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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Aug 12, 2011 at 03:53AM
I wanted to make an RP that people would actually participate in so I HOPe yOU GUYS DO! Here are the rules…

1. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens
2. At most it can be PG-13
3. Don't exclude people.
4. You don't need to ask to join. JUST JOIN!
6. Since this is a school RP this is starting around the first day. And please let things play out. I don't want it to be the first day, then Prom. Cause that WAAAAAYY to fast
7. Um… I cant think of anything eles so HAVE FUN!

Oh, and it can envolve things outside of school cause it would be boring if it was only in school. And his IS high school so 9th-12th grade.

People in RP
1. Robin Doll (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Josh Masters (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Naomi Fire (obssesedTDIgirl)
4. Nya (princess2109)
5. Drake (ReneeKetchum)
6. Renee (ReneeKetchum)
7. Andi (ReneeKetchum)
8. Nikki (Pinkkatluv32)
9. Rex (Pinkkatluv32)
10. Amy (Pinkkatluv32)
11. Adrian (Pinkkatluv32)
12. Rayn , Layah , Mona Or Ashby (xRainbowNinjax)
13. Mary (tdiTxClova18)
14. Nina (smartone123)
15. Jade (smartone123)
16. Alex (colecutegirl)
17. Riley (colecutegirl)
18. Katie (Strawberry0020)
19. Lance (Strawberry0020)
20. Chirstian (Strawberry0020)
21. Hazel (Strawberry0020)
22. Chilly (thecodebreaker)
23. Claire (thecodebreaker)
24. Henkka (thecodebreaker)
25. Eve (thecodebreaker)
26. Tiffany (poophead4837ext)
27. Kasey (Unicorn-Drawer)
28. Grell (TeamPetta649)
29. Lilyth (colecutegirl)

Once you join, you're name will be added to the list =)

1. If you want to make things easier, italicize your word to indicate your character(s) are thinking.
2. Write your response starting with your character(s) name, followed by a colon, then what you want them to say.

^You DO NOT have to say write like this, this is just to make things easier :)

Here I'll start…
Josh: *waiting at busstop*
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hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Nya: *her hair is a covered in layer of silly puty and her purple tank top is covered in green paint and groans as she finally makes it to the bus stop*
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Josh: *laughs a little* What happened to you?
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Drake: *looks away* Umm... Hey look. A bird.
Renee: *facepalm*
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Can I join plz nikki,rex,amy,adrian
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Nikki: hey rex
Rex: bout time amy has been waiting
Amy: bus is here
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Drake: ...... *runs in*
Renee: Yeah. I thought so.
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Josh: *gets on bus* *puts in earbuds*
hace más de un año xRainbowNinjax said…
( Could i join? Either ill use, Rayn , Layah , Mona Or Ashby)
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Nya: *not giving a care and sits down across from Josh* Lunra got a pail of silly puty and the first thing she did has put it in my shampoo and the second thing was to add it to my paints and paint on my shirt the little brat things she can get away with everything!
Juna: *just like her sister back her tee is yellow* and it's a fact too she does it all the time! and our dad dosen't give a flying f***!
Nya: and she always runs to him and says in this cheesey baby vocie "I didn't do it!" but todays oh so diffent!
Juna: Umm Nya?
Nya: *has a crazy look inm her eyes*
Juna: NYA! *slaps her*
Nya: F*** THAT HURT! Lunra gonna pay today!
Lunra: *her face is really red and is standing in frount of her* WHAT DID YOU DO! *holding a barbie head*
Nya: what Lunra? *mocks LUnra's baby vocie* it wasn't me!
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Drake: O_O
Renee: Uh, let's sit in the back.
*slowly walk away*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Juna: *figthing bsck laugther*
Nya: you've put US though hell know i'm putting YOU though the hell you've put us in oh rigth! *pulls out a can of paint and ruins her Justin Beiber shirt*
Nya: It's going to get worst Lunra just you wait!
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Josh: Oh, won't this be fun to watch
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Lunra: *inraged* you did not just do that Nya did you? *her face is is very very red*
Nya: oh but I did!
Lunra: *scearms really loud in is in Rage/Hell mode breaking most of the windows on the bus and curses out Nya*
Juna: LUNRA!
Juna: O.o never mind
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Renee: And because our school is the crappy hole it is, they'll blame all of us.
Drake: Well, this is bad.
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: Crap I missed the bus! *skateboards towards the bus and grabs onto the back*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Nya: Josh you made the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER
Lunra: *her body saying toward her sisters but her head turns like an owl 180 degers around her head and her whole eye turns yellow*
NYa: Lunra! STOP okay it's over quit over reactting! ohhhh wait I know
Lunra: *her mom leaves her body and she stumbles and falls onto Nya* OOFH Oww... my head
Nya: Juno....again
Lunra: D*** IT!
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Drake: *looks away* Hey, Robin! *runs over and opens back door* Grab my hand!
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: *grabs with one hand and picks up skateboard and swings in* Thsnks :)
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Drake: Aw, don't mention it.
Andi: Hey! *runs to the back of the bus* Me too!
Drake: *shuts door* Sorry, kid!
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: *laughs a little*
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
*at school*
Andi: *with dirt in her hair* Well hello, Drake.
Drake: *sarcasticly* Woah! What happened to you?
Andi: *slaps Drake* Well, thanks to YOU, I got attacked by a chihuahua trying to run to school. And I'm 10 minutes late.
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Josh: *takes deep breath* *gets his books and goes to class*


Robin: *puts skateboard in locker*
hace más de un año tdiCxTlova18 said…

mary: *walks to locker soaking wet and starts mumbling to self* stupid bus driver he totally hates me *wearing dark green denim button top and baggy cut up jeans and old black converse*
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hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Andi: *to Mary* And Drizzy hates me.
Drake: Hey, I wouldn't say "hate". More like, "extremely despise".
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Adrian: *opens locker*
Nikki: adrian I think I have a crush on rex
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
big smile
*bell goes off*
Speaker: Good morning students! Today is Tuesday, September 6th, 2011! Remember that today and tomorrow are the sign-ups for this years school play, Beauty and the Beast! So hurry and sign up! Auditions will be after school on the 8th and 9th. So have a fun school year an this is Robin Doll signing you out!
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Andi: You guys signing up?
Renee: Eh, I only do technical stuff.
Drake: No, my heart belongs to my tuba.
Renee: I thought it belonged to that giant Nicki Minaj poster in you-
Drake: Don't judge me.
hace más de un año tdiCxTlova18 said…
mary: i think i might join but i kinda have a bad case of stage fright
hace más de un año ReneeKetchum said…
Andi: Well, I'm trying out for Belle.
Drake: *looks at her hair* Good luck with that.
hace más de un año tdiCxTlova18 said…
mary: *twists her homework and drains water out of it* great i hate that bus driver
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: *sit down in class* I want to try out for Belle too!
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Teacher: Quite down class! Today, we will be learning about-
Josh: *groans*
Teacher: Is there anything you'd like tO say Josh?!
Josh: Do you want me to give to the full list?
Teacher: To the principles office!
Josh: Whatever…
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Nikki: *gives robin a note**
Aftrr class
Amy: *sings up for beauty and the beast
Mean girl 1: move im gonna be beauty
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: Oh, yeah, like you can sing. I mean, me and Amy probaly have a WAY better singing voice then you!
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Amy: robby (nickname for robin) your the best *hugs robin*
In the cafeteria
Speaker: for lunche will be ham sanwiches with mustard lettuce tomato cheese for drink fanta soda or choclate,reguar,strwaberry milk
For desert blueberry muffins or chocolate cupcakes
Sign up for cheerleading to
Amy: *takes kunch and sits next to robin* so isn't this food good
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: Most of the time it is.
Naomi: Hey Rob, who's the chick.
Robin: This is my friend Amy. Amy, this is Naomi. Naomi skipped a grade somehow and is a gymnast.
Naomi: Eh, it comes in handy.
Robin: You should join the cheer team! I hear it's really fun!
Naomi: I might.

(to give you an idea of how she looks, she has short red layered hair, paleish skin, and has a punk-like look)
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Amy: me any my friends are coming from pearl bailey middle school
Nikki: well we left pearl bailey cause most of the kids were on crack and there were only black kids there and they are racist
Jock 1: hey losers *pushes adrian down*
Joxk 2: *throws rex in dumpster
Cheerleader 1: your the best
Jock 1: you know it
Rex: those son of a bitches
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: Oh, so you like picking on people do ya? Try me for size.
Jock: Is she serious?
Naomi: *throws punch and knocks one of his teeth out*
Jock: It's on!
*they fight*
Robin: *to Amy* He has no chance of winning. Naomi is also does karate.
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Nikki: rex you ok
Rex: *dusting trash off of his clothes* yeah
Speaker: good morning students today is september the 7 2011 don't forget to give your permission slips ro your teachers so you can go to six flags, this ismaf rashad from chess club signing you out
Adrian: wow six flags *doodling hearts that say robinXadrian
Mrs jamison: class please givebme hour permission slip
Adrian: here yoh go
Nikki: there ya go
Rex: here
Amy: here
Amy: finnaly hone *falls on bed*
Nikki: playing with rubix cube
Rex: *puts game in ps3 ad hooks in controler* yes grand theft auto
Adrian: *taking nap on bed*
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Amy: *calling robin*
Nikki: it's 10:00 pm amy go to,bed
Amy: says you you have nicki minaj on your pj's bed wall
Nikki: nevermind
R: hello
A: hey robby would you like to come to my slumberparty
R: sure
A: i'll tell you at school
R: ok
A: bye
At school
Speaker: good morning students today is our field trip make sure your wearing street clothes,have your lunch
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Robin: Today's gonna be so cool! I remember coming here as a kid.
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Nikki: ok first wd get on the rollercoasters
Adrian: then the tunnel of love *scoots next to robin*
Rex: then we get pizza
Amy+ *gets on rollercoaster*
Adrian: *sits next to robin*
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(i join jade and nina)
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
(the more the marryer :D)
hace más de un año tdiCxTlova18 said…
mary: *gets in ride next to rex* wow i've never been here
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
*before the ride goes*

Naomi: Robin, we need to find Josh BEFORE we ride rides remember?

Robin: Right. *gets off and start walking with Naomi*