People: *Jogging on a path por the train tracks*
Shayne: *Passing the joggers as he pulls a freight train*
Jesse & Jerry: *Passing Shayne, pulling a different freight train*
Shayne: *Stops at a red signal*
S.B: *Jogging, but he stops siguiente to Shayne* Hey.
Shayne: Oh, hey. When did tu start jogging?
S.B: A few days ago, but I was never on this path before. I usually jog through town.
Shayne: Then this should be a nice change in scenery for you.
S.B: *Looks at the signal* Your signal is yellow.
Shayne: *Looks at the yellow signal in front of him* Why so it is. I better get a mover on.

Theme Song: link

S.B: *Watching Shayne take off with his freight train* Same here. *Starts to run again*


Sean: *Going 75 miles an hora with eight amfleets*
Makenzie: *Enters Santa Cruz with her passenger train*
Grayback: *Passes a railroad crossing as he pulls seven freight cars*
Panzer: *Slowly going backwards to the Hunterdon Central interchange with five hoppers*
Kenny: *Pulling a freight train with Tito*
Juliette: *Getting off of a placa giratoria in Eastwood*


Jazlin: *Stops at Cadillac Station with her passenger train*
Leon: *Pulling a passenger train with Stan. Sebastian and Xavier are pushing the train while running backwards*

Starring Sean of the Eastern Pacific
Makenzie of the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway
Grayback of the Hunterdon Central Railway
blindado, panzer of the Northern Errol Line
Kenny of Kenny's Line
and Juliette of the Eastwood & Mossberg Railway
Also starring Sean Bodine as S.B.

Jeff: *Passes Bryce. The both of them are carrying freight trains*
Marcus: *Pulling a freight train, passing Devon as he pulls a passenger train*

Song (Start at 14:20): link

Episode 128: Running Away From Your Problems

Man 80: *Running uncontrollably at 50 miles an hour* I can't stop! Someone help me!! *Passes two women*
Woman 56: What's his problem?
Woman 54: How is he even going that fast?
Man 80: *Looks at a building in front of him* Ahhh!! *Turns left, but crashes into a truck*
N.E.L Worker 67: *Watching through a pair of binoculars* Yes. The darts are a success.
Mr. Bruce: Brilliant!

Stop the song

Mr. Bruce: Now that we know the darts work, let's try them out on S.B.
N.E.L Worker 55: If he passes through town that is.
Mr. Bruce: I've been watching him. He usually does.
N.E.L Worker 67: At what time?
Mr. Bruce: That's a good question. What time is it now?
N.E.L Worker 55: 12:45.
Mr. Bruce: He should have passed through por now. What's taking him so long?
N.E.L Worker 67: I guess he decided to take his walk somewhere else.
Mr. Bruce: Alright, we'll get him tomorrow.

Over at the roundhouse, Jazlin and Mily were with Austin, Shayne, and Andrew. S.B arrived in his car.

Mily: Hi S.B.
S.B: Hey. *Steps out of his car, and closes the door* I haven't heard any narrating going on yet.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Austin: That's usually your job.
S.B: Did tu forget that we're taking turns?
Audience: *Laughing*
Mily: Can I do it?
S.B: Sure.
Mily: Yay!
Shayne: Hey, did tu enjoy your jog?
S.B: I sure did.
Jazlin: What jog?
S.B: Earlier, I was on the path, por the water reservoir.
Shayne: tu know, the one that passes por Cadillac Station.
Jazlin: Oh yeah, that path. I don't pay much attention to that.
Austin: I actually thought tu were referring to the Path trains in New York City.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mily: *Laughing*
S.B: *Chuckles* tu just made my Austin. Thank you.
Mily: Same here.
Austin: *Confused* You're welcome.

Song: link

Narrator: Alright, time to start narrating. Mr. Bruce was at Zorrin, coming up with a new plan to get S.B hit por one of his new darts. I really hope that doesn't happen.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Carter: If this plan fails, I was thinking about getting S.B to registrarse us.
Mr. Bruce: A good plan, but I doubt it'll work.
Jack: How do tu know unless tu try?
Carter: Trial and error my friend.
Mr. Bruce: This plan will not fail. I will hit S.B with my dart to make him run uncontrollably, and then he'll crash into something and die.
Carter: That sounds violent.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Mr. Bruce: So what?
Jack: But the children man, think of the children!
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Bruce: Enough. I must go.
Narrator: After talking to his engines, Mr. Bruce drove away.

The song fades away as we see S.B running down a street, passing a Subaru, and a Bentley.

N.E.L Worker 55: There he is.
Mr. Bruce: This time we got him!
N.E.L Worker 67: Pull the trigger.
N.E.L Worker 55: *Aiming at S.B, and shoots the dart*
S.B: *Gets hit por the dart in his neck* Ow. *Pulls the dart out of his neck* What? Where did this...*Starts to run faster* uh, wait..I can't stop!!

Song (Start at 14:20): link

Mr. Bruce: Haha!! It worked!!
N.E.L Worker 55: Let's go home.
Mr. Bruce: Right.
S.B: *Running at 60 miles an hour* aaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Heading towards the train tracks*
Mily: *Resting in a siding, waiting for her signal to change from red to green*
S.B: Mily tu gotta help me!!!! *Runs past*
Mily: *Gasps* Hold on! I'm coming!
Marcus: *Passing Mily with another freight train*
Mily: *Stuck in her siding* o not.
S.B: *Watching Marcus pass him in the opposite direction* How did I not notice him before?
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
S.B: *Sees another freight train in front of him* hola wait a sec. I'm saved.
Narrator: The freight train he ran towards was being pulled por Austin.
Austin: *Enjoying the view*
S.B: Austin!!!
Austin: Huh? *Looks to the right, and sees S.B running alongside* How are tu going that fast?
S.B: It doesn't matter! I can't stop! Please help me!
Austin: I will be glad to. *Speeding up* But I need to keep up with you.
S.B: *Grabs one of Austin's railings* I think this should help.
Austin: *Going faster* Whoa!!!
S.B: Apparently I have super strength.
Audience: *Laughing*
S.B: Put on your brakes!
Austin: *Applies his brakes*
S.B: I dicho put on your brakes!
Austin: They are on!
S.B: Really?!
Austin: Yes!
S.B: Then we're in a lot of trouble.

The two of them are heading towards Cadillac Station. It is two miles from their current location.

Austin: What if I uncouple myself from the train?
S.B: No, don't. We need that. The extra weight will help us slow down faster. If we can find a way to stop that is.
Austin: *Sees another freight train* Uh, S.B?
S.B: Perhaps if I pull myself up onto your ledge, I could stop running, and tu could control yourself.
Austin: S.B.
S.B: Nah, it's too high up, I can't get up there.
Austin: S.B.
S.B: Not now, I'm thinking.
Austin: Well think faster, because we got trouble.
S.B: What are you- *Looks in front of him, and sees the other freight train* I got it. I'll run in the opposite direction.
Austin: Are tu sure that'll work?
S.B: Only one way to see. *Jumps, and does a 180 degree turn in mid-air. He begins to run in the opposite direction, slowing himself, and Austin down*
Austin: Still holding onto my railing?
S.B: That's why we're slowing down.
Austin: I just hope tu don't hurt yourself.
S.B: Too late.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
S.B: My feet, and legs are in horrible shape from all this running around.
Austin: But once this is over, I bet tu won't have to go to a gym.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Austin: *Shudders* Ow!
S.B: What's the matter?
Austin: My brakes don't work anymore!
S.B: Well keep an eye on that freight train for me.
Austin: We're still slowing down. I think we'll be safe.
S.B: That's good to know.
Mike: *Stops at Cadillac Station*
Austin: I was afraid of this, the train stopped at Cadillac.
S.B: Looks like we'll be stopping at Cadillac too.
Narrator: It was very close, but they stopped, just in time.

Stop the song

Austin: Oh that was close. *Moving backwards* Uh, why am I going in reverse?
S.B: I'm still running.
Austin: *Moving five miles an hora in reverse*
Mily: *Stops behind Austin's train*
S.B: Uh oh. Put your brakes on.
Austin: My brakes don't work, remember?!
Sean: *Stops siguiente to Mily, watching Austin come towards them*
Mily: Put your brakes on!!
Sean: Austin, put your brakes on!!
S.B: They don't work anymore. *Lets go, and runs away at 60 miles an hour*
Sean: Hey, wait!!
S.B: *Stops running, and falls down, landing siguiente to Mily*
Austin: *Stops, as his train slowly backs into Mily*
S.B: *Stands up* I can't run anymore.
Mily: Perfect timing if tu ask me.
S.B: I just didn't wanna have Austin crash into you.
Mily: *Laughs* It's a bit too late for that.
Austin: I wasn't even going that fast.
Sean: Well at least you're safe. I need to go. *Takes off*
Mily: Need a ride?
S.B: Yeah, and Austin needs brakes.
Austin: Once the Fonz gets out of here, we can get moving.
Mily: Way ahead of you.
S.B: *Climbs into Mily's cab* tu two have fun with that, I'm going to take a break from moving.

Song (Start at 14:29): link

Mily: *Laughing*
Austin: *Laughing*
S.B: *Laughing, but he stops as his leg hurts. He puts his hand on the side of his leg as he closes his eyes*
Narrator: We were having a good time, but someone up in Zorrin? Not so much.
Panzer: *Leaving the yard with six freight cars*

Stop the song

Mr. Bruce: He WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Carter: I saw him when I arrived with Perry. Perhaps we should try my plan next?
Mr. Bruce: No I'll think of something.
Carter: Wait a minute. I got an even better idea. Get those two steam engines they got from the Eastwood & Mossberg to registrarse us.
Mr. Bruce: Mily and Jazlin?
Carter: That's them.
Mr. Bruce: Hmm. I can see that working, but now it's time for a cliffhanger. Cue the end credits!

Ending theme (Start it at 1:10): link

The end credits begin with Carter leaving Zorrin as he pulls another freight train. Then we see S.B jogging on the path por the train tracks. He passes Mily, as she waits for her signal to turn from red to green.

Characters used for episode

Mr. Bruce
Mike "Fonzi"
And Sean Bodine as S.B

Songs used for episode

CHiPs Theme: John Parker & Alan Silvestri
Train Chase: Julian Nott
Juvenile Misdemeanor: Powerpuff Girls Z Soundtrack

The End

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