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we all have limits -slowly but surely progression forces us beyond them and one día we will all be doing what is now considered wrong in some way.

why wait?
 orangeturnip posted hace más de un año
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EalasaidWooster said:
Limits change for many reasons.

As tu grow older tu become más mature and capapble of coping with responsibilities, and the way tu see the world changes.

When new and difficult situations arise tu often have to act in ways tu never thought tu would.

Changes in lifestyle also affect limits. 100 years hace it was considered wrong for women to vote o own property, and now women are almost equal to men.

We wait because some of the things we'll find ourselves doing in the future are beyond imagination, o maybe because we want to put it off as long as we can. Who knows??

Sorry for the mini-essay - I get carried away with my thoughts sometimes, hahaha!! XD
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posted hace más de un año 
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