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posted by Lolly4me2
I turned from song to song on my iPod, searching for my row of Ranma 1/2 themes. When I found my mind-requested tune, I began to sing the Japanese to English translation.

"No way! No way! Even if it's all up to me.
No way! No way! Will I ever give up.
In this whole wide world.
Your the only "you".
Walking along the beach.
In the sunshine.
(Beneath) the extended,
Para, para, parasol!
It's like there's a cleansing wind in my heart.
Blowing those gloomy thoughts right out.
Whoa-ho! My fingers tremble.
Whoa-ho! My face grows warm.
It's the first step, no doubt; it's love--"

I hooked the earphone away and listened. Diminutive sounds of crunching fake césped, hierba was around the corner. I switched my iPod to a stop, rolled the wire around the devise, and stuck it in my pocket. The crunches got louder as I neared the cast trailers. In a second, I met with Lisa. Her brown eyes blinked at me once o twice, but we were both silent for a moment.
Before I could say something similar to, "Do tu know what to challenge is today?", she grabbed me in a hug, and lightly began to cry.
"I haven't seen tu in so long...!" Lisa sobbed. I awkwardly hugged her back, before processing in my head what she was getting at. It came to be in bits and pieces; After I "betrayed" our team, it was dicho that Lisa must of had to painfully vote me off. Days later on the Aftermath when my appearance was viewed, the Total Drama Action website had exploded in comentarios and respuestas to a pregunta dicho to be, "Who Do tu Think Should Participate in the Final 5?". Surprisingly, even in the eyes of Duncan and Courtney fans, I was voted most popular to be casted back. The producers may have taken action to the ratings, and I returned.

Lisa sighed, and let go.
"I missed you, Sofie." she smiled. I avoided eye contact with her, staring at my feet. Similar to Courtney, I hated to be wrong. When someone is too nice to me, I take it the wrong way, and see myself as the bad guy.
"Hello." I replied.
"Listen," she continued, "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings when I went out with Duncan. I didn't know that you--"

We listened. A feeling as the same situation had happened earlier rushed within me, but Lisa stayed content. She took my hand, lead me to a window, and peered inside. I watched her, oddly, but stayed quiet as she had signaled.
"What is it?" I finally asked.
"Shhh..." she said, putting her finger to her lips, seriously, though she looked as if she would burst with laughter. In a few seconds, she took my dangling black Miku Hatsune cosplay sleeve and pulled me to the window. Even through the closed, thick, glass; faint sounds, that appeared to be a boy's voice, were addible. My eyes went wide at the sight and sound that echoed into my brain.
"Duncan...?" I whispered to myself, staring, dumbfounded at the image before me. Duncan, Total Drama Action's tough-shelled juvenile camper; labeled "The Bad Boy", cooing a soft, thin, and worn out blanket, as he sat alone in the male cast trailers.
"I sure do wove my Bubble Bum," he seemed to say, as I read his lips through the transparent wall. Blushing deeply, I glanced at Lisa, who was now silently, but surely; giggling and grinning and she nearly feel over coughing. At first, I showed so sign of interest; only disappointment, until Duncan's conversation with the fabric continued.
"I'm lucky I have tu to snuggle and love, just like tu have me!"
Gloom flooded my face with embarresment for my cast-mate, and I began to walk away. Lisa wiped a humorous tear from her left eye, and got up; walking briskly after me.
"Wasn't that great?" she grinned with flustered excitement.
"Great that my former boyfriend sleeps with a tattered piece of fabric? Yeah; fabulous."
Lisa tilted her head in thought, then put her hand on my shoulder.
"Think about it," she added, "This will make a great blackmail strategy on him."
I glanced at her once more, and gave her a devious smile.
"I guess thats true. I'm just glad I didn't lose my ears** with him... not after that adorable display." I shook my head, staring at my feet, as Lisa continued to giggle with glee.

**In the manga series "Loveless", the term to "lose your ears" is to lose your virginity. Most characters of the series are born with ears, and most lose them when they grow older.
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