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arte de los Fans
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season 7
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Note: I made them very smart in this chapter as bebés but when they are around the adults they act like little babies. And also the words in these [ ] is Bloom telling the story o Bloom's thoughts

[Hi there my name is Bloom Sparks and I'm one año today because It's my birthday today]

"Mommy mommy, Bloom is up!" Daphne dicho jumping up and down [Thats Daphne she is my big sister. she is umm... oh she is six years old]

"Thank tu for telling me Daphne,we are late already ."Mariam said. [that's my mommy]

"Hello Bloom are tu ready for your party?" Mariam said.

"Yes moma" Bloom replied
"I thought you...
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The fairy students come to college here to learn how to cast spells, create encantada auras and make magical potions!

Potionology, metamorphosimbiosis, magiphilosophy and good manners...are among the complex subjects taught in the college por very skilled, strict and demanding teachers! Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage hadas learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice! The Alfea students live within the college itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classrooms, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept!
That saturday in Gardina was raining like tears from the sky. Roxy strutted out of the funeral with her arms crossed, the funeral was set in amor 'n' pet and Amore, Ginger and the others were invited. Everyone but Roxy was very emotional and serious about the event, except for Roxy, who simply held her nose high in the air and yawned through the ceromony, Which upset everyone very noticibally, but the animal fairy gave no apology.

She stomped fast out of the amor and pet store, away from the winx with a frown creased upon her face. She looked like a angelically white cloud, beautiful but raining...
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 I missed tu
I missed you
Wizards of the black circulo, círculo versus the Specialists
Tecna: tu did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but tu will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if tu figured out the hint then tu know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five minutos until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then tu will have to say goodbye and it also...
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Amazing song <3
season 5
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season 5
I think it from the episode 2 the spill
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seaosn 5
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