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smartone123 posted on Jul 27, 2011 at 07:45PM
(were on North American Hours,preferably New York hours im so stupid i deserve to be yelled at DX)
New York time:






Here you will learn spells for you time a Hogwarts,make friends,play quidditch,and maybe love

no mary sues
no curseing ...much
hitting or killing

have fun

Bathsheda Babbling -Ancient Runes
Cuthbert Binns History of Magic
Charity Burbage-Muggle Studies T
Alecto and Amycus Carrow-Muggle Studies / Defence Against the Dark Arts
Albus Dumbledore -Headmaster/Alastor Moody
Filius Flitwick-Charms The Charms teacher and Head of Ravenclaw House during the entire series.
Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank-Care of Magical Creatures
Rolanda Hooch -Flying (EXTRA:The Quidditch)
Alastor Moody -Defence Against the Dark Arts
Poppy Pomfrey -Matron The Matron and nurse in charge of the hospital wing during the entire series.
Quirinus Quirrell-Defence Against the Dark Arts
Aurora Sinistra-Astronomy
Horace Slughorn-Potions
Severus Snape-Potions / Defence Against the Dark Arts
Pomona Sprout-Herbology
Sybill Trelawney-Divination
Dolores Umbridge-Defence Against the Dark Arts
Septima Vector-Arithmancy

7:00-8:30 homeroom with Pomona(announcements)
8:38-9:00 herbology with pomona
9:08-10:30 potions with snape
10:38-11:00 astronomy with Aurora
11:38-12:00 flying with Rolanda
12:08-12:40 great hall(lunch)
12:50-1:50 magical pet care with Wilhelmina
2:00-3:00 Muggle studies with Charity
3:00- rest of the day-house dorms

7:00-8:30 homeroom with Filius(announcements)
8:38-9:38 astronomy with Auror
9:10-10:30 Muggle studies with Charity
10:38-11:00 potions with snapea
11:38-12:00 flying with Rolanda
12:08-12:40 great hall(lunch)
12:50-1:50 magical pet care with Wilhelmina
2:00-3:00 herbology with pomona
3:00- rest of the day-house dorms

7:00-8:30 Cuthbert for announcements
8:38-9:00 History of magic with Cuthbert
10:38-11:00 astronomy with Aurora
11:38-12:00 flying with Rolanda
12:08-12:40 great hall(lunch)
12:50-1:50 magical pet care with Wilhelmina
2:00-3:00 Muggle studies with Charity
3:00- rest of the day-house dorms

7:00-8:30-snape with homeroom
8:38-9:00 Snape with Potions / Defence Against the Dark Arts
10:38-11:00 History of magic with Cuthbert
11:38-12:00 flying with Rolanda
12:08-12:40 great hall(lunch)
12:50-1:50 magical pet care with Wilhelmina
2:00-3:00 Filius with charms
3:00- rest of the day-house dorms

(this is for real days in human world,week ends free and we'll have Quiddish matches and ill give props to the team who wins*will work kinks out :)
 (were on North American Hours,preferably New York hours im so stupid i deserve to be yelled at DX) Ne
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hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Tobi: (hufflepuff and Tobi is a girl!) *droping books thats she carring while shes rushing to get to her next class in time*
Nya: (ravenclaw) *picks up Tobi's dropped books* carefull Tobi *hands them back to her and walks away*
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
( I am joining with Maiko. She has black hair wearing skinnyjeans and a white undershirt with a black vest on over it. She is in Hufflepuff)
Maiko: *Running and bumps into Nya* I'm sorry about that but I need to get to my next class *Keeps running*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Nya: *almost falls to the ground but dosen't walks to class*
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Maiko: *sits down in her seat when she gets into class and sings softly to herself* "I'm so tired of being here. Suppressed by all my childish fears.
(And the rest of the song "My Immortal by Evanescence* )
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Tobi: *finds the class puts her stuff down and sits down*
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Maiko: Crap I have no pencil...*looks over at Tobi* Um you have an extra pencil I can borrow?
(What class are they in?)
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
(I guess I'll join, Im gonna use Chilly and Claire. BTW there together)

Chilly: *Slytherin* *walks into Potions class and sits down* ugh

Claire: *Gryffindor* *sitting next to chilly* oh cheer up, just because the sorting hat put you in a different house doesn't mean we won't see each other

Teacher: Would both of you be quiet so we can start class!

Claire: sorry

Chilly: yeah sorry teach

Snape: *takes out his wand* Silencio!

Chilly: *can't talk*

Snape: that will last till class is over, now everybody get your textbooks out and read the first 8 pages of chapter 3!
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hace más de un año smartone123 said…
snorts leans back in chair-nikki

twitles with paper boried-drew

sniffs,lisening to her music-jade

"jade stop f***** around please"-storm


plays with a bird-nina
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *looks around, bored*
hace más de un año nocofangirl218 said…
Storm - *wondering through the halls* Oh man, I'm SO lost!
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(whats her house?)
hace más de un año nocofangirl218 said…
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *sitting down, still bored* (She's in Gryffindor)
hace más de un año nocofangirl218 said…
(Oh....okay. o//o)

Storm: *is still lost*
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*In potions class*

Chilly: *still can't talk* *flipping snape off from behind a book*

Snape: Mr. Chilly I suggest you stop doing that or I will cut your hand off, slap you with it and then put it back

Chilly: *can't talk* *shrugs and goes back to reading*

Claire: so professor what potion are we making to day

Snape: today you will be making Hate potions today

Claire: cool
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(storms me X3 see wrote it)

glares at storm"why should i?"-jade

"causes we got Bathsheda"-storm

rolls eyes-jade
hace más de un año nocofangirl218 said…
(Oh.....alright. So.........I think I'm just gonna go then.)
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
(I don't know what class I'm in x3)
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(na just make a chartor and house X3,your in Horace)
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
(oh okay! :3)
hace más de un año taytrain97 said…
Martial: (He's a Slytherin; walking down the hallway, heading to Potions class with a bunch of books in his hands) The class wouldn't have dared to start without me...Damned Miss Sprout, keeping me after class like that, I already know how good of a grade I have..
Ray: (Ravenclaw; studying in the library) Hmm...So, if I just flick my wand like this...Nono, wait, the other way...
Drake: (Hufflepuff; dashing through the hallway frantically) W-What was my next class again? I-I can't remember, I-I'm late, n-neh!
Shawn: (Gryffindor; boredly waiting for class to get out) Quidditch practice is today, right? Sweet...
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hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *watching the teacher bored*
hace más de un año princess2109 said…
Tobi: yeah sure *grabs an extra pencil* here
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *looks around the room*
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*In potions class*

Snape: ok to make a Hate potion put the list of ingredients from the book in the cauldron

Claire: *makes a perfect potion* yes I did it

Chilly: *mixes the ingredients together wrong, the cauldron explodes and burns off chillys eyebrows*

Snape: ugh lets try this Hate potion, Claire please drink the potion to see if it works

Claire: *drinks the potion* *starts to hate chilly* *to chilly* your stupid and you have the attention span of a frog!

Chilly: *can talk again* what the hell claire!

Claire: oh I have no idea where that came from

Snape: *laughs* that potion is only good for two insults before it wears off
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(hufflepuffs has Quirinus Quirrell.Gryffindor has horace,Slytherin has Sybill Trelawney and ravenclaw has Aurora Sinistra-Astronomy )
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Maiko: *in potions class too and does is perfectly and laughs at what just happened to chilly and claire*
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *Does the potion perfectly and smiles*
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*In potions class*

Chilly: ugh when is this class over

Snape: right about now! everybody get out of here

*in the hall*

Claire: *walks into the halls* well that was a fun class

Chilly: no it wasn't, he made you yell at me

Claire: yeah that was funny
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
tries to do the spell suceeds a little-nina

does the potion right-rueanna

studies the book-jade and storm

sees a bit in the future but its haze-nikki
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *Wondering when the class ends* Hhhmmm... *looks at the clock then looks at her book*
hace más de un año smartone123 said…
(30 mins,ill make a schedule for them for real days )

"30 mins"she tells eve-rueanna
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*In the halls*

Claire: oh what class do we have next?

Chilly: IDK bout you but I have Defense against the dark arts with Umbridge

Claire: I think I have that too but it isnt for another hour or so?

Chilly: yeah, wanna go to the library?

Claire: sure

(Check out this rap Gandalf vs. Dumbledore)
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hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Maiko: *runs through hall* I'M NOT KIDDING RICK..STOP
Rick: * holding huge bug and chases Maiko* NAH ITS TO FUN!
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
(Oh and WTF!? to that vid you just posted)
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
(What its just Dumbledore vs. Gandalf in rap battle)

*In the library*

Chilly: *reading a book called Spells and Fire Safety*

Claire: *reading a book about the history of hogwarts*
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: Oh thanks....Wait. How'd you know I was wondering when the class ended?
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*outside* *At Defense against the Dark arts class*

Dolores Umbridge: all right today we will be working on your accuracy

Dolores Umbridge: Now Chilly hit that target with a spell

Chilly: alright Incendio! *creates a flamethrower with his wand*

Dolores Umbridge: well that was Impressive but I bet claire can do better

Claire: Aguamanti! *shoots water from her wand at the target, sending it across the campus*

Dolores Umbridge: Like I said, claire is an A+ student while Chilly your more like a B-
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: Ugh...
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Maiko: *sighs and walks out of class.* I'm failing the class...
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: Can't this clock go any faster!?! *Starts making different potions*
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hace más de un año GWENxTRENT said…
(I guess I'm joining..^^;)

Damaris (A Gryffindor): *walking around the halls, hugging her books with on arm, the other holding a book (Qudditch Through The Years)*...*smiles, watching one of the seekers fly across the field, catching the Snitch*...*softly mutters* One day..that's gonna be me..
Amber (Hufflepuff): *walking along beside her, holding other books that are Damaris, looks up at her* Dee, these books are heavy..w-why are you reading so much?
Damaris: Because, Amber..*looks over at her*..I love books..
Amber: O-oh..
Josh (Gryffindor): *sitting in Potions Class, tapping the heal of his foot, twiddling his fingers*....
Snape: *monotoned as always =3=* Now we will be making an Aging Potion..
Josh: *thinks* Aging Potion...*takes out a parchment, grabbing a Quill and his ink bottle, dipping his quil in the bottle, writting down "Aging Potion" on the top of the scrole*...*raises his hand awkwardly*..
Snape: *looks over at him, small snear*..Yes, Mr. Manson..
Josh: *puts his hand down, quil at ready* What exactly does this potion do?..
Snape: ....*walking up to him, calock swaying* Mr. Manson..this potion is called The Again Potion...what exactly do you..asume it does..?
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hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall*

Chilly: there is no was Im a B- student

Claire: hey I never knew I was an A+ student

Chilly: what ever *accidently runs into Damaris* oh sorry
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
(no ones in my class 3x soooo my class is overrr)
Eve: *walks into the halls and looks around*
hace más de un año GWENxTRENT said…
Damaris: *jumps back slightly, dropping all her books* O-oh no..! *gets down on her knees, picking up all the books, softly sighs* I suppose you're right Amber..I think I do have too many books..*looks up at Chilly* Oh no, it's alright really..*picking up all her books, putting them under her arm*
Amber: H-here Dee, give me some of the books..*grabbing the books from her, leaving her with a few*
Josh: *flinching slightly with each step he takes, sinking in his seat*..S-something that has to do with age..?
Snap: *stops walking, looking at him*..Correct..Mr. I suggest you stop taking notes, and pay attention to the lesson..*walking back towards the bored, sighing*..
hace más de un año dxarmy423 said…
Chilly: *to Damaris* I'm sorry, Can I carry your books for you? Somebody as cute as you should be carrying all those books

Claire: smooth chilly, real smooth
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hace más de un año taytrain97 said…
Martial: (walking, accidentally drops one of his books, tripping over it and sprawling to the ground)...(curses to himself, kicking the book out of his way and continuing walking)
Drake: (rushes into the library, spotting Ray) A-Ah! M-Miss? W-What class time is it?!
Ray: !!! (startled, falls out of her chair with the book)...O-Oh, ah, it's third hour, I think..
Drake: Th-Thank you!...W-Why aren't you in class?..
Ray: I've been helping the l-librarian stock books..
Shawn: (almost falling asleep, tilted back in his chair)...~
hace más de un año RavenRox2 said…
Eve: *walking around the halls looking for someone to talk to*
hace más de un año GWENxTRENT said…
Amber: *quietly* Oh yeah, don't worry about me, I'll over there by the steps with all these books while you carry three books..=_=
Damaris: *sighs, turning over to Amber, grabbing the books she had before she dropped it* Here, give me..*turns over to Chilly*..I don't need a Slytherin's help. *small glare, starts to walk away*
Amber: D-Damaris! D:..*looks back at Chilly, starts inching away slowly* Y-you'll have to excuse her, she's a little..cold..? To Slytherins..S-sorry..*starts running over to Damamris, tripping slightly*
Josh: Y-yes, Professer..*puts his quill inside the bottle*...
Snape: to start off your potion...pick your chamber pot now. *walks over to the bored*

(Awww...Martial >w<...And Drake..X33)
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