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How come there was no record of Jack's existance?

Old Rose says that there is no reccord of Jack even being alive and that she doesn't even have a picture of him. The only memory of evidence of his existance is in her memory.

However, i find that really confusing, because por law at that time (and now), whenever a baby was born you'd have to fill in a birth certificate.
That includes in Wisconsin, where Jack was born.

You're not allowed to discard o destroy them, they're all kept in government files in case of felony.

So there must of been so some record of his existance...right?
 pandawinx posted hace más de un año
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jackdawson-love said:
What Rose means por There was no record of him at all is on the titanic because where he won his ticket from Sven and Olaf, so on the Carpathia; when his name didn't mostrar up; it didn't really matter.
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posted hace más de un año 
Exactly. If she had tried to find a birth certificate as tu dicho pandawinx, I'm sure she would have. As for a picture at that time I'm not sure. However as jackdawson-love said, she just meant that there was no record of him on Titanic.
JosefS_girl24 posted hace más de un año
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