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keshagonnablow posted on Jul 11, 2011 at 08:43PM
Werewolves, vampires, and wizards may try-out to join this. It is like training their powers! My people are the instructors.


Type of Immortality
Fave Color
Appearance or Picture

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hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Name: lily john
Skills: cheering,karate,fighting,swimming
Type: witch
Stereyotype:bossybitch/the baddest bitch
Fav color:pink
Like: boys,cheeringmoney,shopping,celephones
Dislikes: stink,geeks,whores,noobs,schools,spiders
Fear: spiders
History: she used ro live with her mom&dad but she seen her dad kill her mom skmething snppedshe had killed her father and she took her baby brothers and sister and moved them into her grandma,grandpa's house and got revenge on thr kids who teased her
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 Name: lily john Age:16 Skills: cheering,karate,fighting,swimming Type: witch Stereyotype:bossybitch/t
hace más de un año mindy890 said…
Name: Athena
Fears: nothing
Good or bad: Both just depends on whats going on
Skills: Sorcerer (basicly a wizard)
Type of Immortality:If she is wonded to the point of death her body will heal itself but Might die of old age depending on if she uses that spell Ps.That spell is forbiddin.
Stereotype: Sassy when facing an enmy or fighting with someone. Nice if your her friend
Fave Color: Any Neon color and black.
Like: Music and money.
Dislike: People who question her power and anyone who tries to kill her.
History: Her parents where murderd when she was little so she does not know her last name. People took her in and taught all she needed to know. Then she found out they were using her and she left. Now she lives on the streets.
Love intrest: Hayden Mur
Fears: none
GoodorBad:both just depends on the problem
Appearance or Picture:

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 Name: Athena Age:17 Fears: nothing Good o bad: Both just depends on whats going on Skills: Sorc
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Name: Kellee Doll
Age: 13
Skills: fighting,
Type of Immortality: Wizard
Stereotype: The St8tr
Fave Color: Purple
Likes: good guys, friends, being a weopon
Dislike: witches, kishin (watch Soul Eater), bad guys, jerks, conceded people,
Appearance or Picture: cant upload one now sorry

Name: Naomi Fire
Age: 14
Skills: fighting,
Type of Immortality: Vampir
Stereotype: The Punk Rock Chick
Fave Color: Red
Appearance or Picture: cant upload one now sorry

I have to finsh filling this out later if thats fine with you!
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hace más de un año keshagonnablow said…
Also join my other camp Total Drama Teen School

here is the link

hace más de un año keshagonnablow said…
obsessedTDIgirl, what is a "weopon"
hace más de un año keshagonnablow said…
looking for some werewolves and vampires
hace más de un año obssesedTDIgirl said…
Sorry I had my mind in another place, and I didn't know it had to be a wizard, vampire, werewolf, ect. I thought it could be any immortality. A "weopon" is a person that can turn into a weopon like sythe, pistols, ect. A miester is the person who posses the weopon when there in weapon state. But since you don't except them, I changed it.
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hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Rexie James Cena
Skills:Raping, dancing and climbing trees.
Type of Immortality:Vampire
Stereotype:Crazy, Cocky, funny, competitive, kinda gangster.
Fave Color:robin's egg blue
Like:Everything except haters
History:She is the crazy hip-hop raping vampire girl that lives with her crazy hip-hop raping dad 24/7. she wasn't born into vampirism, she was bit.

hair color:dark brown
hairstyle:in a ponytail
Hair length:to her back
(now the fun part....)
shirt:a black short sleeve tee-shirt with 'hustle loyalty respect' in yellow.
pants:baggy ripped, muddy jeans
shoes:military boots
headgear:baseball cap that says 'you can't see me'
neackwear:dogtags and chaingang chain
hace más de un año Pinkkatluv32 said…
Name: nikki sabastion
Age: 12,000 years old wow
Fears: nothing
Type immoralty: vampier
Fighting: can turn enemus into vampiees and kill them
Steortype: the sasy immortal
Fav color: pink
Likes: blood,her coffin,flying like a bat,bieng invisible
Dislikes: sunlight
History: when she was a little girl she got bit on the neck but as she grew older draculs raised her
 Name: nikki sabastion Age: 12,000 years old wow Fears: nothing Type immoralty: vampier Fighting: can
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Jenneta 'Jane' Jacobs
Skills:Scaring people, can control fire
the kinda insane monster
fave color:dark crimson
Likes:fire, lonlyness
dislikes:everything eles
hystory:Jane had a half brother and a full day her full brother, Glenn, burnt down the house with a chemistry kit. Unfortunetly both parents died and the her brothers never seen her agian.

eyes: vary light blue and dark brown brown
lips peach
hair:down to shoulder blades
hair color:black
top:red tank top with black barbwire disign
bottom:black faded jeans
hace más de un año keshagonnablow said…
need werewolves please