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This the Winx's Believix transformation, I don't own this I put it on for tu guys And I'm not new here, my original nombre de usuario was Horsegirl202 until I was logged out.
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Q1: Which winx club members parents got divorced?:
A: Musa.
B: Stella.
C: All fo above.
Q2: True o false, Roxy is the fairy of rock 'n' roll.
A: True.
B: False.
Q3: Which of the trix sisters is the youngest?:
A: Stormy.
B: Darcy.
C: Icy.
Q4: How many winx club members where there in season 3?:
A: 5.
B: 7.
C: 6.
Q5: Which winx club member was last to earn her charmix?
A: Bloom.
B: Flora.
C: Layla.
Question 1: Stella. pregunta 2: Flase. pregunta 3: Stormy. pregunta 4: 6. pregunta 5: Flora.
Now lets see the results:
O-1 preguntas correct: Your new to the world of winx, but don't worry you'll catch up soon...
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A request I made for Dark Bloom
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