It is warm at the playa that day.

Though the clouds hide the sun, the heat still radiates down onto the rocky coast, lining the inlet the turns into the ocean a little ways out.

Their daughter tries running ahead of them, rapidly hoping over the rocks, trying to keep her balance on the uneven surface.

"Be careful, little ninja," Tony calls out to her. "Those are some big rocks."

The little girl simply giggles loudly as she continues her path out towards the water’s edge.

Ziva rolls her eyes as they continue to follow the girl.

"Why did she have to get your sense of discipline, Tony?”

"Hey," he defends, "There’s a difference between having discipline and knowing how to have fun. She’s fine, look," he points towards the girl.

She’s sitting por the water now, picking up tiny pebbles and tossing them out to sea. “She inherited your Mossad tactics of stealthy moves to avoid getting hurt.”

Ziva laughs outright. “Oh, so that is a good thing when she is jumping on rocks, but when tu play ‘Hide and Seek’, it is my fault it takes tu twenty minutos to find her.”

They slow as they near the edge of the rocks. Tony looks down at her, his face scrunched in confusion. “Well, yeah. It’s not fair. No kid should be that good at it.”

Ziva sighs and turns to look around, spotting a large stone a few feet away. She walks over to it and sits, looking out at her daughter.

Tony watches his wife’s admiration for a moment, before an idea clicks in his head.

He pulls the carrying bag from his back and places it on the ground in front of him. “Little Ninja!” he yells, and his daughter turns to look at him. He motions towards him with his hands. “Let’s take a picture, huh?”

"Yeah!" she cheers, dropping the pebbles in her hand and hobbling over to her father.

Tony kneels down and takes the camera from the bag, lifting it in front of him, focusing in on the little girl.

"Okay," he tells her, "now gimme a big smile, huh?"

She smiles wide at first, but her face stifles closed as the cameras snaps at the capture. When he vistas the picture, he sees her face. He looks up at her, frowning. “Hey, what happened to my big smile.”

"She probably did not want to give me away," Ziva whispers into his ear.

He jumps on his heels, almost falling over, and both girls laugh at his surprise. He jokingly glares at his wife, who smiles at his embarrassment. “Sorry, Tony,” she says, “I could not help it.”

"Yeah, yeah," he says, turning back around to face his daughter. "Okay, Tal, let’s try this again. On three. One, two…"

As he ends the segundo number, he feels a peck on his cheek. He smiles as he says “Three!” and snaps the photo, turning to face his wife and smile. “Was that an apology for messing with me?”

She smiles at him, but glances over to the screen of his camera, and smiles wide. “Well, I think it might be for capturing that very cute picture.”

He turns back to his camera to see their daughter’s face scrunched up in slight disgust, and laughs.

"Well, with the David looks and that DiNozzo charm, it’d be hard for her not to be cute, wouldn’t it?"