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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
 mckaylas the one in the left o the one bending down
mckaylas the one in the left or the one bending down
ok tdifangirl made the awesome and amazing legend : crizzy, and im telling what they might be like wen there older.
chris proposed 2 izzy wen they were 21 and had 3 kids.2 boys and a girl.Christopher dallas McClain the 2nd, Marcus roy McClain,and McKayla danielle McClain.
chistopher was the oldest , mckayla was the youngist.izzy iz now a pro dancer and a soccer mom , while chris directs a new mostrar called "do tu gots it"[yes i got that of of a show]
they went to the tdi reuniun,chris came up to izzy and said" izzy can i talk 2 u"
"im just going to come out and say this.."
"izabella danielle gray,i want to spend the rest of my life with tu and i really amor you! will tu marry me?"
"oh my gosh chris! YES!!!"
now they live happily together in a huge manchon with millions of dollers. i just wanted to share my opinion'bout chrizzy. the # 1 fan of chrizzy,
izzyroxmysocks ps the pics r predicsions
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Mathew: So what does the clue say again?
Jordan: Belethered and clasped the one place where 'yesterday' always follows 'tomorrow.'
Eli: Okay. When can yesterday always follow tomorrow?
Elizabeth: What about Belethered and clasped? Remember when we helped Trudy get the chandelier out? There were a lot of leather bound libros in there.
Eli: Great thinking! Let's go check it out!
(Eli, Elizabeth, Jordan, and Mathew enter)
Eli: Where's Lia?
Lia: (enters crying)
Mathew: There she is!
Eli: Lia what's wrong?
(Lia runs up stairs crying)
Jordan: Lia! Wait!
(Eli and Jordan run up the stairs)
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chris: last time on total drama simulation call of duty as there lazer war broke out rebekah and luke won the game for them this time we have a surprise for all of them this time on total drama simulation

*theme song*


lily oh i miss my pet cookie

May: I know I voted for Dakota, but I'm sad she's gone.

Claudia: I'm glad i survived my first elimination.

Lucy: oh boy that was a close one this time im really gonna put my head in the game sorry jazon but one of us has got to do it.


chris: WAKE UP!!!!

rebekah: eek

luke woah are tu ok

rebekah im fine


Rebekah: I loved the game...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Aw yeah, look who's being awesome and updating this! :D

Hm....not really much to say here. But, I will say, thanks for all the reviews! :3 Hope tu enjoy this latest episode of TDR!


-At the Elimination ceremony-

Chris: *comes up to the podium* Alright, we're here at the always exciting elimination ceremony! So, the first one seguro tonight is, of course, Duncan! *throws palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz bag to Duncan*

Duncan: Sweet!

Chris: And, to make sure he doesn't sue us, Cody is seguro due to his broken leg! Hehe, heads up dude! *throws the palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz bag straight at Cody*...
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Blaineley:"Last time on Celebrity Manhunt, Alejandro and Gwen are now dating. And estrella wasn't too happy about it. Will Alejandro and Gwen ruin Noah and Star's relationship? Find out now on Celebrity Manhunt!"(C.M.B. Theme Song)

Josh:"We got this clip after estrella and Gwen had their fight at the mall."
-------------------Start of Clip------------------
(Star is throwing away Gwen's food)Cameraman:"Star, are tu jealous of Gwen dating Alejandro?"

Star:"Oh please. I don't envy Gwen."

Cameraman:"So tu don't blame yourself?"

Star:"Of course I don't."

Cameraman:"But didn't tu tell Alejan-"

Star:"I was being...
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posted by colecutegirl
riley: HEllo campers! totays challange will decide the team leadrs and which team youre on!
there are 4 keys located on the island they could be anywhere but only 2 of them open the treasure chests here*points to two locked boxes* oh and did i mention... watch out for the bears they havent been fed in a full 2 weeks so yeah *laughs* theyre pretty hungry. Now GO GO GO!!!

*everyone runs *

star: hola erica, marie come over here.
*both walk over to estrella who is stood leaning against the back of girls cabin
Erica: yeah?
star: we should make a allainc if i win ill pick tu gys on my team o if tu win you...
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At the living-room...

Lindsay:*spaeaks at the phone*Yeah, good...Really?But, WAIT!My friends?Over how many time I'll come back?3 months?Ok!Ok!Yay!

At the girls' room...
Lindsay:Girls, I have good news!
Gwen:Not a fecha again!
Lindsay:No!I'll go to Hollywood!
Beth:*hugs her*This is awesome!But can I go with you?
Lindsay:I want, but...You can't!
All the girls:*gasp*What?
Lindsay:I'm sorry!But nobody can!*cries*
Beth:It's ok!But how many time do tu stay there?
Lindsay:3 months!
Beth:I'll miss you!
Lindsay:I'll miss tu too!*hugs her*
Beth:At what the time are tu going?
Lindsay:19:30.Let's see outside for say...
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Chris: And the game begins....NOW!

Jordan: I got it! *Hits the puck with the Hockey Stick*

*The Puck soars through the air and Zack Jumps up and kicks it*


Chris: Yes he is, both teams can do whatever they want!

*Lexxi gets the puck and passes it to Izzy*

Izzy: BOOM BOOM! *Izzy hits the puck with her Hockey stick and it soars through the air and lands in the goal*

Annie: Aww Crap!

Jordan: *skates over to Annie* Its Okay! Its just one goal!

Chris: Team Wonderful has 1 goal and Team Greatness has 0!

*Zoey gets the puck and passes it to Lucas*

*Lucas skates around...
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(Camp Wawanawka On A Friday Afternoon)
Owen:Trick o Treat, Hahahaha!
Izzy:You're So Disgusting, Turn That música Down.
Owen:Sit There, B****.
Alejandro:Hey Owen, Check Out The Old Fart!
Owen:Right On Dude.
Alejandro:Hey Grandpa, Look In The Mirror!
(Owen Shows His calabaza Underwear)
Old Man:Stupid Kids. Damn Y'all To Hell!
Owen:Happy halloween Moron! Hahahahaha.
Old Man:ahhhhh!
Tyler:There's No Fool Like An Old Fool!
Old Man:You Son Of A B****.
Tyler:Cool It Pops, tu Wanna Blow Your Pacemaker?
Old Man:Ahhhhh!
Courtney:I'm Sorry.
Old Man:Get Your Hands Off Me.
Courtney:I Was Trying To Let You...
Old Man:Get...
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 DramaLyric(left),Anacapri(middle), Christy(right)
DramaLyric(left),Anacapri(middle), Christy(right)
It was the 1st día of school and I was confident… and almost late. So, I took my skateboard and I dashed to school I was completely board 1st hour. Then, our time between each hora was about 5 minutes. At lunch is where I met Christy. Christy was a girl that was a punk rocker. She had naranja hair with black lowlights and was very nice. I walked around lunch trying to find somewhere to sit. Then I saw Christy walking up to me escorting me to her table. A few girls were Anacapri and Dramalyric. Christy and I quickly became best friends and I invited her to my house. We kept talking and talking and I let her listen to some of the songs I wrote and recorded with my friends back in New York. We had a wonderful time and after she left, I went to my basement, which I forgot to say that I have lots of sports equipment. I trained for kick boxing that night and forgot to write in my diary.
posted by 16falloutboy
Karen: hola everyone, what's up?, welcome to Total Drama Fire, our cast members are in for a surprise, let us meet our campers, first comes Natalie!"

(boat drops of Natalie)

Natalie: hola what's up host?"

Karen: hi and nothing, siguiente camper is from TDI,TDA, and TDWT, here is Duncan!"

(Boat drops of Duncan)

Duncan: oh not this again!"

Karen: ok our siguiente camper is Samantha Rollings!"

(boat drops off Samantha)

Samantha: hi"

Karen: hola can i call u Sami?

Samantha: sure why?"

Karen: well cause there is gonna be someone else named Samantha

Samantha: yeah sure

Karen: ok our siguiente camper is Bridgette"

(boat drops off...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Fay: Alright, Team Skittlez, pick someone tu want to vote off, but tu can't vote off Ray!

*after everyone votes*

Fay: Okay, you've all made your decision, if I call your name, come up and get a pack of Skittles. Avan.

Avan: YES! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Rayven.

Rayven: Sweet! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Megan.

Megan: Yay! *takes Skittles*

Fay: ..Aydan.

Aydan: Yeah! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Jordan.

Jordan: Awesome! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Natalie, Mack, this is the final pack of Skittles this evening.

Natalie: *nervous*

Mack: *not nervous*

Fay: The last pack of Skittles goes to....................................NATALIE!...
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hello everyone i'm Brittney rainwood i'm the host of total drama starz were 14 challengers compete against each other to win 1 billion dollars and a luxurious life of fame.Anyways let's meet them right now.Here's rayven and avan. Rayven:whatever.
Avan:hey it's for the billion dollars,babe.Rayven:don't call me "babe".Avan:ok geez(i like the girls who amor to hate).Brittney:ok.. oh look it's matrix,kierra,and elen.Matrix:wooh!i'm so happy to be here.kierra:yea it's sorta cool.Elen:yea!i'm in this to win it!Brittney:anyways here's the rest,Joesph,Ray,Heather,Netasha,Kristen,Victoria,Jar3d zoey...
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posted by IDDfan
fanfiction: anonymousreader07

It was never like this before… It was strange, unnatural even.

Chris decided early on that he didn't like it. One should never feel this way for another human being o anything for that matter. And even if this was a normal feeling (which he was sure it was not) it was for her of all people! I mean sure he's dated his share of dumb bells before but come on! The girl didn't even fully register that she was on a reality TV mostrar until just recently! She believed English and American were two different languages. And he was still confused who she was referring to...
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Jane: Hi, I'm Jane, I need a asiento for only me.
Geoff: Okay what's your name?
Jane: I dicho it.
Geoff: I need your last name too.
Jane: Fine! It's Jane Maclain.
Geoff: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, let me see, wait did tu say Maclain?
Jane: Yeah!
Geoff: Your dad is chris?
Jane: Yeah he owns the reasort.
Geoff: Chris Maclain's doter comeing through!
Courtney: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane: Hi!
Cory: OMG!
Issy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Jane: If tu guys don't give me a asiento i'll tell my daddy to fuego tu 4!
Geoff: Owen! give Jane a seat!
Owen: Oh, over here.
Jane: Thank you!
Owen: What do tu won't.
Jane: I want a diet coke, a Turky, and a Lobster!
Owen: Is that all?
Jane: Of cource! If I had anymore I would be fat!
Owen: D.J! We need a diet coke, a Turky, and a Lobster!
D.J: Who oders that Chris Maclain's doter.
Duncan: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Owen: Yep, tu should herry up!
D.J: tu herd him, herry up!
“Get out here, walk into the alley behind the bank, and Duncan will meet tu back there,” Damien explains. Courtney pops the car door open and slams it shut behind her. Damien drives off, leaving her alone in front of a run-down bank. The glass windows were streaky and the shingles were practically falling off. Courtney walks into a trashy alley and navigates her way through tipped-over trash cans and murky rain puddles.

She was so consumed in watching where she places her feet that she didn’t notice as two arms popped out from behind the bank and wrapped around her torso. Courtney started...
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posted by bubble_babe
Write down ten TDI characters in no specific order.

1. Heather

2. Noah

3. Gwen

4. Izzy

5. Lindsay

6. Katie

7. Duncan

8. Chris

9. Geoff

10. Cody

1) Eight walks into Ten's room while he/she is changing, what would happened?

Chris: 0.0 Dude, Get a Tan!

Cody: Ok

2) Three and Four are fighting, but then Six comes in and brings Three and Four together as a couple.

Gwen: I'm TALLER!

Izzy: I'm SHORTER!

Gwen: I'm OLDER

Izzy: I'm Younger
Katie: Will tu Two Make Out?

Gwen and Izzy: *MAkes Out!*

3) Five and Nine are talking when Seven runs in between yelling "I amor (One)!"

Lindsay: Hi Tyler

Geoff: I'm...
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posted by Trent-lover123
 They kissed
They kissed
Roxy:Hey Kyoya read this note. Kyoya:uhhhhhh ok (READING MESSAGE). Kyoya:Karen tu want to go on a fecha with me? Karen:whaa..... Roxy: I got to speak with her so can I see her?? kyoya:ok Roxy:Thank tu ok Karen I set this up all rock stars need some one to hold them. Karen:ok Kyoya so do tu want to go on the fecha (blushing) Kyoya:Of course I would I would be honored. Karen:REALLY!I mean cool see tu at 8:00.
Andrea:Hey Tamiki lets go on a fecha it will be fun. Tamiki:uhhhh n... Roxy:whats your answer to her pregunta tamiki??? Tamiki:yues amor to. Andrea:meet tu at 10:00.

At 8:00

Karen:so Kyoya...
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