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 OC Rerferance Sheet: Joey!
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The Outfits of Joey!
isla del drama
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posted by Duncan-superfan
"Last time on Total Drama Island! The campers ahd to face there fears! Both teams did well but the Gophers took the victory! Fortunally, the challenge was an reward challenge and no one was eliminated.."


"Alright campers, tu must row canoes over to Boney Island and then once tu arrive, tu must carry them to the edge of the island and make a signal fire. Which ever team makes the biggest signal fuego wins! Oh and don't pick up anything from the island o you'll be cursed forever!"

The campers run to the playa and start teaming up...

Now, get you're butts to Boney Island! :D
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posted by BridgexJordan
Name: Jordan
Nick Name: N/A
Age: 14
Personality: Nice, caring, Dumb when under pressure.
Bio: Parents were divorced when he was 8. He lives mostly with his mom and his sister.
Crush/Dating: Depends on who is in the fan fiction. It could be Lia (Liagirl123's OC), Annie (Agtimm's OC), Bridgette, o Dawn.
Known as: The swimmer
Birthday: June 11th
Gender: Male
Allergies: None
Sexuality: Straight
Voice: A little mix of Cody and Mike
Smartness rating from 1-10: 7
Favorite sport: Swimming/Soccer
Lest favorito! sport: Football
Likes: Girls, swimming, and cold weather
Dislikes: Rude people, Football, hot weather...
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posted by cupcakegirl31
Message to all viewers do not attept this at
home tu could seriously hurt

Chris: welcome to season 5 of total drama we have new contestants of four teams now we're going to do 1 team of each episode
Chef: ok so since team fuego has the most we'll do them first
Chris: eeeeewwww tu want us to do our contestants sick chef
Chef: never mind that *rolls eyes*
Chris: first up riley
Riley: yo whats up
Chef: ok stand on the stage
Riley: alrighty
Chef: siguiente jaideoth
Jaide: grrr don't call me that!
Chef: just get on the god damn stage
Jaide: .........
Riley: .......... Lol
Chris: siguiente up jorden
Jorden: hiya
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