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Ok before I start I just wanna say that TDIfangirl asked me to do this so plz don't yell at me, ok so just to say I changed up some of the frases a little soooo here we go....

Alejandro's P.O.V:

Ok so last night TDIfangirl announced that we were having a halloween Party, I didn't really wanna go but Sierra started begging me to come "C'mon,it'll be fun!!" Sierra dicho assuringly. But I still didn't wanna go so I answered "No" but she kept persisting me. "We'll get to see everyone!!" she dicho kinda in a pursuading tone. But I still refused, but she kept going! "We'll get to stay up!!" and again I rejected the offer. But then she got whiney ._.' "Alejandroooooooo...!" but instead of walking away,which I should have, I whined her name back, but that got her a little aggitated and she folded her arms and replied "You just don't wanna have any more, Don't cha'? Well fine! Be that way tu party pooper. Im gonna go party with my REAL friends" she went inside and I just dicho "okay" even though I probaly would regret it....

I saw Sierra chatting with Daisy,LeShawna,and Heather I also saw Noah with them. I looked down at my feet but looked up again because I thought I heard Heather say my name, I saw her in a Inyuasha costume! She looked so cute in those little cat ears! But then my happy moment went bleak when Justin came up to Heather and Sierra, but then I saw Justin go on stage and hold the microphone then he spoke "Hello, everyone!! Happy Halloween! I have come up on stage to dedicate tonight to my pal Alejandro!!" I just kinda stood there shocked then the crowd satrted clapping and Justin started speaking again..."Why don't tu come up here with me? Anyone can, Lets have fun with Alejandro!" I walked to the stage when Lindsay,Katie,Sadie,and some cheerleaders gladly ran up on stage with Justin so I accepted and got up too. But then I felt a force on my back and I fell to the stage floor, I looked back and saw Justin with a evil grin so I dicho "What are tu doing?" Justin's grin turned into a frown and dicho "Don't tu remeber Heather's elemination?" I was confused so Justin started explaining "You really don't remember? tu confessed your amor for her and kissed her! I saw all of it and it hurt me Alejandro. So I know now that your a fucking bastard! and so Im gonna treat tu like one!" I saw him look at the girls on stage "right?" he dicho to them with a grin. The girls just dicho "Sure!" Then Justin tugged me por the arm and told me "Fuck you." and threw me to the ground!

I finally knew what was happening,I knew Justin still had hatred for me and my eyes started flooding with tears. "You'r so weak Alejandro!" Justin dicho before he kicked me hard in the thigh. I mumbled "J-Justin plz let me go.." "Home!?! Yeah right, tu still have a lot to pay for, and tu wanna leave? hah!" Justin replied. I was in full terrier!! The girls then joined the beating, Lindsay slapped me,Katie kicked my leg and called me a loser,Sadie hit me with her witch hat,which was weird, and the cheerleaders started picking me up, I thought they were helping me out but they just slamed me back to the floor! I started begging for the girls to stop and I started to sob. Justin pulled me up por the hair and punched me hard in the nose he was calling me a baby and a moron. I pleaded again for him to stop my nose was bleeding profusly. Justin dicho he wasn't done yet and the girls were happy about it. The girls kept calling me names and Justin still hurting me, the Justin started speaking to me "Well Alejandro, have tu learned your lesson? HAVE YOU!?!?!" I murmured "yes" and Justin yelled "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" So I replied "yes" louder. Then Justin hit me with the bat again "Then don't tu EVER look at Heather again,or tu will pay! Do tu understand? DO tu UNDERSTAND ME?!?!" I sobbed "YES!" as loud as I could. Then I saw Justin raise up a cuchillo and dicho "Now to finish tu off!" I was so horrifed I closed my eyes waiting for the cuchillo to pierce through me. But then I heard "ALEJANDRO!!" I saw Noah,Sierra,Daisy,LeShawna,and the principal come on stage and margarita ordered "Hand him over Justin!" Justin replied "Why should I?" "Because if tu don't, tu will be exspelled!" I heard the principal cut in the discusion. "This is all time low! I can not beileve tu Justin." LeShawna dicho in a firm voice. Then I heard Sierra tell Justin that he was treating me like some anime character because Heather loves me not him!! she also was furious that he brought the girls into this mess too. Then Noah called Justin a bastard and the girls dicho I looked bad and the girls apologised to me Noah was bringing me inside, the whole I dicho nothing,just crying. When we got there Heather saw me and hugged me tight,I held her also,she dicho "I'm sorry Alejandro..." "Heather If tu are too nice to me, Justin will.." I dicho back but Noah interuped me "Alejandro, *he put his hand on my shoulder* Justin is an idiot and a huge brat. He just took his jealousy,pain,and anger out on you. " I saw him look down "And Im sorry If I did the same." "Its all Justin's fault!" Sierra said. "and if he gets exspelled I won't be on bit of surprized!" I saw Heather nod her beautiful head "You didn't deserve to be hurt like that,Alejandro,you really didn't" I sighed and dicho "Im so sorry Heather...If I wasn't so close to you, this would have never happened.....this is all my fault!" "No it isn't." Heather replied then kissed me on the cheek with her soft lips and dicho "Now Im going to get tu some food. tu must be really hungry!" So I waited for my sweet Heather to bring me a meal. *sigh* oh Heather.....
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