At the sight of Tony she hurled herself into his arms. He gladly took he in and started shhing and rubbing her back when she started to cry again. He picked her up bridal style and walked to his cama laid her gently down and held her and he could've swore she was whispering "Tony, how could you?"

Ziva's pov

I woke up in his arms. The man I love. The man I won't dare fecha because I am too afraid of what my father o Gibbs will do to him. The man who risked his life saving me in Somalia. The man who I had just had a nightmare about dieing in my arms. I woke up in the arms of Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. Tony let out a sigh and I knew he was awake. I looked up at him a tried to smile but even I knew it looked forced. He frowned and dicho "How could I what, Ziva?". Now I was truly confused. "What are tu talking about?" I said. He sighed and then in a very strained voice he spoke "Last night when tu came to me.... crying, I took tu to the cama and I was holding you. While tu were crying I could swear that tu were whispering 'How could you, Tony?' I just wanted to know what I'm being blamed for so I can justify my actions." Tony looked so adorable when he was upset. Of course I knew what he was talking about now that he had explained it. I smiled and said. "I was referring to how could tu go to Somalia, not even knowing if I was dead o alive, risk yourself, McGee and Gibbs’s lives, and then get yourself shot dead on the way inicial with me." At my words Tony got that cute little ripple on his forehead when he was seriously confused. "But Ziva, I'm not dead. I didn't get shot. What the heck are tu talking about?" I laughed at his tone and said, "No, tu did get shot. tu died in my arms. In my dream, no make that a nightmare, last night. That is why I came to your apartment so early." This time it was Tony’s turn to laugh. He kissed the parte superior, arriba of my head and it felt so nice that I pulled his lips to mine. He smiled and kissed me back roughly. I did not like the feeling of being submissive. I flipped myself on parte superior, arriba and without my lips leaving his I unbuttoned his camisa, camiseta and throw it across the room. Tony started besar even más passionately and then.... he pulled away? My lips felt cold and empty without his on mine. I looked at him extremely confused and say "Did..did I do something wrong?" Tony laughed and brought me into his arms and dicho "Oh no sweetheart. tu were perfect. más than perfect. tu were beyond words. It's just that Gibbs is going to be pissed if we are late to work." I laugh. Tony has always been the practical one when it came to romantical things. I smile and say "okay. I should go inicial to get dressed. Walking 10 blocks takes awhile" Tony got a hurt look on his face and dicho "Wait 15 minuets and I'll drive tu to your house" I smile and say "Whatever In Diana Jones." Tony gets a stressed look on his face and says "Indiana. It's Indiana Jones." I laugh and he automatically smiles. I roll off of him and he walks to his bathroom. I giggled a little as I thought I saw this 41 año old man's torso 10 minuets hace AND I WAS IN AWE!!!! Tony turned around his eyebrow cocked and I smiled and said, "It's nothing. Absolutely nothing."

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