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I am Currently Watching 5th season of Both Gossip Girl and One árbol Hill... I am loving both. Even though One árbol colina has Gotten a special place in my heart still Gossip Girl is no less on My favorito! List.
So, A Few Days hace When I was watching One árbol Hill, I found the Character Brooke Davis very much Similar to one of Winx Club Characters. After That, Many Characters Started to seem like Winx Club Characters, Not Entirely but Still a lot. I Analyzed some of Characteristics Similar to Winx Characters and made pairs. If You've watched GG o OTH, I am sure you're gonna like these Pairs.

Serena & Bloom

Basically, I believe Bloom is living in Gossip Girl as Serena Wan Der Woodsen. They are Almost Same with the exception of a few dissimilarities, One of which is that I like Serena And Dislike Bloom. Coming from Different Backgrounds They still have quite a few same Characteristics. Serena is certainly a lot más confident than Bloom. So Here are The Reasons Why Serena is Bloom :
1. They are the Main Girls i.e. It Girl

2. They are both Very Easy to Manipulate. i.e. Serena is tricked por Many, Namely William camioneta, van Der Woodsen, Georgina, Jenny, Juliet and Many Others. As for Bloom We all know that she has been made Fool por Almost every villain.

3. Things come easy for both of them.

4. No Matter what they do They are loved por Almost everyone in their universe.

5. Ultimately, No Matter how hard others have worked, they are the ones to get Maximum Credit.

6. Both Have A Friend who is the Fashion icono o at least believe herself to be i.e. Blair & Stella

Brooke & Stella

Ok... so, This one is my Personal Favorite. Brooke is everything that Stella is. I amor both of Them A lot. There is Hardly any Difference between them. They are arguably the most popular Characters of their Shows. Other Points of Similarities are :

1. Both are Queens of their respective institutes. i.e. The Most popular Girls Among Fellow Students.

2. They both amor Fashion.

3. Ultimately, both open their own Fashion Line. Successful Fashion Line.

4. Both are very Much Outspoken. They don't think before speaking. But Are becoming mature with the passage of time.

5. Best friends of The Main Female Leads i.e. Peyton & Bloom

6. Don't mostrar a lot but They amor their Friends.

7. Pretend like They Don't care about studies. But Care a lot Secretly.

8. Both are very much Flirtatious.

9. Strong Will Power.

10. Most Appeared Character of Their Show.

Haley & Flora

One of My Least favorito! Pairs, There is not much that they have in common. I wasn't able to find anyone as sweet as Flora is. And No one highly had similarities with our Tutor Girl. Haley can be aggressive at times which is a NO in Flora's Case. So A Few Common Characteristics are :

1. There Relationship with their Partners are highly popular among fans. i.e. Nathan & Helia.

2. They are sweet to everyone.
Haley = Usually
Flora = Always

3. Both are Great at Studies. Flora & Musa have Best Grades among Winx hadas and Haley is a High School Topper.

4. They Both have the Most Friendly Parents.

Blair & Tecna

Not The Best Pair but Still a Good One. I like them both a lot. Blair is popular Character whereas Tecna is not that Popular. Why I think Them to be Related is because :

1. Tecna is underrated Character, Blair not so much but still they both are not usually taken seriously in their shows por other characters.

2. Both have Super Strategic Minds.

3. They Both had a Confession problem with their Partners i.e. Chuck & Timmy

4. Both are over shadowed por Lead Girls. And They never mind mostrando their insecurities. Tecna was so much insecure of Bloom in start that she was usually seen arguing with her.

5. They're both emotional at corazón but pretend to be stronger than what they actually are.

6. They Can go to any extent to save their friends from problems.

Peyton & Musa

Another of My favorito! Pairs. There are a lot of Similarities in them. They belong to my favorito! Couples of their Shows. Lucas & Peyton - Riven & Musa. So The Reasons why I Find them Similar Charracters are :

1. They're both música Lovers. Peyton and Musa amor música from Core of Their Heart.

2. They are usually listening to música when at home.

3. Both are Tomboy.

4. They both have complicated relationship with Partners. i.e. Lucas & Riven.

5. Most Emotional Characters.

6. They miss their LATE MOTHERs más than anyone.

7. Their Fathers are also their friends.

8. Their Fathers are seen missing their Wives. whenever they are seen on screen.

9. Most Complicated Girls of the series.

Vanessa & Aisha

I like this one too. Somehow I think it was not Brooke who clicked this Idea in My Mind it was Vanessa instead. But anyways Vanessa and Aisha/Layla are Very Much Similar, Reasons :

1. Their Voice…!!! May be this one will not click your mind if tu haven't watched Nickelodeon Winx Club. Vanessa's voice is very much like Aisha's Nick Voice.

2. Their Style of Talking.

3. Dressing Sense.

4. They're both ravishing beauties, at least for me.

5. Their Skin Color. Basically, The biggest Similarity which I noticed at first.

6. Both are athletic. Somehow Vanessa is just as Athletic as Aisha is.

7. Both are Not so Sweet to the guys.

8. Both can be Aggressive at times. Great at kicking everyone who teases them.

So, This was my Idea of Putting GOSSIP GIRL & ONE árbol colina characters into WINX CLUB. Hope tu liked it. This is not It. I have a Part 2 of This Article. Which I'll be Sharing Soon. If there is Winx Club How is this possible that Trix is not going to be there. XOXO