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 Flora Tynix
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arte de los Fans
winx club
season 7
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This El Club Winx arte de los fans contains rosa, rosiness, rosado, ramo, ramillete, ramillete de flores, ramo de flores, camelia, and camelia camelia. There might also be adormidera, papaver somniferum, amapola oriental, papaver orientale, papaver croceum, lirio de michigan, michiganense lilium, and lilium michiganense.

Stella is now evil!! Bloom turns and she gasped. "Icy, tu are so gonna get it from me!!!!" shouts Bloom who blasts to Icy. Icy was hit to a wall. Stormy was about to fly away when Layla blasts to her and she was hit to Icy.
"Uh oh!" says Darcy when Tecna hits her to a wall.
"What just happened?" asks Bloom as she slowly opens her eyes and stands up. The other Winx except for Flora stands up.
"Flora!" says Layla. Flora slowly...
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Stella can't stand leaving with the Winx. They've been blaming her for everything. Even if there's no customers at the Love&Pet shop, they all blamed Stella and thought she scared them with her clothes. Stella the felt like she doesn't exist and decided to leave them. But will the Winx say?
"Guys," says Stella, who looks sad. "What? You're here to scare the customers away?" accuses Bloom. "No," respuestas Stella. "Then?" "I just thought of something. Should I -- well, uh, um --- leave tu guys?" asks Stella. Bloom looks worried. "Oh Stella," she says. "just because...
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posted by Zmidy313
Close your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believe in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come registrarse the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx!
Come registrarse the club!
We are the Jinx!

Elemental Powers,(Akyra)
Electrical Showers, (Ashley)
Songs on Guitars, (Lexi)
With powers of Stars, (Megan)
Burning love, with shapes of lune, (Julie)
With Light and Darkness from the Moon! (Lilly)

We've got the looks,
And we've got the flair!
Adore all tu want,
Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come registrarse the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx'
We are the Jinx!
Come registrarse the club!

We are the Jinx!
posted by Rainflowers
 Reepitoter Manger
Reepitoter Manger
Kembal: Grab the flor fairy and untie her.

*Gaurds grab Flora and untie her*

Kembal: Now fairy if tu want your friends to live then tu better figure out where the flores is.

*Flora walks over the the biggest oak árbol in sight and touches it gently*

Flora: The flower's this way *she points towards a mountain*

Guard: Lead the way, Fairy! *Pushes Flora foward she stumbles and falls*

Helia: Flora are tu all right?!

Flora: I'm fine Helia.

Bloom: Don't tu reliaze you'll never get away with this Kembal?!

Kembal: Sure I will, all I need is the flores Fairy, and look I have her. *Laughs evily*

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 The Trix: Overrated o Underrated?
The Trix: Overrated Or Underrated?
The Winx Club villains: overrated o underrated? Most people on here would say that they were overrated, and that characters such as Bloom need más attention than Icy o Valtor. But some other people, think they're underrated, and deserve más credit than people give them. In this article, I will put myself on both sides of the discussion and help tu decide which side in the end tu will chose.

The Main Villains Should Be Added In All Winx Related Picks

~ For: I agree with this side, más than the opposing. I mean, tu should at least include...
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Grizelda: ok girls get ready to train
Terra: and what are we going to do today?
Grizelda: today we will do something different...ok form couples
Anlexandra: Angelina and I are ready!
Nova: same with Bukke and I!
Artemis: Agnes and I are another couple!
Gwen: Terra and I are ready!
Sara: Katara and I are ready too!
Lisa: so that leaves Raven and me!
Raven: (sarcastic) oh how great! (rolls eyes)
Grizelda: ok then lets start! (claps 1 time and they teleport to a forest)
Angelina: whoa! where are we?
Grizelda: this is the place where tu will train
Agnes: I thought it was at Alfea
Grizelda: yeah but here is...
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posted by Winxlove
It was tuesday and Winx are working in the shop.Roxy look up them from out.She said:"The girls looked so tired!They work so much!Oh,I really want to make something special for them!"says happy Roxy.And she run to her house.
In other way,are the wizards of Black Circle.Ogron says:"Look her!It's ours!"And they follow Roxy to the house.But she wasn't there."Sheet!She's gone!"says Ogron.
Roxy has gone to the Pet comprar where are working here.Stella said:"Oh,Roxy,what are tu doing here?!We have so much clients today!Oh,I'm so tired!"Bloom said:"You came to help us?Don't do it!"Roxy said:"Bloom,can...
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