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 Demon and Heather fighting
Demon and Heather fighting
Demon was walking with DJ Duncan and Trent to their camp she hug them and walk out she ran to Alejandro and high five him yo what up she dicho o nothing he dicho with his appealing voice she bump right into heather listen friend his mine and i saw u talk to Duncan one día dicho Courtney and heather looking at her with her baddest attitude listen friend i don't like Alejandro o Duncan i like them as friends so get it right she dicho with a evil grin Courtney wasn't having it she pull Demon and Demon slap her across the face Heather walk toward demon and she slap her so many times she missing a couple of teeth she kick Courtney and Heather until they started limping now say that again she dicho while growing she didn't even have a scar on her they just walk out and Demon sat back down looking at every body she wonder what is going to happen siguiente on this island
 siguiente chapter lindsay appear
next chapter lindsay appear
posted by Zmidy313
 Aubree Willis!
Aubree Willis!
Name: "Aubree charlotte Willis."
Meaning of name: "Elf-Power.....weird huh?"
Nickname: "I dont really have one.."
Meaning of nickname: "Dont have one.""
Stereotype: "The Cheer leading Star""
Age: "16."
Race: "Italian."
Hometown: "Hollywood California."
Birthday: "December 20th"
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Female"
Religion: "Christian."
Allergies: "Peanuts"
Sexual preference: "Straight."
Occupation: "I sing a little...."
Way of speaking: "Uhm..Normal I guess."
Theme Song(s): "Die Young por Ke$ha."
Personal Quote: "I don't have one."


Hair color: "A light caramelo brown."
Hair style and length: "Long and...
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 Jordan's Tux
Jordan's Tux
BYR: Sorry that this one maybe a little short only cause I really want to get this season done. Also for now on I'm posting the rest of the seasons on to a new spot I created so If tu guys want to read más registrarse the spot. I'll post the link in the comentarios and put it as a answer too.

Lia's P.O.V
Wow... That was some night... Me and Jordan besar in the rain for over an hour... It was hot ;) Now today's the day... I have so many mariposas in my stomach
(On Martinez private playa house)
No P.O.V
Everyone was down at the Martinez private playa house (Lia's dad's) It made the día look perfect
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posted by casacada1007
 mirra's look
mirra's look
name: mirra hyuman
age: 16
crush: alejandro
label: the nice fighting chick
motto: if you're nice for me i'm nice for you, but if you're not then tu better run

likes: painting, dancing, all fighting sports, sports, cooking, survivaling, listning to music, candy, animals, reading, singing, acting, her friends

dislikes: disgusting food, unknown languages

personality: nice, sweet, many humor, sportive, hot,smart, in the beginning shy, very strong, very flexible, black cinturón, correa in karate and all other fight sports

bio: when she was born she had 2 lovely parents 2 brothers and 1 sister, when she was 2 they...
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posted by aprilacne
Name: Hayden Mur
Nicknames: Freak, bug-boy.
Age: 16
DOB: June 29th
POB: South Africa
Current Res: Somewhere walking on conservar en vinagre, salmuera rd. in Ohio
Likes: His mom and his best friend, African music, African sports, African traditions, African religions.
Dislikes: God and his dad
Fear: wips.
Friends: Johanna (OC) Athena(mindy890's OC)
Skills: Can control bugs and spiders, Make other people feel what he feels.
Speech: African
Questions:*in 1st person and coments*
What do tu consider yourself as a human being?
[] Yes [X] No
I'm a freak.
Do tu want to get married?
[] Yes [X] No
Nobody loves a freak.
Do tu want kids?
[] Yes [X] No
*see above*
Do tu want to go to school?
[] Yes [X] No
Freaks don't go to school.
Do tu believe in God?
[X] Yes [X] No
I used to......
 Hayden is a mutant that controld bugs and spiders and lets people feel how he feels
Hayden is a mutant that controld bugs and spiders and lets people feel how he feels
posted by jadore_renard
(putting all my OCs bios in one articulo just wasn't working anymore. I'm going to post them all individually and do some updates)

Talia Rose Channing; formerly 'Tappy'

Nicknames: Tali

Date of Birth: December 2nd (17 years old)

height: 5'3

weight: 106 lbs

Build: Slim

personality: Talia is a shy and rather quiet girl around people she doesn't know, but once she warms up to tu she never shuts up. She has strong morals and can be quite judgmental towards others at times. She is cynical and pessimistic at times, especially when things don't work out the way she thought they would. Talia wears her heart...
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Note before tu read this:
In this chapter, I write about an issue I find really hard to write about, and that's my anxiety disorder.
Yes, I know tu got a touch of what anxiety and panic attacks are like in the last chapter with Anikia struggling with them, but here I touch specifically on how I feel when I suffer from anxiety, and I know tu probably don't give a shit and just want to read the fanfic, but please, when tu get to that part... pay attention. It's not easy to explain to tu guys what goes on in my mind every day. And who knows... maybe this will help tu guys understand me better?...
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I’mma add Crinpy now k? ._. Just think she was there

When the first grenade was dropped on a nearby building por a copter in which Crindoela lived blew up, it was chaos. Absolute chaos. People started screaming and running around. The before peaceful atmosphere was now destroyed. Dan Howell peeked through the door and saw several army men sent por the Germans roaming around killing everyone in sight. The bombs had stopped. Crindoela Wood ran out of her apartment as an army man saw her. He shot in...
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Many people are afraid of me. But never have they ever feared me when the bombs struck and killed thousands of people. So did a bunch of teenagers.

“3..2..1..And we’re live!” Dan Howell exclaimed. Yes, Dan Howell the youtuber. Along with his partner Phil Lester, they had created a youtube account in which their videos were very famous.

“Hello everybody and thank tu for joining us! Today’s topic is...” Phil continued. That’s those internet freaks I was talking about. Now let’s see what others were doing before the bombing.

The park was noisy but somewhat peaceful. Children’s...
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posted by sorandom15
it was quiet ...the Helicopters landed letting everyone out we all ran every way.....

a cañón fired letting everyone know that the games has started....sick bastards

Rileys POV

we finally stopped Running Lana sat down siguiente to Eddie. i stopped and sat down i noticed we were alone..."i hope Veto and everyone else is okay...." i dicho with my head down. "i'm sure there fine RIley." she dicho with a smile as the bushs started making noises. then a Brown haired girl with mud in her knees emerged. "Kelsey!" i dicho happily and hugged her. "what hapend to you?" Eddie asked staring at her knees. "oh i just...
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Dan’s Confessional
*stamps Ashlen* “You had no right to yell at anyone.”
Phil’s Confessional
*coughing a little in between words* “I don’t want to vote anyone out; they all seem so nice…!”
Luana’s Confessional
*skims the lista and stamps Ashlen* “You messed up.”
Lila’s Confessional
*stamps Ashlen* “Going DOWN.”
Nicko’s Confessional
*shrugs and votos for Lila*
Anikia’s Confessional
“It’s so sweet that Yasmin came to help me like that.” *smiles*
Yasmin’s Confessional
“Yes! We won! We won!”
Pierce’s Confessional
“Miranda wants...
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Yeah. I updated again. I'm getting pretty damn good at this.
I'm already going to apologize for the fact that some people don't talk much, o the challenge isn't that good (next episode's Alice and Wonderland challenge will totally make up for it! I promise) o that one team has más time focused on then the other, I tried to make it semi-even.
And yes; the couples are back because I freaking amor escritura relationships and flirting and all that and lskfoserke.

“Your first challenge will be based on a classic, the one, the only Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!” Stella called.
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posted by DxCFan123
 Ondrea Linn Limite
Ondrea Linn Limite
Full Name: Ondrea Linn Limite

Nicknames: OJ, naranja Juice, Big O, Courtney, CC addict

Age: 14

Fear: Mice

Stereotype: The "NO!" Girl

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Antagonist?: Yes

Height: 5 feet and 11 inches

Likes: Owls, Eminem, JB, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani,
Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift,Creature Feature, Beyonce, Selena Gomez,Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, TNMBC, Tim Burton, Corpse Bride, Amelia, P!nk, thecomputernerd01, Amy Lee/Evansence, Paramore, SMOSH, Club Penguin, Total Drama,Demi Lavato, Miley Cyrus,Plain White Ts, precious gems, pottery, Cody, Courtney, Gwody, DJ, Ducney, Geoff, Bridgette, Bruno, Izzy,...
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Tiffany: Hello! Welcome to Total...Drama..Summer! I'm your host Tiffany, and this summer will be full of amazing episodes. tu won't be seeing much of me, which probably makes some of tu very pissed off-

Camera Girl: I'm sure they're very disappointed... [sarcastically]

Tiffany: Shut up and just do your job! Anyways, let me explain the show, before we do anything else. This mostrar isn't your usual season of Total Drama. There will not be a winner o even real challenges...sort of. This season will be más like...lets use Jersey apuntalar, costa for an example. Right now that's all tu need to know so lets...
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posted by Thedrawer11
Name: Luna Winarsky
Nicknames: Lune o Luna for the Winarsky
Birth Date: 6/21/1996
Place of Birth: uhhhhhhh i think Asia... im part Asian one sec.... Oh ya Asia!
Height: 6 foot4
Weight: 105
Clothing Sizes / Styles: umm womens small and im like a scene kid so awesome clothes
Hair Color: i dye it too frequently
Hair Length: shoulder length
Eye Color: light green
Tattoos: i have one one my foot its a peace sign because Chris Drew from nevershoutnever! has one. Also a breast cancer ribbon with my sisters name on it. Cara died a mes ago.
General Appearance: batman tank,half black and half checkerboard pants,...
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posted by colecutegirl
Name: 'Hi I'm Timothy my full name is Timothy Katsumi Anderson'
Meaning of name:'Katsumi means self-control. to overcome. Timothy means gods honour.... T.T'
Nickname: 'Katsumi, timmy, Tim(I hate being called this), geek, nerd, gay fag...and some tu don't even wanna know'
Meaning of nickname: *laughs* seriously? need I explain?
Stereotype:The shy (cute) geek bi guy
Age: 16
Race: 'Well I'm part russian part chinese' (russiaxchina for the win XDD!)
Hometown: Xī'ān
Birthday: 1st of february
Species: human
Gender: male
Religion: none
Allergies: Well not...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
The party was set now and crowds of kids and graduates were rampaging through the field. The música on the speakers around the field blasted música loudly through the field.

♫Burn, baby, burn!. Burn, baby, burn!♫

The gang had now arrived at the celebration. Cody was frantically searching around for danger as he stayed away from all the grills, sharp fences, and the cords around him. por now the oil spilled earlier had soaked into the soil and around the field already.

“Man, I can’t believe we’re finally leaving this hellhold.” Duncan says putting an arm around Gwen as they walked.

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posted by noahnstar1616
Enjoy! :)
"I missed tu so much, Codykins", dicho Sierra while hugging Cody to death.

"Sierra, you're choking me", dicho Cody who was barely breathing.

"Oh. Sorry." Sierra let go of Cody, who was now again breathing.

"Also, it's been, like, three months since the last time I saw you."

"Three months too many, my Cody. Three months too many."

"Right................Well, we should find somewhere to go."

"I know where to go! C'mon Codykins!" Sierra grabbed Cody's arm and they both ran off.

They both arrived at the set from 'The...
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posted by noahnstar1616
Okay, so I had this idea a while. Basically it's about my OC estrella who goes on a killing rampage. If your the type of person who doesn't like gory, graphic killings, then this is the story for you!

I have to brush up on a few names of the TD cast, but for now this is just when Star...well, tu can read for yourself.

Since escritura it in script form will take forever, I'm escritura this in, uh, story book form? Yeah, I don't know what it's form it's called so..yeah. Enjoy! :)
It was a crappy morning on the Camp Wawanakwa. It was pouring rain and...
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posted by Teamescope4ever
I do not own total drama island,if I did Noah would win all three seasons :P
Anyways lets do this btw my OC is Brandy

So here we go I promise to write más later :D

Protologue(or however tu spell it)
"Who the hell is it its three in the morning!"
"Guess who?"
"I find it hilaroius! Anyways,its 1 am in hawaii"
"Well in Chicago its 3 AM!"
"Anyways I have to ask something?"
"No my refridgerator isn't running,there is no Seymore Buttes here and no,I do not have Prince Albert in a can.."
"Not that! I was going to ask,beth can't make it for...
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