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Chris: Okay everyone time to place your votes


Lia: I gotta pick Spike *Stamps Spike Picture* She's trying to break up Danny and Timothy :(

Jordan: Hmmmm.. who to vote off... well it seems like Danny's been trying to steal my girl. Yeah. Yeah. I know he has a boyfriend, but he could be hitting on her some how... hmmmm... well... should I vote off him o not... agggghhhh... what to do what to do?! *Stamps Danny Picture*

Brenden: i dident read her diary on purpouse timothy made me DX *stamps timothy*

timothy: oh nonononononon I can't vote this guess spike. *stamps her...
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Yasmin: Hell yeah! Our team won! I wonder how my actuación in that scene was...? I hope it was good.

Nicko:Wohoo!We won!Yasmin's actuación was soo good *goes in a trance*
Chris from outside confessional:Come on Nicko!!
Nicko:*gets out of trance*coming!

Lia: Hell yeah our team won!!! xDD I did a pretty good job playing Storm... I wonder if Jordan was watching... Not that I care just... Curious...

Chris: Team Free Love... Your here again... Tisk Tisk... Go to the dressing room and say your confessionals
Leah: I say Wyatt. He was making Marissa in charge! Who believes Marissa...
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posted by gwenxduncanyay
Chris: Hello, viewers! Welcome to Total Drama Imagine! I’m your host, Chris McClean!
Forrest: And I’m Forrest Ratliff cx.
Chris: Today is going to be a freeday for our cast. Let’s see what they are up to right now!

In Game room

Sayu: **playing Black Ops** Riley, when are tu going to realize that tu aren’t going to win?
Riley: I will win! O:. I know that!
Blair: **rolls eyes and walks out of the game room**
Jade: Hey, I’m playing winner!
Jayden: I’ll play Jade. **winks**
Jade: xDD. That sounded wrong…
Leah: Who wants to take me on? I’ll gladly kick some ass.
Wyatt: I’ll play tu in...
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This is chapter one of my fanfiction, Toxic Valentine, I know the chapter is a little weird and poorly written... but I wasn't quite sure how their meeting should be, hope tu guys like it though! =D
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex, abuse, swearing, etc.
Stephanie's POV (Point of View)

I dive into the water; my red hair flips upwards, and eventually returns por my side, drenched in water.
“Nice dive Steph!” Bridgette calls to me.
I smile and looked up at her and Geoff, the two were cuddling on a towel on the ground,...
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Chris: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Total Drama Equestria! In today's episode, well meet our contestants for this season.

*a barco comes up along the shore*

Chris: And here they are now! First up, we have Billie Joe Armstrong!

Bille:*walks off the boat* I amor tacos!

Chris: Okay? siguiente is Aqua Fresh!

Aqua:*walks off the barco and waves to the camera*

Chris: Leon Grim!

Leon:*appears from behind a bunch of smoke from the smoke bomb he threw* The Great and Powerful Leon has arrived!

Chris: Christina!

Christina:*walks off the boat, eating some chips*

Chris: Owl Feather!

Owl:*walks off the boat* H-Hello.

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Before tu read: Guys I been lectura some of TDTM and relized my OC hasn't gotten any votos like at all like tu guys can vote for me if tu really want to I won't get mad hahah. Anyway on with the story :D <3

Chris: Last time... On Total Drama The Movies... Aliens!!!! Here I had the cast go to Area 55 to find Alien artifacts. Some's were good... Some's were confusing... While the winner Spike got a real life Alien!! BUT in the end it was Marissa who got the boot home. Who will survive? What will happen next? And what will happen today? Find...
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I had a longer one, but since my internet messed it up I'm just going to make this short. Dx Sorry.....

Chris: I'm sorry Ryan. But tu gotta got.

Chef: Good bye. *kicks him the submarine of sorrows*

Cody: *runs to his room and cries a little*


Sorry it was so short. but my internet messed up and it erased everything and I cant remember what I wrote. So I just cut to the point DDDX
posted by jadeISmaNAME
me: okay first up for preguntas is .... jinx , because tu have two preguntas !
jinx: oh god .-.
me: oka first up , from riley !
jinx: okay .
me: she says hola Jinx! How are ya! *gives cookies* oh a question?...Who is your bestest friend?
jinx: yay a cookie :3
me: ITS MY COOKIEEEE * eats cookie* yum >3<
jinx: D: my cookiea !and the answer would be .... tu i guess riley ? i mean yur the person i trust and talk to the most . then sayu and then maddie.. never zara.. shes evilllllllllllllll !
zara: i heard that !
me: anyway ! your siguiente preguntas is , do tu like dayton ?
jinx: O.O w-what ? pshttttttt...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
This is a Skyle article. (LylexSkeater)
Warning:There may be slight lovely-doveyness and mild sexual scenes [More in the 2nd part, but it won't be too dirty.].
There might also be some OOCness. ^^;
Oh and this is yaoi. [BoyxBoy] So don't read if tu don't like. >3<

"A-a date?"
Skeater dicho through a slight smile as Lyle sat down on the sofá beside him. "Yeah, I bought two tickets to the fair. It'll be fun." Lyle smiled as he took out the tickets from his camisa, camiseta and showed them to Skeater. Though Skeater didn't seem like it, he was super excited about the idea of going to the fair with...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
#tbt to when I used to do these

1.Veto and Blake both started out being white and ended up being asian
2. eddies was dating manny when i wrote this half but i just broke them up yesterday
3. manny just turned 18
4. eddies 20
5. eddie keeps dating people who arent legal stop that
6. i gave danny a story as to why he wont admit to being gay. its sad
7. jakes my pastel goth bb aaf
8. blake got hot
9. vetos sexuality and gender is forever changing
10. james reminds me of eddie
11. i have like 4 ships that arent with just my characters why
12. i have a story for veto thats totally different from his original...
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hola everyone I know today is not Saturday but I had this done early so I decided to post it up. But after this episode TD:HSR will be publicado on Saturdays
(Theme song plays)

(The group is hanging out on the school parking lot por Lia's Mustang)

Eli: Seriously guys we should have muse as our band
Lia: And how would we get the money?
Eli: Oh come on your flipping rich
Francis: But she aint that rich
Carlos: Guys what should our first dance be
Eli: We should have it
Francis, Noah, Lia. Carlos. and Jordan: WE ARNT HAVING IT MUSE!!!!!!
Eli: I was going...
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Valencia: meeh *brushing her teeth* gross, gross, gross! Que era asqueros. Por que? *pouts* bleeh But I'll live. It's ok. I am not grossed out. Nope! Not at all. *smiles weakly* Idek who to vote out though...

Luke: *votes for.. Teddy *
(there. I randomly voted. okay.)

Teddy: *bawling* We lost!!! *stamps Crystal's picture*

*everybody por the RVs*

Daniel: Alright.. I have no idea what I dicho to the other team, so tu can just ask them. Eddie, Lana, Gabe, Luke and Maylene. *throws marshmallow*

Gabe: Marshmallows? Again?

Eddie: *puts malvavisco in his mouth* Chubby bunny

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Yeah. Awesome título name -_-
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Stranded! Our Final 11 competed in a robot boxing league. There was a lot of smashing. And in the end it was Jayden who got invincibility beating Wisp and even EC! Now that Jayden has proven herself strong since she has also won a few más anterior challenges, EC is on to her. Then EC started a secret alliance with none other than Mariam. They thought that they would hide it from me but...hehe. At the elimination ceremony it was our dancer Valencia was kicked out. Then we had a clip of the two people coming back....
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posted by OtakuLove313
Oh look who is back. The lame girl and her lame OCs. Yes
(Kendall POV)

1.) What's your name?
Kendall Fucking Brooks *smiles*

2.) Do tu know why tu were named that?
What kind of pregunta is this?

3.) Are tu single o taken?
I'm dating the most wonderful girl named Serenity <3

4.) Have any abilities o powers?

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue.
Fuck you.

6.) If tu were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do tu think you'd win?
Nah, I'm not scrawny, but I'm also not the buffest xD

7.) Have any family members?
Yeah, the usual

8.) How about pets?
I have to kitties. Well not kitties cuz they are...
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posted by jadeISmaNAME
It was really weird in the car as we drove to school, i mean, we were all chatting, but all the boys, except Eddie who was driving, kept glancing at Sasha. The whole ride there no one had spoken to her and Sasha hadnt made an attempt to speak to anyone either.
" damn, sasha, i knew tu like us guys, but that was just crazy" Axel smirked at sasha.
"well, ike, why dont tu go and suck on some balls, o better yet, grow a pair" She replied, and i sware she hissed. The car stopped and sasha was the first to get out the car, storming past everyone and inside school.
"Edwarddd! sasha madddd! and i want...
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Jen: :D okay everyone into the train

*everyone in the train*

*bonnie and christopher*

Bonnie: uh is this asiento taken?

Christopher: *shakes head*

Bonnie: *sits down*... *looks at him*


Bonnie: uh hola ^^"

Christopher: what you're n-name

Bonnie: Bonnie and you

Christopher: christopher....

Bonnie: ^^"


Crindoela: *pull's out camera* Jen do tu mind if i vlog

Jen: Nope ^^ go ahead

Connor: So crinpy hear you're single eh

Crindoela: get out of here tu cheeky begger

Kelsey: *sits on connor* DIE GOOMBA!!!

Connor: Dx get off me

Crindoela: xD this is bloody amazing *films this*

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posted by colecutegirl
This'll be from riley's pov
Name: Riley Evernite
Meaning of name: Well it means courageous so it suits me *laughs*
Nickname:Riri, Riot, rainbows( sayu only -.- don't even ask), rileys,
Meaning of nickname: Riri is a shortening of riley, riot is like Riley Riot, a nickname dado to me por pixie. Rainbows...I'll explain later *laughs*
Stereotype: The happy artistic girl
Age: 16
Race: I'm British, mixed with Japanese.
Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Birthday: 12th March.
Species: Human, but how cool would it be to be like a neko o a vampire!
Gender: Female,
Religion: Catholic but I don't...
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posted by twitdrama
Hi everybody Im Alice and I'm gonna host total drama Olympics I already got some campers but I'm waiting for más but I have my co-host hayley
Hayley:hi there. Says a girl named hayley in a red summer sports contest
Hayley:so let's mostrar our camp so tu will recognize them early
*hayley and Alice go to the mess hall*
Alice:we are going to give our athletes some nutritious but not really tasty comida *hayley brings out a big cauldron of brown goo*
tu will know what it is in episode 1 *they going off to the training room*
Hayley :here our contestants can train there un-mastered skills
Alice:and Ofcourse we have a confessional so our sportsmen can express their happiness,anger,sadness and etc.
Thanks for watching episode number 0 of total drama olympics
Hayley:bye bye
“Good evening everyone, I’m Stella Carver. Welcome, to Total Drama: Big Brother!” A girl said. She had long blond hair and a purple dress; she wore red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow over her already blue eyes.
She stepped forward, “Today... 24 contestants will embark on the craziest journey of their lives, and they will be taken here, to the Big Brother house, where they will compete for food, luxuries and of course, power. They will cut off from all communication from the outside world... and... some of them may know each other; others may find that they like each other and others...
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Chris: Last time on TDTM... Dance!!!! I decided to put the cast into 3 group's of four with our three special guess stars. In the end it was Jordan, Nicko, Brenden, and Timothy who won invincibility and it was bye bye Ava. Who will win it next? Find out on Total... Drama... The Movies!!
(Theme song)

Jordan: Final 11. Yes! Who knew I'll make it this far... Well I did come in late. But I'm so happy to still be here with Lia... I mean on the show! I'm so happy to be on the show... Hehe. Aaa.. (runs out)

Spike: I'm glad I had no votos ^-^. I hope it stays like that x3. Oh, and sorry,...
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