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 Musa Harmonix
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fondo de pantalla
season 5
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This El Club Winx fondo de pantalla might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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Julien POV

I looked over Autumn as she lay still on the ground. I felt dizzy as the whole world went black.


What... What just happened? I lean on the muro as I try to collect myself before I try to collect myself before i explode. Autumn can't be dead. She can't die! I won't let it happen. Helia was shaking as he picked up Autumn, and I could tell that he was trying to withstand all of his emotions as well. As I walked over to Julien and hoisted him up, putting his arm around my shoulder and dragging him to the ship, I felt numb. I guess it hadn't yet sank in that the amor of my life was...
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 Gem Of Mind
Gem Of Mind

Gem of Mind is Tecna's special Believix power which she can use to make people believe in magic o overcome their weaknesses. She can use this to make people think correctly and put themselves on the first place. It is used twice in Season 4.

Times When Used

Season 4 Episode 10 - Used it to stop the fighting girls about a dress and put them in segundo place.

Season 4 Episode 11 - Used it to make some thieves realize that what they are doing, is wrong.


Bright corazón is Musa's Believix power that can make people believe in magic. She can also make a person believe that they can indeed change....
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"Well, then, I guess that's the best we can do for now without addressing Faragonda's assistance," Tecna sighed as she closed the spell book that she had found on the shelves of the Iris library. So far, they, well, she, had spent extensive time trying to break the Echo's curse, that had been successfully bestowed upon Caelestis.
Stella groaned. "Tecna," she whined. "English, please!"
Tecna scowled back at her. "That's all I can do for now without getting help from Faragonda," she dicho through gritted teeth.
Caelestis had gone from creepy smiling to blank silence. Her eyes were empty, like she...
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Ugh, not again. Not today, I can't be late today! I have a job interview and coming late doesn't look good. I didn't think life on Earth would be so challenging. My name is Stella and I'm a Princess of the Kingdom Solaria. I'm a fairy and I came to Earth to discover what it would be like to live without magic. tu know a lista of things before I become Queen. Yeah, well, a while hace that was one of them. My father, King Radius warned me about the difficulties of living on Earth but I clearly didn't listen. I should have shouldn't I? Anyway, my job interview is just for a boring old office-job....
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 The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
Sorry it's been so long guys. I moved, and I'm working on all these upcoming stories, schoolwork, so...yea. Anyway! Welcome back to Meeka's Take And if tu don't know o don't remember, yes, my nickname is Meeka.

So we were shown a 12 segundo clip of Bloom's Mythix a while hace and everyone else's Mythix was seen in 3D in a picture (boo) A couple weeks ago. I will of course do my take on it. It will be just like how I reviewed the Bloomix Transformation With a scale of 1-10 at the very bottom of each individual winx's review. So here it is.


*Ignores the color clashing red and blue.* It...
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Video by: DiegoSanchez98 / Songs: Bloom-The Phantom Agony, Layla-Dance of Fate, Tecna-Solitary Ground, Stella-Cry for the Moon, Flora-Beyond Belief, Roxy-Feint, Musa-Run for a Fall / Songs by: Epica
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season 4
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Ho, ho, ho! It's Farhah Claus here to greet all of my friends a very merry Christmas! If you're in the list, you're gonna be treated like a family to me this Christmas! I mayn't do pictures for tu guys, but I'll do the better -- an articulo dedicated to ALL of you!

link - A very merry navidad to my Icy, Gina, Azula, Asami, Bellatrix and Within Temptation fan! You're one of the best people here, and if tu weren't here I bet people would be lonely. You're seriously amazin', and I amor how tu deal with those rude Bloom fans on fanpop and YouTube! And good luck on on your studies, Merry Christmas!...
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my favourite winx is flora she rules i amor her shes amazing shes sweet kind loving amazing gentle pretty and very graceful i amor her power and her voice in the 4kids version and i amor rosado, rosa so does she
my favourite season season 1 i amor season 1 i amor the trix in season one they where soooooo evil icy was soooo mean as well and her voice was amazing it sounded just like her i amor the part when darcy steals riven from musa its brings drama to it season one was soooo funny i amor season 1 26 i just amor the party when saladin says bloom is kicking icys bootie that part was sooooo funny lol

my fave villians its the trix there soooo evil and mean they are extra mean to the winx trying to everthing to destroy them and i like the trix because they are mean to the winx i amor the winx but if nothing bad happen to them it be boring
posted by XxXFloraXxX
To all my beloved fans and supporters, 'cuz some of them are dying to know the end ;-D I think it won't be the ending you're suspecting, 'cuz it's just weird, but i hope you'll enjoy it!!

Riven: Where was that all about?
Flora (sobbing): I... Don't... Know...
With Helia:
???: Bring our prisoner here!
Soldier: Yes, your Majesty. (that stupid hint again :-P)
The soldier brought Helia along.
???: I don't need tu anymore. (to the soldier) Remove him!
Helia: Wait... What?!
???: I'll tell you... (yeah, he's going to tell Helia, but I'm not going...
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My p.o.v.
I wish I knew where they were and are the alive o dead? No they have to be alive, there is no way they can be dead. Magix and the whole magic dimension is a ghost town. I just want to find another person whether we are friends o not. It’s starting to get dark, I should find a place to sleep, I would sleep in my room at Alfea but it would be so obvious if someone is out there searching for the remaining and it’s too sad to look at the place where my friends and I went to school. I miss them dearly and I will do anything to find them, along with the specialists and Nabu. Why couldn’t...
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