Total Drama Island Fancharacters Total Drama Africa!

aprilacne posted on Aug 04, 2011 at 05:32PM
Sign up are here:link but I have to aprove.

if you did sign up I have a few things-
If you are an Amarican you stay in amarica. If you are African you can eather be a slave or try to hide in parts of africa so the amaricans wont find you.

I would recomend using google translate.


no godmodleing!
No powers what so ever.
if you are swering pleas bleep it. like s**t
No harming others.

Ok thats it.I'll start

Hayden:*dancing a little african dance with his little brothers and sisters and playing soccer with a ball made of straw*

Mamma:*watchin them while havisting crops*

Ouma(Grandma):Is iets wat jou pla, Cass?(Is something bothering you, Cass?

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