Total Drama Island Fancharacters zombie apocalypse RP!

casacada1007 posted on Dec 08, 2012 at 03:20PM
i was bored so i decided to make this one XD

10 years after the zombie apocalypse happend the world is grey and cold. there's almost no food left and the people who are still alive are being hunted down by zombies. however there is a safe place called "the dome" where there's enough food and water and where you can live in peace. but the question is, where is The Dome? and will you ever find it?

you can start where you want (in a city, in The Dome, in a forest) and you can also play some zomies if ya want to. use your imagination ^^

stuff in backpack?:

(i don't need your personality, we'll find out while doing the RP)

you can always join but be nice and don't ignore people. i hope you join ^^

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