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Winx season 5?



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Eugh -_______-
Season 5 and 6? And "Nickelodeon" has the rights to it?
Oh fuck. I am NOT going to watch the English versions of those two seasons. In fact, I don't even think I'm going to even watch season 5 and 6. They should have stopped after season 3 :/

Plus, this all could just be rumors. Roxy was told to stay on Earth during the 4th season. If Indigo changes the characters words again, I shall be pissed.

First, they made Miss Faragonda say that Enchantix was the last transformation for a fairy to achieve. But-- Then comes season 4 and a NEW transformation -_____-
They just contradicted their own words.

If they make Roxy come along when they clearly made her stay with her parents at the end of season 4, I will DEFIANTLY not watch those two seasons.
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hey hey
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hi winx season 5 is comeng on 2012 and aso season 6
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