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posted by Elkhat-Law
#tbt to when I used to do these

1.Veto and Blake both started out being white and ended up being asian
2. eddies was dating manny when i wrote this half but i just broke them up yesterday
3. manny just turned 18
4. eddies 20
5. eddie keeps dating people who arent legal stop that
6. i gave danny a story as to why he wont admit to being gay. its sad
7. jakes my pastel goth bb aaf
8. blake got hot
9. vetos sexuality and gender is forever changing
10. james reminds me of eddie
11. i have like 4 ships that arent with just my characters why
12. i have a story for veto thats totally different from his original one but idk if its gonna be canon-y bc it involves him actually being 100% asian born in china type shit and i, i dont know. his mom would get a new last name and hed have 2 names and fucking his white dad would be his step dad see like idk if thats gonna be a thing
13. Ophelia was supposed to be bipolar originally but now idk
14. i dont want danny to be a dick but veto keeps making him out to be a dick make it stop
15. eddie needs to hang out wtih riley more
16. a lot of my ocs are basically dead and need redesigns
17. my sister just got inicial on valentines day
18. greg needs a proper design
19. elliotts the batería, baterista in vetos band now i just feel like it suits him more
20. electra is a strong independent woman who is also very short
21. james will probably never be in a serious relationship i just cant imagine it
22. jack thinks hes a lady killer
23. joseph is one cool drug dealer
24. jordan is supposed to be muscular but i cant draw that so ill probably never srsly draw him
25. denmark is a nerd and full of acne scars i amor him
26. avery is probs also agender and rlly cute and goes por he o they tho
27. uno still doesnt like pants and i keep escritura his name as under idk i just woke up
28, christy is a whore and mannys older sister
29. manny is mostly white girl hipster
30. maddie is creepy stalker sceenie weenie
31. beck is a recovering heroin user
32. wendy is hella chill and i like her
33. greg was inspired por an onision video
34. blake hasnt rlly changed personality wise oh
35. shawntel is fab and trans i amor her she works with flowers
36. i have a new oc and i dont remember her name but shes gonna be a laywer and shes rlly awesome and cool i amor her

and i give up
bc my el espacio key is squeaking and its annoying me
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posted by jadeISmaNAME
It was really weird in the car as we drove to school, i mean, we were all chatting, but all the boys, except Eddie who was driving, kept glancing at Sasha. The whole ride there no one had spoken to her and Sasha hadnt made an attempt to speak to anyone either.
" damn, sasha, i knew tu like us guys, but that was just crazy" Axel smirked at sasha.
"well, ike, why dont tu go and suck on some balls, o better yet, grow a pair" She replied, and i sware she hissed. The car stopped and sasha was the first to get out the car, storming past everyone and inside school.
"Edwarddd! sasha madddd! and i want...
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Jen: :D okay everyone into the train

*everyone in the train*

*bonnie and christopher*

Bonnie: uh is this asiento taken?

Christopher: *shakes head*

Bonnie: *sits down*... *looks at him*


Bonnie: uh hola ^^"

Christopher: what you're n-name

Bonnie: Bonnie and you

Christopher: christopher....

Bonnie: ^^"


Crindoela: *pull's out camera* Jen do tu mind if i vlog

Jen: Nope ^^ go ahead

Connor: So crinpy hear you're single eh

Crindoela: get out of here tu cheeky begger

Kelsey: *sits on connor* DIE GOOMBA!!!

Connor: Dx get off me

Crindoela: xD this is bloody amazing *films this*

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posted by colecutegirl
This'll be from riley's pov
Name: Riley Evernite
Meaning of name: Well it means courageous so it suits me *laughs*
Nickname:Riri, Riot, rainbows( sayu only -.- don't even ask), rileys,
Meaning of nickname: Riri is a shortening of riley, riot is like Riley Riot, a nickname dado to me por pixie. Rainbows...I'll explain later *laughs*
Stereotype: The happy artistic girl
Age: 16
Race: I'm British, mixed with Japanese.
Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Birthday: 12th March.
Species: Human, but how cool would it be to be like a neko o a vampire!
Gender: Female,
Religion: Catholic but I don't...
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posted by twitdrama
Hi everybody Im Alice and I'm gonna host total drama Olympics I already got some campers but I'm waiting for más but I have my co-host hayley
Hayley:hi there. Says a girl named hayley in a red summer sports contest
Hayley:so let's mostrar our camp so tu will recognize them early
*hayley and Alice go to the mess hall*
Alice:we are going to give our athletes some nutritious but not really tasty comida *hayley brings out a big cauldron of brown goo*
tu will know what it is in episode 1 *they going off to the training room*
Hayley :here our contestants can train there un-mastered skills
Alice:and Ofcourse we have a confessional so our sportsmen can express their happiness,anger,sadness and etc.
Thanks for watching episode number 0 of total drama olympics
Hayley:bye bye
“Good evening everyone, I’m Stella Carver. Welcome, to Total Drama: Big Brother!” A girl said. She had long blond hair and a purple dress; she wore red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow over her already blue eyes.
She stepped forward, “Today... 24 contestants will embark on the craziest journey of their lives, and they will be taken here, to the Big Brother house, where they will compete for food, luxuries and of course, power. They will cut off from all communication from the outside world... and... some of them may know each other; others may find that they like each other and others...
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Chris: Last time on TDTM... Dance!!!! I decided to put the cast into 3 group's of four with our three special guess stars. In the end it was Jordan, Nicko, Brenden, and Timothy who won invincibility and it was bye bye Ava. Who will win it next? Find out on Total... Drama... The Movies!!
(Theme song)

Jordan: Final 11. Yes! Who knew I'll make it this far... Well I did come in late. But I'm so happy to still be here with Lia... I mean on the show! I'm so happy to be on the show... Hehe. Aaa.. (runs out)

Spike: I'm glad I had no votos ^-^. I hope it stays like that x3. Oh, and sorry,...
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*standing in front of the hotel*

Meredith: Welcome back to Total Drama Challenge. Before we we travel to the siguiente city and start out the siguiente challenge one contestant will be eliminated. Yes, Team Viajes will be losing a team member today.

*Team Viajes walks out of their RV and line up siguiente to each other*

Meredith: When your name is called, tu will grab your suitcase *points to the suitcases siguiente to her*, and get ready to travel to the siguiente destination. The person who isn't called will be left behind. Also-

Heather: Just get on with it already.

Meredith: *rolls eyes* Alright. Tammy.

Tammy: Yes!...
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Meredith: Welcome back to TDC! We're right whee we are left off, so the contestants are still hard at work in their city-wide game of hide N' seek, searching for their team's RV.

*After Meredith is done talking, tu can see Team Viajes, Heather trailing behind who is obviously sick. Heather is walking slowly holding her stomach while the others are speed walking*

Jamie: Heather, tu have to keep up if tu want us to have a chance at winning this challenge. We need to have all team members with us at the time of finding the vehicle-

Heather: Shut up.

Jamie: ...Alright.

*confessional starts*

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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the mostrar tu all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any segundo now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical o mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted por viewers o por me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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BYR: Hello everyone I know Im late with posting this fan fiction articulo I know, but I'm back with some news.. This episode WILL NOT be the last episode of TD:HSR HOWEVER!! Episode 5 will be a two part episode and that will come out some time siguiente week and that will be the last episode of TD:HSR then I will start my new series 'Total Drama: College Romance' and just like TD:HSR this will have five seasons, and I will try and have them be the same amount of episodes in each season. I will be needing a cast call lista so if tu want to sign up for my new series heres the link:
Enjoy reading!!!!...
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