El Club Winx WIEChina’ ESL Teacher in China Triple Roles Experience

TrevorSnake posted on May 15, 2017 at 09:39AM
Written by Issac, @WIEChina

Have you ever wondered what would you be if you are not doing your current job? Will you seize a chance to experience a different occupation, to become a different character in the society? Tim Perry, a talented ESL international teacher in China had his first taste in cross-occupation experience.

It was Oct. 6th, 2016.

Two officers had already been waiting for us at the gate of Guangzhou Traffic Controlling and Management Center. God bless it was not too late when we stepped out of taxi. “Nice to meet you.” Said Ms Huang from the Guangzhou Immigration Bureau, shaking hands with Tim and me. “Thank you for coming to help.” said Officer Ren, from the Center.

There was a commercial filming for Guangzhou Security Bureau in the Center. And Tim was going to star an international expert in cooperating with Chinese officers. I came to help with translation and anything makes the filming go smooth.

Being led in and walking pass a shady stone path, we went into a large white building. In the main controlling hall there were screens all over the wall. Some were cameras showing the live situation on the street, some were maps displaying the police force distribution, and the others had various data on the real-time traffic situation. Tim was very curious on the police force around his home and I was shocked that they really could zoom to see the number of a car parking randomly on the street. Every day, emergent calls for accidents and traffic data from street floods into this center and from here orders and solutions are given out. Standing under the vault, one can be easily overwhelmed and feels the weight of the responsibility for taking such power.

After meeting the director and faculty and taking self-fie in the center, all characters were in position soon. The filming was simple but not easy. The story was: Tim being the expert newly came to the center greeted by the Chinese officers who showed him around. But just as a simple scene as shaking hands should be filmed many times in order to capture a perfect moment. Let along shooting from different angles. It was a new and special experience for Tim, standing under the spotlight, ignoring the staring camera, diving himself into an international police character.

He was totally into the character already. Stroked firm, shacked strong, stared seriously. Suddenly, an “accident” occurred. Two officers and Tim leaned close to a monitor. Every one held their breath only leaving the camera moved slowly. It gave a close up to Tim’s calm but concerned eyes.

The filming was very successful.

Isn’t it a very rare experience to become a total different you in another realm one day? Who can imagine an ordinary teacher could star an international police someday? This is the amazing part of life. You never know what is waiting for you to discover. Tim is a great teacher and actor. In some points teaching in front of kids also needs to act. Acting to show an example, acting to play a demo, acting to be someone else. All are for getting students to figure out themselves willingly and easily. That is why Tim dived into the character so soon. I respect his everlasting effort and confidence in no matter what situation as well as his humor.

When we finished and started heading back, Tim tempted me and said “Next stop: Hollywood!”

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