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ladylyric_812 posted on Aug 08, 2011 at 02:56AM
OK... I don't post forums/RP's much so excuse me if its a dumb topic =P>>>>>>>>>>­;&g­t;

Simple... It's a forum 'bout vampires... That's it XD

NO Stupid text typing (u, 2, y, etc)
YOU MAY add smilies =)
NO God-modding
YOU MAY be either human or vampire
PLEASE Keep it pg-13 (Swearing, gore, mild themes)
YOU MAY Swear... don't overdo it. lol
YOU MAY Use more than one OC
NO Killing other users
YOU MAY devour innocent humans carelessly XD
Have fun ^_-

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hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Taylor and Lura:*yelling at each other*
Rexie:*sitting on the couch, bored*Yo Ames, can you tell them to shut the hell up?
Amy:*has a headach*Tay, Lura!
Taylor and lura:*shut up*
Jane:*looking out the window ,listening to "Perfect" by Cimorelli on her ipod*
Taylor:She hasn't said a word all week...
Lura:Shut it!
hace más de un año tdiCxTlova18 said…
delilah: guys were out of ab positive
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Jane:I can go out and get some more.
Taylor:No I will.
Rexie:Why don't all we girls get it?
Amy:What if we run into people we love and care about?Like Glenn or Mark?
Jane:We only go for the druggies or the addicts..
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
(Nya Vampire Lee Vampire)
Lee: *sitting in a tree*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Jane:Besides, they think I'm dead...*crawls out of the underground home and sees lee*Hi, are you a vampire?
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Lee: why do you wanna know? *hangs upside down grabs with branh with her hands and flips her self over and lets go and lands on feet*
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Jessica: *bites rex and roxie* delicous
Torri: you bitch jessica why why *cries* I I thought you were my friend
Jessica: *attacks torri*
Rex: *holds torri*
Roxie: megan
Megan: dinner
This part gets kinda scary O-O
Megan: where is becky and jason
Becky: ummmm so do you want to go grab some human
Jason: I guess
 Jessica: *bites rex and roxie* delicous Torri: tu perra jessica why why *cries* I I thought tu we
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *at home in her room reading at her desk*
Lance: Hey *Startles Katie*
Katie: *Jumps* How did you get here?
Lance: ... It's not smart to leave your window open.
Katie: I see. What's up?
Lance: Nothing much we need to talk.
Katie: 'Bout what? Sit on her bed.
Lance: *Takes off Scarf revealing a vampire bite*
Katie: *gets off of bed and backs up to the wall* Wha- What is that?
Lance: Please don't be afraid of me! Just here me out... please!
Katie: You're one of them, you're a Vampire!
Lance: SHUSH! I need it to stay a secret.
Katie: *Still scared* Why are you coming to me? You're not gonna turn me into a vampire are you?
Lance: Of course not. Just listen to what I've gotta say.
Katie: *slowly Sits down leaned back against the wall*
Lance: My new born brother... Aden was gonna die.
Katie: What does that have to do with you being a vampire?
Lance: Just listen. It's a long story.
Katie: *Nods slowly*
Lance: Aden was cursed by a vampire before he was born. He was supposed to be a ruler of a new age of vampires. He was supposed to be an evolved vampire, quicker and more powerful than the average vampire. He was becoming about two weeks after he was born. He screamed in agony every night. He needed blood and my parents didn't feel comfortable feeding blood to a baby. I couldn't take my baby brother being tortured by a curse. So We did some type of spell to remove the curse the curse had to be transferred to another human body of a virgin. So I sacrificed my soul to become 'Vladimir, the lord of the new age'. I want to get rid of this curse. but I don't know how.
Katie: *Stands up and walks over to Lance* That was brave what you did. *She hugged Lance*
Lance: *Starts Shivering*
Katie: Lance? You're so cold. And you... you're shaking. *Feels his forehead* Be right back.
Lance: * Still shivering*
Katie: *uses a thermometer on him* Hold on. Sixty three degrees? That's impossible... You would be dead...
Lance: I think I already am dead.
Katie: You can't be. Stay the night. I'll take care of you until Hazel gets back from New York.
Lance: Okay, Thanks Katie. *It reminded him of old times when him and Katie would play pretend doctor. And she would give him dora the explorer ban-aids in Kindergarten*
Katie: *Puts a blanket over Lance's shoulders* Rest for a bit, get comfortable.
Lance: *Takes Shoes off and gets comfortable*
Katie: I'll make some soup. and boil some towels*Turns on the T.V. and gives Lance the remote*
Lance: *Dozes off*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Lee: well you must know yes
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Amy:*with the others, right behind jane*Cocky much?
Jane:Sorry I even asked.*walks away*
Rexie:*steps up to lee*Yo what's up motha fucka?I'm Rexie Cena, that was Jane that just walked off, thats 'the Viperess'Amy Orton, 'Miss All Amarican Amarican Amarican'Levi Swagger, Lura DiBiase 'the Milloin Doller Daughter' and 'Dashi-
Rexie:'Undashing' Taylor Rhodes.
Levi:*taller than the other girls, has a speech impediment like jack swagger*Why did you have to anounce our names like Todd?
Rexie:I felt like it!
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *out walking* Man, this is too much... but I promised I would help him. *Walking past Lee and the others* I will alw- *Trips and scrapes elbow and starts bleeding* Ow. Oh, no. I gotta leave before vampires start crowding... me... *Sees vampires searching for blood* Awwwwww crap....
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hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Jane:*sees katie and sees other vampires coming after her*Levi!
Levi:*looks over at katie and rush to her side with a first aid kit*Don't worry we're not going to hurt you.
Jane and the others:*beating the hell out of the other vampires*
Levi:We only drink animal blood.
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: *walks out from shadow* Well you know, most of the time... But lucky for you I've already got my serving of blood today
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Jane:*snarls at naomi after fighting*Who in the hell are you?
Amy:We didn't say you did but we do so get lost.
Rexie:Girls be nice.I'm Rexie Cena, that's Jane, 'the Viperess'Amy Orton, 'Miss All Amarican Amarican Amarican'Levi Swagger, Lura DiBiase 'the Milloin Doller Daughter' and Undashing' Taylor Rhodes.
Levi:*glares at rexie*Might aswell tell her our zip...
Rexie:Oh I'm not that stupid.
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Becky: *goes in katies window* god being is a pain in the ass
Jason: *follows becky* katie you have to leave roxie,rex,torri all the vamps are coming lance yku have to stay here
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Holds bloody knee* It's My room! And Lance needs to rest. He might die if he doesn't!
Lance: But you don't understand, Katie. I am dead... sort of... I don't know.
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hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: Lance, your immortal, as in 'Never Dies'. Unless a weakness gets to you, then you'll die. Like if your arm gets cut off, you'll still be alive.
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Lance: Well duh, even if a mortal get's their arm cut off, they'll live. It's not a major artery.
Katie: But that's not the point! I said I'll help, and if I'm gonna help you, I need to know what's going on!
Lance: Can she please stay?
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: *points to self* Me?
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: Well, whatever is wrong with him I can't seem to figure it out. And you obviously can't take him to a doctor. And Lance, you probaly would die of blood loss if your arm was ripped off.
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Becky: here *gives lance blood* well we kinda ate a monk
Jason: hehe
Becky: oh crap the vampires are here *turns house invisible* be quite we can smell a little fear we're not really full vampires
Jason: shit sssshhhhhh
Roxie: *smells blood* keep flying we're not gonna stop until everyone is dead
Vampires fly away
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: You guys are halfas?
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Lee: *sitting on ground and winces as she repets what Rexie said* I don't like telling people about being a.... I can't even say it *hangs head down*
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Calms down* Are those your enemies that just flew by?
Lance: *Fangs come out*
Katie: *Gasp*
Lance: *Covers mouth* Crap! Ignore that...
Katie: How am I supposed to when there's a group of vampires in my bedroom?!
Lance: It's an instinct. It takes some getting used to.
Katie: *Keeps staring at Lance's fang*
Katie: Well, sorry!
Lance: It's a part of the curse, I can't help it!
Katie: I know, I know... But just watch where you point those things Okay?
Lance: *Stomach Rumbles*
Katie: Would that be soup or blood.
Lance: Don't joke about it!
Katie: It's a simple question. I need to know if you can eat human food or not. *Tries not to laugh*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Rexie:It's ok...
Levi:We don't like it ether.
Lura:It stinks, no realy it stinks.
Taylor:Oh shut up.
Lura and Taylor:*start yelling at each other*
Amy:SUT UP!!!!!!!
Jane:*looks at her with eyebrow arched*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
(i've have no clue were we are XD)
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: You were cursed? Do you know by who? Because depending on who, it nay be a problem
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Lance: I wasn't my new born brother was, but somehow there was spell that could remove the curse. But I agreed that the curse would be was given to me instead. If didn't then my baby brother would be hunted down. I practically gave my human soul to my baby brother, Aden. But I'm looking for who cursed him. I hate being this way.
Katie:can't you see? These peo- Er... indivisuals are just like you! And they live like humans! Kinda...
Lance: Yeah, but atleast they weren't meant to be a vampire god.
Katie: Isn't that a good thing? You're quicker, and stronger than the average vampire right?
Lance: Yeah, but I don't want to be known as a freak.
Katie: Lance, that was mean. You're not a freak! And neither are these vampires! They are living breathing creatures, just like any other human you see.
Lance: *sighs* Okay, fine I'm sorry you guys. But I don't want to be set up for death!
Katie: *Looks at Lance* Set up for death?
Lance: There's a prophecy... In about a few days the old age of vampires- those vampires that flew by are out to kill me. They're pissed off at the fact that they are gonna be left behind as 'the weak ones' and are gonna try to kill all the others from evolving.
Katie: So why can't they evolve into the more efficient vampires?
Lance: They betrayed Vladimir the XII a thousand years ago. I forgot how, but they are know as the Betrayers. They have lived for a couple thousands of years or so.
Katie: Like I said, I will help through anything. I'm not gonna let my best friend get eaten by some douchebag vampires! *Looks around* No, not you guys... you guys are cool!
Lance: Nice save, But so far I need you guys to keep this a secret, Being the upcoming Lord of vampires I need to be very low profile or else the Betrayers will hunt me down!
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Kitten: *turns invisible and flys in katie's window* king lance your parents are expecting you for your reacarnation
Becky: jason kitten lance we have to gov
Becky: *flys away*
Jason: *helps lance fly away*
Kitten: *flys away*
All vampires: we're here our lord
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: I thought the reincarnation isn't until a few week!
Lance: Exactly. Then where are my parents?
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Lura and Taylor:*ears twitch*
Lura:Our lord?
Taylor:Wanna find uot?
Lura:Hell yess.
all:*run at in inhuman speed to katie's house*
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Becky: no kitten,he's not going *brings lance back in house*
Kitten: *scratches becky*
Becky: *moans* guys help me
Jason: *stabs,scratches,kills kitten*
Kitten: *turns in to black dust and goes to hell*
Jason: becky *flys her into the house and closes the window*
Becky: help me
Jason: katie where is a room where I can put becky and stuff to heal her
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Downstairs in the guest bedroom.
Lance: What happened to her?
Katie: *Looks out the window* 0_o Umm... should we runaway?
Lance: Why?
Katie: 'Cause there's vampires running straight towards my house.
Lance: Wait, I can't really sense if they are the betrayers or not.
Katie: So you can sense them?
Lance: Sometimes.
Katie: Uhhhhh... they're getting closer! *Worried*
Lance: Hide, Katie. You might not want to get caught up in this.
Katie: uh, okay... *Hides under her bathroom sink*
Lance: Okay here they come, everybody! Don't tell them Katie's here. If they are the betrayers, they'll eat her alive.
Katie: *Hears Lance* EEK! *Legs start to shake uncontrollably*
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Nikki: *help help katie it's your friend some people are trying to bite me
Jason: *opens door* nikki what happend
Nikki: roxie she bit torri,rex
Jason: katie your friend nikki is here
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: *whispers to her* You know, if any get to you, use the classic vampire repelant. Like garlic and such.
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Equips herself with garlic salt* This is the closest thing I have to garlic! I'm coming Nikki! Grabs Cotton balls and alcohol* Bring her down here!
Lance: *Carries Nikki down stairs*
Katie: Sit her down on the bed! *points to the bed*
Lance: Okay.
Katie: *Dabs Nikki's arm with a cotton ball covered in alcohol* It may sting a bit, hold still. *Rips a pillow case and ties it around Nikki's arm.* Hold this while I get some the first aid kit. Watch over her, Please, Lance.
Lance: Okay.
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Rexie:*pops up in front of lance*Yo what's up motha fucka?i'm 'the Chaingang princess'Rexie Cena!I'm a halfa.*sniffs*You have a human as a pet?Cool!
Jane:*sighs*Are you always this hyper Rex?
Levi:*afrae to talk becaus of her speach impediment*
Taylor and Lura:*blink*Your our king?
Amy:I'm sorry we broke in tour home, I realy am.I just can't control them*points at lura and taylor*-sometimes.
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Comes back* Pet? You have gotta be effin' kidding me! This is MY house you're in sweetheart!
Lance: It's okay Amy. We are sort of wondering why you are here though.
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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Jason: kitten scratched her *senses vampires* they'rebbad it's rex,roxie,torri?!?!
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Wrap this around her wound. I Tries to clean the bite with alcohol, It might or might not stop the spread of vampire DNA.
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Amy;We're here because Taylor and Lura think you are the vampire lord witch is impossibal because he died December 1476 at the age of 45 in Bucharest, Wallachia.That is why we are here.
Rexie:*looks at jason and atemps to put him in a headlock*
Levi:*grabs rexie and shakes head 'no'*Don't do it
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: Yes but legend has it that a new king would eventually be born.
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Jason: quit it you bitch named rexie
Becky: jason
Jason: becky *kisses becky*
Nikki: I didn't get bit but I think that rexie girl should leave
Jason: *still kissing becky*
 Jason: quit it tu perra named rexie Becky: jason Jason: becky *kisses becky* Nikki: I didn't get bi
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Lance: I am supposed to be the new Lord of the new age. Why is it so important to you?
Katie: *Squeezes bottle of garlic salt* Yeah!
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Amy:I still think it's imposib-*jane covers her mouth, about to bite*
Jane:Bite me and you go through a table Orton.
hace más de un año Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Backs away*
Lance: I know a sacred place where to get blood. That where we can sort all of this out.
Katie: Where?
Lance: It's a bar. There is an invisible gateway that leads to another dimension, Otherwise known as 'Vampire's Sanctuary.'
Katie: How do we get there?
Lance: Duh, we run!
Katie: But I'm not quick like you guys.
Lance: Then hop on my back. *Squats down*
Katie: *Spaces out*

~2001~ Age 6
Katie: Ow! *Trips over a branch in the woods*
Lance: Are you okay?
Katie: No. I hurt my foot. *Sniffs*
Lance: *Smiles* come on. *Squats down* Get on my back!
Katie: *Wipes eyes* Okay.
Lance: You're light! Like a teddy bear. haha
Katie: *Falls asleep*
~right now~
Katie: *Smiles*
Lance: Um, are you okay?
Katie: Yeah, I'm just thinking...
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Naomi: Are you sure it's safe to take a human there?
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Rexie:8remembers something*

-2006 age:8-
Rexie:*struggling as sicurity trys to get her backstage*NO!DADDY!HELP!
Cassie:*in a brittish accent*Daddy help!The bad guys are hurting us!
Wade and Cena;*getting held back by other sicurity gaurds, trying to get to them*