie, Trent, Courtney, Beth, Noah, Cody, Angelina, Eva, your team will be called The Killer Bass." Chris said.

"The rest of tu come over here when I call your name, Ezekial, Justin, Tyler, Beth, Harold, Gwen, Bridgette, Geoff, DJ, Leshawna, Heather, Kate, your team will be called The Screaming Gophers."

Chris took us to the craft services tent and we got our comida sat down and ate. "Eww, this comida is disgusting!" I said. "I know! I can't stand this slop!" Courtney agreed. "Ok campers," Chris began, "Your first challenge begins in one hour." Chris said. "What do tu think we'll have to do?" I asked. "It won't be that bad." Courtney replied.
posted by bubble_babe
Frist Off.....


And, At Frist I Had No Clue What The Fuck Yall Were Talking About. all I Saw Was TDM Thid And TDM That.

And Now, I Must Have Been Wrong On The Winner, My Sorurs Were So Convicing, And I Gess I Forgot One Peace.....


But Chris Couldnt Give Up His Job, So TDM!

Well Mr. Noah Hottness Is Back
Mr. Cody Cutie Is Back
Mrs. Eva-Bo-Beva Is Back


Heathers Hair Is Back and It Reminds Me Of A rosado, rosa Cupcake.

Now I Want To Eat Her.

Courtney/Heather/Gwen Might Team Up (Duncans ladies!)

Geoff Is Dead, Maby

Well Thats My Thoughts, And I Dont Give A DAMN About The new Campers.
posted by xxXsk8trXxx
*Noah and Heather are kissing*
Beth: *staring* WHORES!
Cody: So what's your favorito! part about school?
Duncan: Leaving
Trent: Gwen, will tu marry me?
Gwen: No
Trent: A-are tu sure?
Gwen: Yes
Trent: Pretty please?
Gwen: No
Trent: I'm gonna go cut myself. Nine times.
Courtney: I got an A!
Eva: I gotta F someone from the cooking club!
Courtney: You're lesbian?
Leshawna: Harold, how do tu like my new tits?
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posted by LeshawnaGirl
Justin is on the phone with his girlfriend shes upset going off about something that he said
She will never get his humor like Beth does

Im in my room its a typical Tuesday night canto to the música that she dosent like
And she will never no your story like Beth does

Cuz she wheres short skirts and Beth wheres t-shirts

Shes cheer captain and Beth is a batton twirlier
Dream of the día that tu will wake up cuz ive been on the mostrar with tu the whole time

If tu could see that Beth is the one who understands tu

Been here all along so why cant tu see BEth belongs with Justin

Walkin in the streets...
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 The awesome host of the show: ME! Chealsea Wood!
The awesome host of the show: ME! Chealsea Wood!
Announcer: Now, live from her beautiful lila garden in Steinbach, heeeeeeeeerrre's Chealsea Wood!
(audience claps, cameras zoom in on Chealsea)

Me: Hello, I'm Chealsea Wood and I'm getting an interview with a few of the campers! Yay! (fangirl shriek) One of those campers is my favorito! female camper, Izzy! Here she is now!
(crowd goes wild, Izzy comes out)
Izzy: Hi! Hi Chealsea! Hi audience! Hi camera! (sits down)
Me: hola Izzy! How are tu doing today?
Izzy: Hi! I'm doing well! I was talking to Sasquachanakwa today and I beat his high score on Halo 3! And I was hanging around on a vine and I smashed...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
I'm making a new fanfic story series: Dawn's spring break!
It's about a spring break tour coming to Boston... and Dawn is coming!
Who else is coming?
(I need 1 más character)

It'll be the concierto of the century! Tents will be on the park along with grills, signs, and lots of rocking out. During the day, the rocking out goes on with fun things to do allover the town, and hanging out with their fave bands!
There will be many bands and singers there like...

The Killers
My Chemical Romance
The Airborne Toxic Event
Adam Lambert
Carrie Underwood
Jason Mraz
Colbie Calliat
Lilly Allen
Lady Gaga
Calvin Harris
Bullet for my Valentine
Taking Back Sunday
Fall Out Boy
hola Monday
and much, much,more!
what will happen? Read the new fanfic to find out!
posted by anasweet
One día lindsay was walking and found tyler in a tenis court,playing with another girl
lindsay:tyler,what are tu doing?
tyler:playing,with my friend jennifer
lindsay:are tu cheating on me todd?
jennifer:jeaulous much?
lindsay:you are a*****
tyler:calm down girls,stop it
tyler:lindsay!lindsay get back here please?
jennifer:we dont need her
lindsay:walks away with a frown on her face,drops a tear*
courtney:linds,lindsay?what happened?
lindsay:todd was cheating on me
courtney:y-you mean tyler
lindsay:no im pretty sure its todd!
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This is a scary movie with Duncan,Gwen,Geoff,Dj,Brigette,Owen and Trent Izzy

Bridgette and Geoff [Makingout]
Owen Holy crap! A physco I wonder if its Izzy Lets listen to Gwens Plan.
Gwen Okay we hide in a good hiding spot so they can't find us.
Trent Yea Good idea Gwen!
Duncan So Where the heck are going to hide?
Owen On the roof?
Gwen OWEN! thats a bad hiding spot!
Bridgette and Geoff Lets stop making out because we can die!
Owen Oh crap I have to pee!
Geoff Me too!
Trent and Duncan we'll be right back
Owen OMG the physco!
Geoff Lets run!
Duncan No tu idiot! I have the perfect weapon!
Physco killer DIE!...
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posted by starburst-rock
Rayla: Welcome to our first elimination ceremony.

Seiarra:OOO!!! are we gunna get marshmallows this season?! I've always dreamt of getting one! I would even get my total drama muñecas and have them at the ceremony to! I had a chris one, a chef one, a life size CODY one!!!! And-

Rayla: Ya uh shut up. This season tu will receive rosado, rosa frosted sprinkled doughnuts! (A/N haha what else would I put xD)

Eva: Why would tu pick something stupid like that?


Eva:0.o ok?

Rayla: Now If tu don't receive a rosado, rosa frosted sprinkled doughnut tu will have to walk the dock of shame and...
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posted by dxarmy423
*guitar starts playing*

What's that metronome I hear,
Perhaps the end is drawing near,
You never hear the shot that takes tu down.

Out of time, so say goodbye,
What is yours, now is mine,
And I dream broken dreams,
I make them come true,
I make them for tu (x2)

Almost to the mountain top,
You slip and fall just like a stone,
Rolling ever faster to this nightmare tu have sown.
You had it all right in your grasp,
But in a breath, your minuto passed,
Now at last the end has come, tu are all alone

Out of time, so say goodbye,
What is yours, now is mine,
And I dream broken dreams,
I make them come true,
I make...
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posted by dxarmy423
Man in the box por Alice in chains

Smooth Criminal por Alien ant farm

Metalingus por Alterbridge

Beast and the harlot por Avenged sevenfold

Iron man por Black Sabbath

All the small things por Blink 182

Dammit por Bling 182

One of a kind por Breaking point

Scream aim fuego por Bullet for my valentine

Glass Shatters por Disturbed

Perfect insanity por Disturbed

Down with the sicknees por Disturbed

Now o never por Dope

Were comin down por Dudley Boyz

You Make me sick por Egypt central

This fuego burns por Killswitch engage

Cult of personality por Living color

All nightmare long por Metallica

Sad but True por Metallica

Seek and Destroy...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Total Drama Island Fanpop!!!!!

Cameras start and vamp_grl_123 is standing on the dock of shame. “Hi there and welcome to Total Drama Fanpop. On fanpop we talk bout how amazing TDI/TDA is and what we hate about it. We make fan fiction and pictures. But now it comes for the true test. I have chosen 16 Fanpopiens to compete in TDI. I am the host Vamp_grl_123 but pleas call me V. I am here to introduce each new member of TDF. But before we meet them I want tu to know I am not alone here. I have my co host and two fav TDI boys here to ‘help me’. Here they are now….”

Trent, BritBosnian,...
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1. Diva's tag team

Lindsay and Beth v.s. Eva and Heather

2. Last man standing

Cody v.s. Trent with gwen

3. Triple threat

Izzy v.s. bridgette v.s LaShawna

4. 5 man battle royal

Tyler v.s. DJ v.s. justin v.s. Noah v.s. Eziekiel

5. Special referee Hell in the Cell

Duncan v.s. Harold Ref: Owen

Please give me más ideas for matches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by TDIlover226
Izzy and Julie are best friends. The only thing that really conects them is that they are both relativly crazy. Julie can calm down much faster than Izzy can, so Julie has some responsablity over Izzy. Some people say Julie is crazier than Izzy, being that she can ride a moter cycle.

Izzy and Julie were always in the park. Exsept no one ever knew it, the only time anyone saw them was when they swung across the park on vines.
no one knows where julie lives exsept Izzy. apearently julie lives in a hole hidden out in the tall flor beds in the park. Izzy bought Julie a TV to put in her den. Izzy and julie have both been in JG's possy. Julie is a perniment member, while Izzy was just a temporary member filling in the spot that was empty after they kicked Clay out of the group. After Blake arived at the set, Izzy was out of the group.
posted by topez99
Noah Hi Heather
Heather Bite me!
Noah I made tu Brunch:)
Heather What do tu want?
Noah *Breaths deeply* Im gonna come stright with this Wanna go to the dance?
Heather Noah that is the the the GROSSEST thing i've EVER heard.
Noah *Sighs* I knew I couldnt get a girl as pretty no HOT as you
Heather Keep going
Noah Ok "Like a tulipán, tulip in spring her pedels get meaner and meaner_ Heather What did tu say? Noah Did I say mean? I meant to say *Being choked* Uh My Magenta godess!
Heather I'll go to the dance with you!
My parte superior, arriba 20 favorito! episodes of Total Drama Series!

20. Mo’ Monkey Mo’ Problems (TDPI)

19. desayuno tardío, brunch of Disgustingness (TDI)

18. Hook, Line & Screamer (TDI)

17. Trial por Tri-Armed Triathlon (TDI)

16. Wawanakwa Gone Wild! (TDI)

15. The Obsta-kill Kourse (TDAS)

14. Not Quite Famous (TDI)

13. Eat, Puke & Be Wary (TDROTI)

12. Grand Chef Auto (TDROTI)

11. Broadway, Baby! (TDWT)

10. The Princess Pride (TDA)

9. I Triple Dog Dare You! (TDI)

8. One Million Bucks B.C. (TDA)

7. Are We There Yeti? (TDI)

6. That's Off The Chain! (TDI)

5. Dodgebrawl (TDI)

4. No Pain, No Game (TDI)

3. The Sucky Outdoors (TDI)

2. If tu Can't Take The Heat... (TDI)


1. Basic Straining (TDI)
Here's the lista of 40 characters:

Group 1
1. Zane Damsworth
2. Dylan Damsworth
3. Seth Damsworth
4. Makayla Jones
5. Maddie Barnes
6. Harper Jameston
7. Kevin McLean (Chris's son! Duh duh duh!)
8. Nathan Peterson
9. Liam Wayne
10. Rosie Robinson

Group 2
11. Isaac "Ike" Johnson
12. Nolan
13. Mackie
14. Bruno
15. Evan
16. Zack
17. Aidan
18. Alex
19. Kate
20. Cade

Group 3
22. Joseph "Joey"/"Joe"
23. Adam
25. Eliza
26. Elliott
27. Allisa
28. Tracy
29. Shane
30. Austin

Group 4
31. Derek
32. Daniel
33. Greta
34. Hannah
35. Will
36. Liam
37. Jackson "Jack"
38. Jeffrey
39. Wyatt
40. Peter

comentario on who tu want to see a million dollar richer! And remember, whoever receives the most comentarios here goes inicial first!
Chris: Welcome! Apparently the campers have a secret among themselves that I want to know.
Ezekiel: We'll never confirmar it!
Chris: Funny story, they each have a unique power
Campers: CHRIS!!!
Chris: The prophecy is that twenty four kids have unique powers. Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Beth, Cody, Alejandro, Heather, Leshawna, Harold, Geoff, Bridgette, Sierra, Gwen, Owen, Tyler, Trent, Justin, Courtney, Lindsay, Duncan, DJ, Izzy, Katie and Sadie are the kids. Who will I want to kidnap the most?
All 24 campers: What?!
Chris: Find out siguiente time on Total Drama Island superheroes!
Cartoon Network Canada just started airing Total Drama reruns (regular TD, not Ridonculous Race) for the first time in months. I'm guessing this is a "ratings test" to help them decide whether to renew, since CN dicho we'd find out "soon." CANADIAN FANS, PLEASE WATCH to help the ratings. It's weekdays 8:30 ET. IDK how CN Canada deals with time zones. It's super important to watch if you're in a ratings survey, but watching helps regardless. o just turn the TV on and pretend you're watching while doing other stuff. If tu know anyone in a ratings survey get them to watch o pretend to. Help TD pass the test and get renewed.