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posted by 2t2111
Duncan - Bad Michal Jackson
Harold - White And Nerdy Weird Al Yankovic
Heather - I'm Bossy Fergie
Gwen - I've Got Nerve Miley Cyrus
Owen - Fat Weird Al Yankovic/ All tu Can Eat The Fat Boyz
Courtney - I'll Sue Ya Weird Al Yankovic
Justin - I'm Too Sexy Rightsaid Fred
Ezikial - Canadian Idiot Weird Al Yankovic
Noah - I'm A Prince LazyTown
Trent - Just A Friend [unknown artist]
DJ - Spooky Song LazyTown
Eva - Anakain And Obi wan Battle
Tyler - All estrella Smashmouth
Sadie And Katie - True friends MIley Cyrus
Aljandro - Invisible Man Scatman John
Sierra - Let's Get Crazy Miley Cyrus
Izzy - Till Brooklyn [unknown artsist]
Chris - Let's Go LazyTown
Chef hacha, hacha de guerra - Eat It Weird Al Yankovic
Bridgette - Party In The USA Miley Cyrus
Geoff - Party Like A Rockstar comprar Boyz
Beth - Ugly Girl WEird al
Lindsay - barbie girl aqua
Mr Coconut - Time To play Lazytown
(Behind trailers)
Draven: Okay, so let's talk about who we need to vote off.
Liza: Wait, where's Chilly?
Draven: Oh... Chilly... Yeah.... His out of our group.
Joss: But I thought tu dicho that-
Draven: Yeah. I know I dicho that we need to be the final 4 of all the old players, But Chill's out of our group.
Liza: Why?
Draven: He.... did stuff...
Joss: Like wha-
Draven: It doesn't matter what! Now, let's just decide who we need to vote off! Okay?!
Joss and Liza: Fine.
Draven: Good.

(Girl's trailer)
Marissa: Okay girls, We need to vote off Liza!
May: Why? Liza's a good friend.
Marissa: No she isn't! She is...
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How to annoy Courtney:

1. Hug her
2. Steal her bra(and if tu hate Duncan and want him to die, then put it under his pillow)
3. Call her princess
4. Steal her pda and borrar everything.
5. Tell her how much tu amor DxG
6. Lock her in a closet with Duncan
7. Lock her in a closet with Gwen

How to annoy Duncan:

1. Handcuff him to Courtney
2, Hug him
3. Lock him in a closet with a bear
4. Steal his ipod and replace all of the songs with a bunch girly stuff.
5. Bring up the thing about DJ's bunny
6. Die all of his clothes and underwere pink.

How to annoy Heather

1. Swap her clothes with Gwens
2. Shave her head
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“Good evening everyone, I’m Stella Carver. Welcome, to Total Drama: Big Brother!” A girl said. She had long blond hair and a purple dress; she wore red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow over her already blue eyes.
She stepped forward, “Today... 24 contestants will embark on the craziest journey of their lives, and they will be taken here, to the Big Brother house, where they will compete for food, luxuries and of course, power. They will cut off from all communication from the outside world... and... some of them may know each other; others may find that they like each other and others...
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*In the green room*

Chris: now that were down to the final 7, who will win this episode?

Sgt. Calhoun: well find out tonight on TOTAL DRAMA VIDEO GAME HIGHSCHOOL!

*theme song plays*
*In the confessional*

Draven: Final 7 huh? I might need to get in an alliance with someone... but who?

Draven: Jasper is a strong player... Maybe...
Isabelle: I need to make an allience o I'll be voted off next
Sayu: phew! i thought i was a goner..I need to step up my game

Sayu: so i guess this is where the genius part comes in

Sayu: Ok i need to focus.
Kylie: why is everyone starting an alliance?...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Yep, I finally be updating! Shout out to Dawnwish112 for being an awesome friend! :D ((aka: Alexis – my friend in real life)) Also would like to thank my co-writers Rotcalex2011 and Cascada007 for helping me with challenge ideas. :3 tu guys are all the best! ^w^

Anyway, onto the story!


*At the Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Alright everyone; it's that time once again to send two of your smiling faces inicial for good.

Alex: Whatever Chris. Just hurry up so me and Gladys can go to our romantic cena date!

Chris: -__- Yeah,...
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posted by iPsychic
*Zoey's POV*

Tears ran down my face while I ran back down the path, reaching my bus-stop. I sat down on the seat, tears flowing from my eyes dripping onto the floor. My corazón felt shattered as the moment replayed again over and over in my head. I understand that could of been one of his other personalities but, why Anne Maria!? I thought we had a connection! Whenever he was around me, Mike would blush, stumble his sentences and always stare at me, even when we weren't talking to each other!

What's the use if one of Mike's personalities likes Anne Maria? He'll never like me in a proper way. What...
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posted by iPsychic
I feel so bad, I keep on not proof-reading. Well, sorry I am very busy. Being back at school sucks, especially when tu have to catch up on everything you've missed out on for a week and a few days :| Not one of my best chapters, but try to enjoy it anyway XD

The bus slowly arrived to a stop as it parked in the Graver's Forest car park that stood below the tall, giant forest that was standing right beside it. Everyone rushed quickly, trying to get off the bus into the cool, fresh air that awaited us outside. Getting off the bus, I felt the coldness of the chilly air brush against my face as...
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posted by iPsychic
Sorry I've taken so long to post this chapter. I've been busy again oAo" I'll probably only post a chapter per week, I'm very sorry. Couldn't proof-read again because I promised my mum I'd quickly subir this then I get off the computer.

Enjoy reading! :)

Chapter 9

I poked my head out from the corner of the corridor, looking up and down the noisy hallways. I tip-toed slowly down the hall, turning my head around with every strange sound I heard.

'Dude, why are tu tip-toeing?' Sam asked from behind, his eyes barely looking up from his game console.

'I don't want to be followed, remember?' I told...
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posted by ellarainbow129
"Hello and welcome to toal drama reloded im your host chris mclean. Lets welcome our old contestensts back, ducan and gwen". They came in holding hands."Hey chris" ducan dicho "WOW" Chris siad he Really dicho hola to me, he must be in love. Later chris and the contestants went into the main hall, Where chef was seving slop. "Your first challenge will be in half and hour." chris dicho to te conestants. " the pasty, wana dich all this and go be naugthy". " mh hum" gwen siad with a look in her eye. ducan grubbed gwen hand and they snuck away from the main hall. gwen started to walk to the boys cabbin....
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posted by Mp4girl
Kise!” Ranma’s voice rang out from two flights down. “C’mon! We’re gonna meet your Duncan-honey!”
I blinked, distracted. “Duncan-honey? Really, Ranma?”
“Yeah!” He was still my older brother, obnoxious and annoying and ... well, Ranma. “C’mon, Kise! Ya got some making-out to do now? Huh? Huh?”
My eyes flashed open, and I sprinted downstairs as fast as I could. I stalked up to Ranma, and my sharp melted-chocolate eyes could’ve dug a hole in his skull.
“Ranma, no way.”
“Why not?”
“We’re not dating, tu idiot. I don’t think we ever will.”
“Are tu suuuuure?”...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: this is 3 weeks after the first 2 episodes.

(at lunch,courtney gwen and bridgette all sit down together)

Gwen: hola courtney,where were tu in first period,like a few weeks hace i have been meaning to ask but i keep on forgetting?

Courtney: oh well me and duncan just pulled a prank is all.

Briidgette: And tu of all people skipped class to pull a prankon the FIRST día OF SCHOOL!!!

Courtney: well i tryed not to but when he is staring at tu with thouse big blue eyes........

Gwen:OK OK we get it lets change the subject quickly the guys are coming.

Guys: hola girls!

Geoff: ok school is really a bummer...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
I came up with Duncan's younger twin sisters: Katrina and Emily. They were born on June 21st, and they're both 15. Emily is one minuto older than Katrina. They are identical twins.
Emily is goth, and has quite a personality. She is smart, unique, and likes to diseño clothes. She wants to fasion diseño when she grows up. Yes, she dresses goth, but she doesen't act goth. She's happy and sweet, but she also gets sad. On the other side, she sometime accompanies Duncan when he's pranking, o she pranks por herself. She is single. She beats up nerds. She's a D+ student. She wasn't accepted to a college...
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 People who are gone
People who are gone
Misty:Time to go in a bat cave!


Misty:Who ever doesn't do it gets to go home

(Everyone but D.J. walks in)

Misty:That means bye bye D.J.!!!!!!

D.J.:Can we still be friends Misty?

Misty:Yes D.J. do tu want a quick kiss good bye?


(They give each other a kiss good bye)

Misty:Anthor good bye after the challenge!

Trent:What is it?

Misty:To bye a spooky shirt!


(Everyone buys one)

Misty:To the bond fire!

Misty:Cody your safe,Geoff your safe

Misty:Justin Trent as i mean bottom two the last one seguro is...Justin bye bye trent!

(Trent leaves that minute)

Misty:Hey final three!
posted by DipperPines2010
1. I would see reflections of Trent, everywhere I go. Plus, me and Trent relate to:
*ParaPines (Alex as Norman and Trent as Dipper)
*YinYangYo (Trent is Yin and Alex is Yang)
*Phineas and Ferb (I am Phineas and Trent is Ferb)
*Sailor Moon (I am Sailor Moon, Trent is Tuxedo Mask)

2. (This is the first part of the dream) After Leshawna's elimination in TDA, I went to the footage room overnight, and watched the anterior footage. I knew it was Duncan and Courtney who conspired Harold to vote out Leshawna. Even I told Harold to vote with the girls. Unlike him, I voted for Duncan, which ended in a tie,...
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Ever wanted to know which TD Character tu are? Well now tu can! Just copy and past this into the comments, erase the X's and there tu have it.


( ) You're Latino

( ) You're manipulative

( ) You're evil

( ) tu fall for King/Queen Bees

( ) You've been severely burned/injured

(X) tu have an annoying brother/sister

( ) tu speak más than one language T

Total: 1


( )You are a wannabe at sometimes

(X) tu have a best friend

(X ) tu wear/used to wear braces

( ) canto is one of your hobbies

( ) tu easily fall for the eye candy

( ) One of your favoritos colores is pink

( ) tu work on a farm

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I can see why people won't like this season it's because everyone is so mean and characterized in a bad way.But like last time I watched it I loved it! Anyway I'm going to be dado the up fecha on who won what.

Most villain points tu can never guess lol ok tu totally can Chris with 77 villain points!

Most hero points is Courtney with 39, hero points yeah season one got her far didn't it.

Runner up for most villain points is Duncan with 29.

Runner up for the most hero points is Chris with 27, Wow didn't expect that.
Chris: Previously on Total Drama Stranded, the contestants had to make me while being divided into groups of three. Ace started to like Wisp and Eva scared the hell out of Hannah and Joey. EC worked on making Natalie fall for him and Nicko, Zoey and Yasmin met a oso, oso de who was NOT looking happy. Later EC, Natalie and Jayden won invincibility and it was the end of Eva’s journey as she was gone through a submarine only to find out that she was put in another island. Will Natalie finally fall for EC? Will Nicko start to like Yasmin? Can ANYONE finally make good food? Found out on Total...Drama...STRANDED!...
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*continued* Gwen:I'll go with.....................Cody Cody:YES!!!!!!!! Trent:NO!!!!!!!! Gwen:I'm sorry Trent I like Cody más Trent:fine! Katie:Um Trent would tu go to prom with me? Trent:Me?Sure! Katie:Thanks! Geoff:Bridge tu Wanna go to prom? Bridgette:Sure Sweetie!*smiles* *After school* Courtney:Bridgette tu wanna go with me to pick out my dress? Bridgette:Sure! *to be continued*
posted by Trent-lover123
 whats going to happen
whats going to happen
Andrea:good got hear seguro for now.
Roxy:what do tu mean for now???
Andrea:OMG!!!!!!!!your your your (panikly saying)
Roxy:Im roxy ok anyway what did tu mean seguro for now????????? Andrea:w-well I r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ran a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a
roxy:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never mind anyway wellcome to the awsome rock band this is wair tu get adoured por frickin crazy lonatick fans.*giggles* Andrea:CRAZY LONATICK FANS..... SWEET!!!!!Karen:hellow peps this is wair were staying sweet!!! roxy:I will tell tu every thing after every ones here. karen:oh theres más people coming???...
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