Total Drama Island Fancharacters Fancharacter Couple of The Week! (Round Four)

ninjacupcake88 posted on Nov 13, 2012 at 03:01AM
You nominate a fancharacter couple, it doesn't matter who, just nominate. In a few days once there's a good number of answers I'll post a fanpick and you guys will vote on the couple you like best ;)

Whoever wins will be featured in the spot newspaper run by sorandom15.

Feel free to start nominating!

Nominees For Round One
SayuxJade (colecutegirl and smartone123)- WINNER
TrentxAngie (sorandom15 and ninjacupcake88)
PiercexMiranda (ninjacupcake88 and colecutegirl)
HadarxCaroline (DandC4Evacute)
LeoxSyri (sorandom15 and shadowsister)
AshleyxDaniel (MissMichele)

Nominees For Round Two
LiaxJordan (Liagirl123 and BridgexJordan)
DaytonxJinx (ninjacupcake88 and jadeISmaName)
DaytonxRiley (ninjacupcake88 and colecutegirl)
LancexElectra (MissMichele and DandC4Evacute)
BillyxBoxxy (colecutegirl and Zmidy313)
TimothyxHinta (colecutegirl and smartone123)
FrancisxRobynxJayden (ninjacupcake88, jadeISmaName and colecutegirl)- WINNER

Nominees For Round Three
BrycexMarissa (Zmidy313 and poophead4837ext)- WINNER
GagexZach (DandG4eva)
MelxMarcus (Elkhat-Law and Cody-Sierra)
NicolexBlake (twitdrama and Elkhat-Law)
BrendanxBridgette (sorandom15)

Nominees For Round Four
TimothyxHinta (colecutegirl and smartone123)
RonniexBilly (jadeISmaName and colecutegirl)
ECxMariam (DandC4Evacute and twitdrama)
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hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
For example: I'm nominating Sayu (colecutegirl's oc) and Jade (smartone123's oc)

They now have the chance to become the fancharacter couple of the week!
hace más de un año _Ares2002_ said…
Trent (sorandom15's oc) and Angie (ninjacupcake88/your oc)
hace más de un año colecutegirl said…
Nawww! >.< Well can i nominate pierce n miranda??
hace más de un año MissMichele said…
Nomination: Hadar Flyer and Caroline

OCs Owner(s): DandC4evacute
hace más de un año colecutegirl said…
hahaha I feel all speshul ^-^ my oc's are paired with peoples oc's :3
hace más de un año sorandom15 said…
genderbent couple leoxsyri (aka lilyxsyron)

ov owners~ leo (lily): me
~syri (syron) shadowsister
 genderbent couple leoxsyri (aka lilyxsyron) ov owners~ leo (lily): me ~syri (syron) shadowsister
hace más de un año DandC4evacute said…
Ashley and Daniel (missmichele)
hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…

Start casting your votes!
hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
You can now start nominating for round two!

Although both users don't really come on the spot anymore, I nominate Jia! (Liagirl123 and BridgexJordan's OCs)
hace más de un año twitdrama said…
i nominate hmmmmm
hace más de un año MissMichele said…
Lance and Electra
MissMichele and DandC4evacute
hace más de un año colecutegirl said…
Daytonxriley? Idk ^-^ I'm starting to really love that couple though...KAWAII DESU! *goes all hungary, fangirl*
hace más de un año Zmidy313 said…
Ray x Carter?

Boxxy x Billy?

Tawni x Kaleb?

Francis x Jayden x Robyn?
hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
@Zmidy313: You can only pick one to nominate. Sorry. :/
hace más de un año Zmidy313 said…
Oh ok.. Boxxy x Billy :)
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
timmothy and hinta please XD
hace más de un año jadeISmaNAME said…
hmmm...... arhhhh i dont want to be selfish and vote for myself, id feel like a biotch :P buttt .... I LIKE ZMIDYS IDEA !!!
Francis x Jayden x Robyn now that is a soon to be threesome O.o
hace más de un año colecutegirl said…
Omg Ikr!! lolz it really is!! Well francis just needs to join in with jayden n' robyn really XDDD
hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
Feel free to start nominating couples for round three!
I forgot to mention, you can nominate couples that have already been nominated in the past, just make sure not to vote for someone whose already won. You can only win once.

I'm going to nominate Bryce (Zmidy313) and Marissa (poophead4837ext)! =)
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hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
Guys. I can't post a poll till we get more replies. I did say couples can be nominated more then once (example: Billy and Boxxy can be nominated again, or Dayton and Riley, Leo and Syri, etc)
hace más de un año Elkhat-Law said…
Mel(Mine) and Marcus(Cody-Sierra)
hace más de un año twitdrama said…
Nicole and Blake (me and Elkhawt-law)
hace más de un año sorandom15 said…

hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
Feel free to start nominating for round four! =) I'm nominating Timothy and Hinta again!
hace más de un año jadeISmaNAME said…
ronnie(my oc)Xbilly(colecutegirls oc)
the soon to be couple ^-^ both snicker loving
hace más de un año twitdrama said…
ECxMariam P.S. this is fanon