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twitdrama posted on Aug 22, 2012 at 05:18AM
You know danny phantom just the rules in it its like in every rp
Im having
Mariam half ghost turns into a ghost at midnight
Kyle normal guy
Alice ghost hunter
Michael ghost scientist

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hace más de un año 666demon said…
(Why did I just now find this?)

JoHanna- can talk to the dead and see them


Chase's mom an dad Annie and Dave-ghost hunters
Ashlen:*floating around*

Chase:*walking around with JoHanna, sensing Ashlen*

JoHanna:(German accent) Is something wrong Chase?

Chase: I uhh...Got to. *starts running home* See you tomorrow at school!

Annie: Dave, where is Chase, I'm worried about him.

Dave: Now Annie, Chase is seventeen. He can handle himself *goes back to working on the Lucas ghost finder*

Annie: Ever since he got his arm ripped off by that damn shark I've been worried!

Chase:*opens the door quietly*

Annie: Chase Avery Lucas, were have you been!? its past midnight!
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hace más de un año twitdrama said…
Mariam:*walking in school* Oh hi Chase *waves*
hace más de un año 666demon said…
Chase:*jumps a bit* Hey, I didn't see you there Mariam. How ya doin?

JoHanna: Chase! Why did you run off on me last night?

Chase: I've been-*sensing goes haywire*

Ashlen:*giggles* So close to! Huh ghost boy!

JoHanna: I hear giggling.