Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

Jeff & Bryce: *Pulling thirty freight cars. They pass two N&W SD40-2 High Hoods pulling another freight train*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A fan Fiction Featuring Talking Trains

Norfolk & Western 2

Sean Bodine as Lee Brent
Jeff & Bryce the Norfolk & Western diesels as themselves
Dragovich & Josh the Norfolk Southern diesels as themselves
Hannah Belle as Janet Gunray
Sir Topham Hatt as Bernard Moore
Tom Hiddleston as Buick Baltimore
Timothy Dalton as Gordon Sekkol
The Norfolk Southern Heritage Units as themselves
Lauren as herself
James A. Squires as himself

The song fades away as we go to Roanoke Virginia. Buick Baltimore was having a conversation with James Squires.

James: What's this I hear about tu trying to take down the new Norfolk & Western?
Buick: They are trying to revive what we destroyed in 1982.
James: We? I had nothing to do with it. I am trying to make this a better railroad, and destroying something from our past will not help. We could become good partners with these guys.
Buick: If that's all, then I must be off.
James: Very well. If I get anymore reports about tu destroying the Norfolk & Western, you'll be fired.
Buick: *Walks out of the office*

Down in the yards, Dragovich was waiting for Buick.

Dragovich: What did he say Mr. Baltimore?
Buick: He's not happy with us attacking Lee Brent, and his railroad. I will lose my job if I try to attack them again.
Gordon: *Walks over to Buick* Then perhaps I can help.
Buick: *Looks back at Gordon* How?
Gordon: por hacking their communications, they can't get any actualización about tu attacking the Norfolk & Western, correct?
Buick: Yes.
Gordon: Then it's a good thing tu found me. Let me know when you're attacking, and I'll make sure to keep Squires in the dark. We must prevent them from taking down Norfolk Southern.

Norfolk, Virginia.

Jeff: *Returns with Bryce* Another good run from New Jersey.
Bryce: Our railroad is getting bigger every time we get back.
Jeff: I noticed that as well. It's good that we're also getting new engines joining us.

An RS11 was heading towards them with a passenger car. Lee was inside with Janet, and Bernard.

Lee: Good to see tu two again. Bernard has another assignment for us.
Bernard: After two years of successful freight operations, we are to test out this passenger car on our line all the way to St. Louis. We are planning to start passenger services on our railroad.
Lee: Bernard and a few executives are riding in the car on one of your freight trains. Janet and I will be following tu on the roads.
Jeff: With what?
N&W Employee: *Driving a Firebird towards Lee* Mr. Brent, your brand new car has arrived.
Jeff: I withdraw my question.
Lee & Janet: *Step out of the passenger car, and go into the Firebird*
Bryce: When do we start the journey?
RS11: As soon as I couple this passenger car up to your train. tu should have a green signal por then. *Moves away with the passenger car*
Bryce: Where is our train?
GP35: *Working with two SD9's as they push the train towards Jeff and Bryce* Here tu are gentlemen. Sixteen boxcars, and two gondolas. They're all empty, and they need to be taken to BNSF.
Jeff: What are they going to do with the cars once they're received?
GP35: Take them to be loaded with supplies, and materials to build más houses further west. Either in Wyoming, o Utah.
Lee: And tu probably already know this, but Norfolk Southern may try to sabotage us again. If there's anyone on the roads, I'll distract them.
Jeff: This reminds me of something we did two years ago.
Bryce: *Chuckles*
Jeff: The signal is green. We should go. *Blows his horn twice as he pulls the train with Bryce*
Janet: *Kisses Lee* Here we go again.
Lee: This time to Missouri. *Starts his car, and drives, following Jeff and Bryce in the process*

Jeff and Bryce had a conversation while pulling their train to St. Louis.

Jeff: Did I ever tell tu about the last time I went to St. Louis?
Bryce: I don't think I've ever been there myself. Anyways, to answer your question, no. tu never told me about the last time tu went to St. Louis.
Jeff: It was August, 2017. I was with two ES44's on loan from Union Pacific.
Bryce: What happened?
Jeff: We went to a place to grab a few drinks when this 4-8-2 pops up. They're both intoxicated, and try to fight each other to win her over. They even thought I was trying to hit on her.
Bryce: tu still dating Lauren?
Jeff: Yes. We might see her in Lexington.

Inside the Firebird, Lee and Janet were having a conversation of their own.

Lee: If all goes well, we should reach St. Louis within 14 hours.
Janet: tu think Buick Baltimore will strike again?
Lee: Yeah, but it won't be easy for him to find us. He may know where our HQ is in Norfolk, but I don't think he'll find us. Nor will he find Jeff and Bryce. Let's try not to worry about him, and keep going westbound.
Janet: Westbound and down!
Lee: *Laughing*

Song: link

Lee: *Driving his Firebird on Interstate 64*
Jeff & Bryce: *Pulling their train*
Bernard: *Enjoying the ride with the executives*
Jeff & Bryce: *Passing through Richmond*
Buick: *Giving the thumbs up to Gordon*
Gordon: *Climbing a poll, and places a little bird on parte superior, arriba of it*

The song fades away as NS headquarters was jammed.

NS Employee 64: Hey, I'm not getting any signals.
NS Employee 69: We lost everything.
NS Employee 34: Contact Squires at once. Maybe he knows what to do.

One of the employees stared at the bird Gordon placed on parte superior, arriba of the poll. It did not mover at all. He thought it was odd, but didn't say anything.

Buick: *Talking on a walkie talkie* Okay team, Squires is totally in the dark. Only we can communicate with each other. Happy hunting.
Dragovich: Thank tu Mr. Baltimore. *Looking at más diesels near him* Gentlemen, we must not let Mr. Baltimore down. Capture Lee Brent, and all his comrades before they reach St. Louis!

Christianburg, Virginia

Lee: We'll start heading North on 460, and we'll reunite with Jeff, and Bryce in Lexington.
Janet: What's going on there?
Lee: They need to stop, and pick up two más executives to take to St. Louis. Then they'll refuel, and continue the journey.

A white F150 was getting towards them. Two men were inside with AK47's.

Song: link

Lee: I think we got company. *Floors it*
NS Employee 94: Shoot them!
NS Employee 56: *Firing at Lee, and Janet with an AK47*
Lee: Time to go northbound. *Turns right onto 460*
NS Employee 94: *Following Lee*
NS Employee 56: Buick! Lee's been spotted! We're following him on 460, heading north through Christianburg, Virginia.
Buick: Good work. Any sign on Jeff, and Bryce?
NS Employee 77: *Flying a helicopter* I found them. Pursuing the two diesels now.
Jeff: Bryce, we got a problem.
Bryce: What?
Jeff: Look behind you.
Bryce: *Sees the helicopter*
NS Employee 77: *Firing at the two diesels*
Jeff: Where's a tunnel when tu need one?
Bryce: *Watching several bullets hit the ground near him*
Jeff: Speak of the devil, I found one. Hang on. *Going faster*
Bryce: I know this tunnel. Let's pray the pilot doesn't.

Stop the song.

NS Employee 77: *Stops the helicopter* They went through a tunnel. I lost them.
Buick: Don't give me that! Find them at once!
NS Employee 77: I'm already looking for the other end of the tunnel. It's nowhere in sight!
Buick: Please tell me the other's have been captured!
NS Employee 94: Lee, and Janet? We'd like to, but there's been a problem.
NS Employee 56: We seem to be in trouble. *Looking at the truck he's in, resting on it's roof in the bottom of a pile up*
Lee: Good thing for that pot hole.
Janet: And your fast car.
Lee: When will Buick, and Norfolk Southern give up?

Richmond, Virginia

Lee: *Turns onto Interstate 64*
Buick: I've just entered Interstate 64. How's everything going in Roanoke?
Gordon: They're still clueless about the hacking device. They don't know where I put it.
Buick: Very good. Keep up the good work over there.
Gordon: *Hangs up*
NS Employee 75: *Staring at the bird on parte superior, arriba of the poll* It's been there for five minutes, and it hasn't moved.
Buick: *Continues driving down Interstate 64, when he notices Lee passing him on the other side of the road* LEE!!!!!!!! *Pushes a truck into a barrier as he goes up an exit* I gotta turn around immediately! *Goes over the highway*

Nearby, Jeff & Bryce were getting towards another part of Interstate 64.

Jeff: Whitcomb. Remember this place?
Bryce: I haven't been here in five years.
Lee: *Crossing the train tracks*
Jeff: I just saw Lee on that bridge.
Bryce: And he's got trouble nearby.
Buick: *Following Lee, then looks down at Jeff & Bryce on the tracks below him* AAHHHH!!!!!

Dragovich, Josh, and five GP40's were actually in front of Jeff & Bryce's train.

Buick: Dragovich, do tu copy?!
Dragovich: Yes. My team is parallel to Interstate's 95, and 64.
Buick: Jeff, and Bryce are behind you. He's heading for your team right now. Get ready to destroy them.
Dragovich: Understood. We're getting prepared.
Jeff: *Blows his horn twice as he passes the NS diesels* Are you?
Dragovich: Shoot them!
GP40's: *Deploying AK47's
Bryce: *Deploys a PPSH41, and shoots at the GP40's*
Dragovich: Oh no!
Josh: That was close. We could have been scrapped with them.
Dragovich: Follow those two now!

64 went above the train tracks again. Lee saw that Jeff, and Bryce were in trouble.

Janet: They need our help.
Buick: *Shoots a bullet that hits the back of Lee's Firebird*
Lee: We got Buick following us again, and there's nowhere for us to turn off. We won't be able to help those two.
Janet: How do we lose him?
Lee: I'll think of something.

Bryce, and Jeff continued pulling the empty boxcars, and gondolas. Dragovich, and Josh were still chasing them.

Josh: How are tu going to stop them?
Dragovich: Grenades, and an AK47.
Josh: Grenades?
Dragovich: Yeah, with a grenade launcher. *Deploys the grenade launcher*
Bryce: *Shoots the grenade launcher off of Dragovich*
Josh: tu still got the grenades?
Jeff: How do tu think Lee's doing?

Song: link

Lee: This ain't entirely accurate, but it still sums up what we're doing.
Buick: Lee Brent! I will stop you, no matter what lies in my path!
Lee: *Going 95 miles an hour*
Buick: *Goes onto the side of the highway to pass a semi, and a pick up truck*

Dragovich was still chasing Jeff & Bryce, but he had a problem.

Dragovich: I can't believe he shot off both my guns! First the grenade launcher, and now the AK47 is gone too!
Josh: A grenade launcher is a gun?
Dragovich: Yeah, sure, don't correct me.

Buick Baltimore was stuck on the shoulder. There were más Semi's than he expected.

Buick: How many más semi's do I have to pass on this highway? I just want to catch two people in a Firebird!
Janet: I think we lost him.
Lee: Good. If things keep going our way, this highway will get less crowded for us, but más crowded for Buick.

Stop the song

Dragovich and Josh met up with Buick at a train station in Lexington Virginia.

Buick: They're not here.
Dragovich: I know, I told you! This is the wrong Lexington. They're in Kentucky.
Buick: I'm sorry for not listening.
Josh: Why can't we just leave them alone?
Buick: You're worse than Squires. Hurry up now. We must move.

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 75: *Staring at the bird*
Gordon: *Walks over towards him* What do tu see?
NS Employee 75: That bird has been there for well over half an hour.
Gordon: tu mean it hasn't moved?
NS Employee 75: Yes.
Gordon: I think tu should come with me. We're going to talk to Squires about this. *Puts his arm around the Employee's shoulder, and walks with him down a hallway.

They took a left turn into a room, but a gunshot was heard.

Lexington, Kentucky

Jeff & Bryce: *Stop at a station*
Bernard: How much longer until the rest of your colleagues arrive?
Executive 17: Five minutes.
Bryce: Where's Lauren?
Jeff: *Sees a 4-8-0 numbered 475 coming towards them* That's her.
Lee: *Arrives with Janet*
Jeff: When she stops, you're gonna see something spectacular.

As soon as 475 stopped, she transformed into a J-class northern, numbered 611.

Song: link

Jeff: This my friends, is Lauren.
Bryce: *His mouth is wide open*
Lee: How do tu do?
Lauren: Fine, thank you.
Janet: What happened to your eyes, and mouth?
Lauren: It's all behind my streamlining. I talk through the medal bar, and see through my number boards.
Lee: *Looks at her number boards above her headlight, and then at the bar below her headlight* What brings tu to Lexington?
Lauren: I am going to hold off Norfolk Southern for your friends while they continue their trip to St. Louis.
Bryce: tu are? Thanks, but how are tu going to do that?
Lauren: Missiles, and a few energy beams.
Jeff: She has a big arsenal packed in her streamlining.
Man 93: *Arrives* Jeffery, me and my wife are the executives travelling with tu to St. Louis. Thank tu for stopping to pick us up.
Jeff: You're welcome.
Bryce: Get on board, and let's get out of here.
Man 93: Right tu are. *Walks to the passenger car*
Lee: We better get going then. Good luck Lauren.
Lauren: Thank you. What's your name?
Lee: Lee Brent. This is my girlfriend, Janet.
Janet: Janet Gunray.
Lauren: Have a seguro trip tu two.
Lee: With tu helping us hold off Norfolk Southern, I don't see why it wouldn't be safe. Let's go Janet. *Walks back to his Firebird*
Jeff: *Leaves with Bryce as they pull the empty freight cars, and special passenger car*

Lauren watched her friends leave Lexington, and then she waited patiently for Norfolk Southern to arrive.

Dragovich: *With Josh, and five GP60's as they make their way into Lexington*
Lauren: *Looks at a nearby clock* Any segundo now.
Josh: How much further?
Dragovich: Don't tu worry about that.
Lauren: I see them.

Song: link

Josh: Wait a minute, who's that?
Dragovich: I don't know, but she's going to be scrapped. Spread out!
Lauren: *Fires missiles*
Josh: Back up!
Dragovich: *Watching the GP60's get killed por the rockets* Nyet!
Josh: We need to leave!
Dragovich: I'm not leaving until she's down. *Deploys an AK47*
Lauren: *Fires an energy blast that knocks the AK47 away from Dragovich*
Dragovich: We need to leave!
Josh: Why didn't tu listen to me in the first place?
Dragovich: Shut up.
Josh: Follow me!
Lauren: *Fires three missiles, destroying the tracks in front of Dragovich, and Josh*
Josh: She really doesn't want us getting near her.
Dragovich: We'll have to find a crane, and another AK47.
Lauren: *Watching Dragovich, and Josh leave*

Stop the song. When the two diesels left, Lauren removed her streamlining, and transformed into a 4-8-0. Her number was now 475.

Lauren: Looks like those two learned their lesson.

Buick was not pleased with Dragovich's lack of progress.

Buick: Just one steam engine?!
Josh: She had lots of rockets, and took out five diesels with us.
Buick: Whoever she is, she must be stopped!
Dragovich: Get at least ten diesels with me, and she won't be a problem.

Jeff and Bryce passed through Louisville.

Bryce: Is Lauren going to hold off Norfolk Southern at Lexington 24/7?
Jeff: Of course not. That would be suicide. Plus, I think she already left to help out the Canadian National.
Janet: *Laughing* Listen to this, on our way through Kentucky, we'll pass a town called Santa Claus.
Lee: Genji would enjoy that.
Janet: Merry Christmas!
Lee: *Laughing*

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 98: What's going on here?! We haven't received any transmissions! It's like we're being jammed!
NS Employee 24: o something.
Gordon: Did anyone even consider telling Squires?
NS Employee 24: Oh yeah.
NS Employee 98: Let's go together.
Gordon: Follow me gentlemen. *Walks with the two men*

They walked into the same room where Gordon killed the first employee. The door was closed, and two gunshots were heard.

Buick returned to the station with Dragovich, Josh, five SD70M-2's, and five SD60's.

Josh: She's not here anymore.
Buick: Then let's go after Lee immediately!! Someone take me back to my car!

Song (Start at 0:25): link

Lee: *Driving at 90 miles an hour*
Jeff & Bryce: *Pulling their train with ease as they enjoy the weather*
Lee: *Looks to his left* Oh look, there's those guys on the bus again.
Men: *Singing the song as they travel siguiente to Lee in his Firebird*
Bryce & Jeff: *Singing* When it's Cargo Movin' Time it's time, to put it on the line!!!
Lee: Of Norfolk & Western!
Janet: There's no stopping us!

Stop the song

St. Louis. Our heroes were only five miles away from the BNSF yards they needed to reach.

Lee: This is it. Nothing can stop us now.

Multiple bullets hit the left side of the car. Several holes were in the door, and the window was broken.

Buick: *Driving towards him in his Fusion* I've got tu now.
Lee: He's got an automatic pistol. *Looks at Janet, and sees a bullet in her neck* And he killed you.
Jeff: Lee's in trouble.
Bryce: He's not the only one. Look behind us.
Dragovich & Josh: *Coming towards Jeff & Bryce with 20 GP60's, and 12 ES40DC's*
Jeff: Ah, this isn't good.
Buick: Nothing can stop me now.

Song: link

EL 1700: That's where you're wrong!
Buick: What the?
Lee: Who are those guys?
Bryce: Is that who I think it is?
Jeff: All 21 of the Heritage Units.
Bernard: *Taking cover with the executives* Hopefully, this'll all be over soon.

Dragovich and the other Norfolk Southern diesels turned around magically, and were facing the 21 heritage units charging towards them.

Dragovich: Start shooting!!
NS Diesels: *Using AK47's to shoot at the heritage units*
EL 1700: Return fire!
PRR 8102: *Shoots 5 of the GP60's*
DLW 1074: *Shoots 7 of the ES40DC's*
Buick: I better get out of here. *Drives away*
Lee: *Driving siguiente to Jeff & Bryce* Keep going towards the yard. I'm going to help those heritage units!
Jeff: Good luck. *Continues on with Bryce*
Dragovich: Josh, the N&W diesels are getting away! After them!
CNJ 1071: *Shoots a switch*
Dragovich: *Goes right* tu ruined my plans! tu haven't seen the last of me!!
NS ES40DC: We lost Dragovich & Josh! *Gets shot*
NS GP60: Diesel down!
S&A 1065: We only got five more!
PC 1073: Good. I've taken a few bullets.
RDG 1067: So did I, but I should be okay.
EL 1700: Stand your ground boys.
NYC 1066: Yes sir.
Monongahela 8025: We got this.
NS GP60: Maybe siguiente time, we should have something superior to their M60's. *Gets shot*

Stop the song.

Lee: Hey, thanks for your help.
EL 1700: We heard tu were coming, and decided to make it easier for tu to get to St. Louis.
NYC 1066: Good luck with the rest of your Norfolk & Western recreation. *Leaves with the other heritage units*
Lee: Thanks. *Staring at Janet* I'll get back at Buick Baltimore for killing you.
Bernard: Well everyone?
Executive: Very good service. I will officially allow tu to run passenger trains throughout your entire system.
Jeff & Bryce: *Dropping off the empty freight cars in the BNSF yards*
Jeff: Bring them back whenever tu can.
BNSF Diesel: We will. We have a big variety of rolling stock, but the cars tu brought for us will help out until we get más of our own back from the east coast.

Back to Lee.

Lee: *Has his hand on Janet's head* Well, since you're dead, here's something for me to remember tu by.

Song: link

Lee: If you're listening, I hope tu appreciate what I got for you.

The End


Sean Bodine as Lee Brent
Jeff & Bryce the Norfolk & Western diesels as themselves
Dragovich & Josh the Norfolk Southern diesels as themselves
Hannah Belle as Janet Gunray
Sir Topham Hatt as Bernard Moore
Tom Hiddleston as Buick Baltimore
Timothy Dalton as Gordon Sekkol
The Norfolk Southern Heritage Units as themselves
Lauren as herself
James A. Squires as himself


Cargo Movin' People: Norfolk & Western
Westbound & Down: Jerry Reed
The Westerner: Sam Spence
Eastbound & Down: Jerry Reed
Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare: Metroid Soundtrack
Range Rider: Sam Spence
Classic Battle: Sam Spence

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production from May 29, 2018
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.