rosado, rosa Bloom is a girl with orange-red hair magenta eyes and almost alike Bloom , but differs in personalities and power

She is fairy of dragon flame and arco iris which is power of estrella light , sound wave , water drop , spirit nature , technology and amor

She is suspected to be the segundo princess of domino i.e. she is elder than bloom but smaller than Daphne . She is believed to appear in Winx club in season 3, but she was not shown as any of the season. in season 3 , the episode in which Stella was turned in monster , she came to know the wicked plan plotted and saved Stella from turning into a monster , but her father was convinced that Stella was not her daughter . Then bloom sees the mark of Domino in her hand , but rosado, rosa refuses to say who she is . Suddenly a dimension portal opens and Lucy, the pixie of messages, bonded pixie of rosado, rosa tells her that Aisha needs her help in Androx and rosado, rosa crosses the dimension door leaving rosado, rosa to guess who she is . Later she appears in the episode sea of fear at the last moment to save Aisha , but could not . when she reaches the land , Daphne appeared and told Bloom she was her another sister. Stella says her father knows rosado, rosa from a long time and rosado, rosa was Aisha's childhood fiend who taught her to dance and sing