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posted by tdafan121
I finally found time to do one of these! Anyway:

Name: Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm

Age: 16

Biography: Natalie lives in New York City, New York in an apartment for most of the year. She goes to a sleepaway camp for the summers with her best friend, Janey Lancey. She goes to school currently at morgan High School, where she has gone since she was in 9th grade, which is a stretch because kindergarten through 8th grade, she'd been kicked out of every school she's been to. When Natalie was 10 years old, she was taken to the camp she now goes to in the summer. Along the way, they ran into Janey, who...
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posted by FireFlys113
Carly: Today tu will be going to Bikini Bottom!

Sam: And your challenge is too get a job!

Everyone but Sponge: WHAT!?

Freddie: Lia and Olive! tu will be working at the Krusty Krab!

Lia: NOOO!

Sam: Clover and Melisa tu will be cheeladers for Pearl!

Clover&Melisa: All right! *High-5's each other*

Carly: Jared and Karen tu will be canto for Squidward!

Jaredd: Cool

Freddie: Terra and Danny tu will be working for Sandy!

Terra: Its so gonna ruined my manicure! Wahh!

Sam: Courage and Erika tu will be working for Larry!

Rest: What about us!?!

Sam: All of tu are eliminated!

Rest: WHAT!?

Sam: Just kidding!...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Sorry it seems rushed and all D: I just couldn't get it to work right. Hope tu like it regardless.
“Hello everyone, I’m Stella Carver and welcome to Total Drama Disney!” A girl with long blond hair introduced. She wore a red dress and had blue eyes with black eyeliner around them; she wore purple eyeshadow and rosado, rosa high-heels. She stood in a film studio and held a microphone in her hand to be heard properly. “I’m here on set for the exciting new reality mostrar based on, tu guessed it, Disney!” Stella paused; she smiled to herself and gestured to a helicopter, in which...
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Scarlet: *looking down, scared*

Moose: *grabs her arm, pulls her up so she can have a better foothold*

Scarlet: Phew...thanks. *smiles up at Moose*

Moose: *smiles back*


Francis: We're winning, babe!

Kyra: That cabina pick is so ours...

Francis: Better cabin, better time together.


*Nylee and Raymond are still far behind the others, they finally reach the cliff*

Nylee: *barely two feet out of the water, stops* arms hurt...

Raymond: So what? One million is not won por being a wimp.

Nylee: *sighs, keeps going*


Vincent: *climbing the cliff pretty quickly, helping Crindola in the rough spots, all...
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???: I'm Lila, thats Adriana. Future queens of this dump
Lia: Ha first off this dump is Total Drama High, My school. segundo that spot has already been filled be me and my friend Eli
Lila: They think they run the place. Adriana... Marker... NOW!
Adriana: (Hands marker)
Lila: (Draws all over Lia's car)

Lia: (Talks with a new york accent) I can see it now 'Bright Lights, Big City'
Carlos: That's right TDHB we are having our very first dance. Saturday from 8 to 12 a.m.

Luis: Trying to kiss tu
Lia: No your not Im dating Carlos and tu know it
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Note: Yes I know it's long. Most of these will tend to be long since I like detail. Once again, if I have portrayed your character incorrectly, message me. From now on, if tu don't message me I'm going to assume I'm portraying them correctly. Welcome to Total Drama Romance: Tri-armed Triathlon Part 2!!


[Day, the boat]

Chris: *over the loudspeaker* And the challenge is....a tri-armed triathlon! I have chosen a partner for each of you, tu will be handcuffed together, and together tu must swim across the shark-infested waters...climb the cliff....and run down and tag a totem pole. The totem...
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posted by Diblover111
Note: The episode name is not revealed because that would ruin the point of ending where I did. Notify me if I'm portraying your character wrongly (yes, I know Francis went a little weird... but anyway) Also, I know not everyone's OC had screen time - don't worry, you'll get your chance. Welcome to Total Drama Romance!

[Day, the docks]
Chris: We've had a looot of crazy seasons so far. We've seen *counts on fingers* cheating, manipulating, obsessing, lying, revenge...too much drama to count! But this season is gonna take the cake! We've brought in 18 campers from all over, including Britain,...
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posted by Zmidy313
 anime form!
Anime form!
This will be taken from Joey's P.O.V.

Name: Joseph "Joey" Kuso
Meaning of name: "God will increase"
Nickname: "Joey of course!"
Meaning of nickname: "No Idea....."
Stereotype: "The Musician o The Comic Geek"
Age: "16"
Race: "Brazilian and 5% Mexican"
Hometown: "Rio, Brazil"
Birthday: "November 19th"
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Dont have one really, but my parents are Christian"
Allergies: "None"
Sexual preference: "Straight as a line on a piece of paper"
Occupation: "I play paino and guitar, I sometimes sing, but...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
 Base belongs to ~ma-ri-no on deviantart
Base belongs to ~ma-ri-no on deviantart
So, this is my siguiente interview bio with one of the first ocs I ever made, Mia. Now, the thing with her is that she has never met her only sister due to her parent's divorce. Thanks to smartone123 for allowing me to use this outline. :D<3
Name: "My name is Mia Madison Moran."
Meaning of name: "Of the Sea, o Bitter. Neither of those describe me at all."
Nickname: "None,"
Meaning of nickname: "None,"
Stereotype: "The shy girl. I don't talk often."
Age: "15"
Race: "I'm loads of different things, it would take way too long to say them all."
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posted by colecutegirl
Name:Riley Evernite
Meaning of name: lol it means courageous ^-^
Nickname:'Riley riot, kitty, Riot, riri, and por the teachers 'A nuisance'
Meaning of nickname: I dunno but for that last one I guess annoying...
Stereotype:badass misceláneo girl
Age: 17
Race:well according to the orphanage I'm part japanese part italian
Hometown: I'm a orphan but they don't know whereeee im from
Birthday: they guesed it was the 14th of october
Species: human...
Gender: female
Religion: not so sure yet...what does it matter?
Allergies: nooooonnnneeeeee!
Sexual preference: I'm...
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Since I think this is más of an opinion article, that's what it will be. I don't even know why I picked fan fiction in the first place.

Anyways, I know my first part was kinda suckish, so hopefully this one is better. Plus, I'll write this in past tense since present tense is too hard. Infact, however many parts there will be will be in past tense. I probably worded that incorrectly. Well, tu know what I mean..right? Enjoy! :)
Courtney said, "Where should we go?" m

Duncan said, "I'm suprised...
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posted by V-GIRL96
Name: Emi Koyabashi/ Kobayashi (still debating whether to change it because of that model with the same name xD)
Age: 10-11 (always 8 o nine years younger than keith and shane)
Hair color & style: black, two low and long pig tails, bangs
Eye color: dark jade color
Height: short
Weight: light
Sexuality: unknown to everyone but her O.O
Ethnicity: Japanese
Home: Kyoto (?)
Lexi: motherly figure
Shane: fiance (xD), enemy, cousin (distant-ish), older brother-ish figure o_O
[Emi- absolutely not T.T shane silver is my fiance, enemy, rival, and nothing more. Not friends, not family, not-
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(I change my mind and Amanda from the Amanda mostrar is gonna be here instead of Carly. So Carly,Sam,and Freddie are gonna be the hosts*
Sam: Were going to Rock Botttom!
Melisa: Where?
Sam: That city? The one where Spongebob had trouble telling which bathroom he is sussposed to use
Spongebob: *Blushes*

Carly: Okay your challenge is thinking of a way outta here
Sam: BYEEEEEEEE! *Leaves*

Clover: I do not belong here! I should be in a spa right now!
Melisa: I Know right!
Clover: Your acctully not half bad!

Jared: *Glopms Bubbles while holding Brandy* Now fly us over!
BRandy: Ya what he said.
Bubbles: EEEEEEEEE!...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
This isn't exactly a meme, it's más like me answering questions/ responding to scenarios about my OCs that were randomly generated.
Generator is found here: link
Thanks to Zmidy313 for giving me some OCs to use.
1. Maylene suddenly knows all your secrets. What do tu have to say about that?
Pierce: "._. she's 14..."

2. Who would win in a duel, Shayla o Pierce? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
Pierce: "Are tu sure tu wanna go through with this? tu could always back...
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posted by V-GIRL96
 "The Great Gaby-Sama!"
"The Great Gaby-Sama!"

Name: Gaby Kyoko Taylor

Age: 13-15

Height: Short
Weight: "Don't tu know it's rude to ask a lady this?" D:<

Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown-Black

Title(s): Otaku, Cosplay Freak, Lolita- Otaku
Nicknames: Gabs(Matt), Gaby-chan, Insane Otaku (Matt), Evil Little seta Demon (Matt), Evil Genius, The Devil, The Great Gaby-sama (herself and Matt when he wants something from her), Cutish Girl (once por Matt when they were 6 and she hasn’t let him forget it), Gold-Digger

Likes: cosplaying, anime, manga, money, video games,...
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posted by DuncansMyLuv14
 Camielle Anderson
Camielle Anderson
Name- Camielle Anderson

Nicknames- Cam, Cami (everyone), lila (Duncan), Purple-haired whore, Pansy (Heather and Melody), Amethyst Angel, Lovable lila (Courtney).

Stereotype- The Flirt/Sex Kitten

Age- 16

Personality- Camielle's sweet, shy and lovable most of the time, but she's secretly a major player who uses her sweetness to get as many guy o girls (she's bi) as she can at once; she once had 6 boyfriends/girlfriends at once until she got found out por one, then dumped the rest out of fear they would figure it out. She sees a majority of the contestants as eye candy, but she REALLY has it bad...
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posted by brittnw15
Name: Alayna Marie Carter

Age: 16

Height: 5ft 1in

Stereotype: The smart alic

Personality: Alayna is a very sarcastic person. She is a striaght A student, so she is very intellegent. She comes off as harsh when tu first meet her but she's actually very friendly when tu get to know her. She is easily annoyed. She can not tolerate stupidity. She was raised in a "redneck" environment and she tries to hide that as best as she can. When she is angered her southern accent slips out. She also holds a grudge, she never forgets anything. She is a very caring person and would do anything she could to help...
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posted by taytrain97
Name- Shawn Patton McGrady

Nickname(s)- Carrot-Top, Forrest, Ginger

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Stereotype- The friendly jock with a sense of humor


Hair- Light red and shaggy

Eyes- Blue

Skin Tone- Tan from spending most of his time outside; lots and lots of freckles

Height- Six feet three inches

Weight- 154 pounds

Build- Buff, but not grossly buff

Other- Almost always has a goofy smirk on his face


Everyday- naranja Miami Heat jersey; dark blue shorts; sandals

Swimwear- Black boardshorts

PJ's- Boxers...?

Party Clothes- 'What, tu mean like Geoff's parties? Why would I change for them, man?"...
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oh god.. the episode título XD

I changed the teams :l … Crindoela and Marcus switched and I added Brittany because I forgot about her XDD then I asked elkhat to add someone because i needed one más spot for it to be even...

Eliza: hola campers! So know tu all got the pleasure of meeting each other...
Eliza: …
Eddie:no i’m kidding, i did’nt--
Eliza: please...stop talking...
Eddie: OKAY
Eliza: Todays challenge will be simple.. it will just be a quiz!
Maddie: ...a written quiz?
Eliza: Noooo... Like in TDROTI--
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posted by Cody-Sierra
no fancy episode título :P

Eliza: Hello everyone! Welcome to Total Drama Romance! Where everything is all about love! Lets meet the lovely co-host.
Veto: Oh, bitch. you’re too kind.
Eliza: Haha. Eyup! Lets meet the contestants now!
Veto: *grabs the camera* D: No meet me more!
Eliza: … *pushes Veto away from the camera* This is Rikki!
Rikki: *waves*
Eliza: Cassie!
Cassie: Hi!
Eliza: Kacey!
Kacey: HE-
Eddie: -LLO *gasps* MY BABY! *runs and jumps on Veto*
Veto: *laughs* EDDIE!
Eliza: … Thats... Eddie... and this is Paige!
Paige: Hey!
Eliza: Lana!
Lana: >:O EDWARD!
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