FLORA's pov

Guys do tu know when the trip starts, Ms.F forgot to say, I ask. Actually no, maybe we should go ask, it would be good to know más information, Aisha says. And while, we're there we can ask if we can come and see if the boys can back everyone up, Stella suggested excited. That's a good idea Stell, what do tu think Bloom, I turn to face Bloom. Yeah, that's fine, whatever, she mutters. Maybe she's having some complications, I thought. *knock knock* Come in WINX, Ms. Faragonda answers. How does she do that, Musa asks. Maybe she's psychic, Stella jumps up. It is logical for her as a very powerful fairy to know, because she can feel the magical energy of people, Tecna says logically. o because she knew tu would come back to ask for más information, Ms. Faragonda respuestas opening the door. o that, I agree. May I ask what is wrong with tu Bloom dear, Ms. F asks worriedly. Nothing, bloom looks down.

BLOOM's pov

The boy's come in the office, and I quickly turn around not facing the door. hola umm, Saladin dicho that tu needed us, Sky says. Yes, tu all are needed to go on a mission, Ms. Faragonda replied to sky. Ok, and hola girls, Brandon looks at all of us. ( HELIA is not in this story right now). Hiiiiiii snookums, Stella jumps on Brandon. hola Bloom, Sky says to me. Umm, hola sky. What's wrong firefly, he called me por my nickname he gave me. Nothing, just another mission going on. Oh ok, but if anything tell me cause I'm there, he sings terribly. I giggle a little, thanks sky, I smile then kiss him passionately. Oh get a room, Riven pretend barfs. Yeah that is gross, musa gags. Whatever off to the amazonas, amazon we go, Sky says jokingly.
In the Amazon
Sky's pov
Bloom looked kinda sad so I had to cheer her up. We go there and stella asks, when will we be there. When we get close to the temple, musa says. Use that brain of yours o do tu just have a boulder in there, musa continues. Brandon has his mouth open and I stifle a laugh. MUSA, tu are so mean, Stella goes berserk. That's my girl, Riven nods high-giving musa. I couldn't hold in the laughter and I burst out laughing like crazy.