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"Millions of songs, all those years in my soul and when we met, I just knew they're for tu now your voice is canto them all your wings at mine, we will never fall."

Of all the millions of fairies, witches, and specialists in the universe that she could have fallen in amor with...Icy's corazón had to choose that one. Frankly Icy didn't believe she had a choice in the matter. As if she wasn't being judged por the public enough already. Falling in amor with the enemy wasn't exactly the most normal thing a witch could do. In fact it was probably one of the strangest, and por all means, witches did some pretty strange shit. How exactly it happened was beyond Icy. And how Bloom had actually requited those feelings was thrice as odd. Icy tried her best to will these unwelcomed feelings away; telling herself that witches don't...can't love, over and over again hoping the feelings would just fade out of existence.

"On and on, we will fly now & forever side to side, now & forever, my love."

But as it would seem the más she tried to push the feelings aside, the más they would intensify. And after much batting of eyelashes and perrito, cachorro eyes she stopped trying and just let the fairy in. Icy had dado in...but not because the fairy was absolutely adorable o anything, Bloom was simply getting annoying with all that fluff and Icy had to stop her. Well that's what the witch told herself anyways. In reality it had become apparent that the very opposite was true. Shortly after, Bloom would stop por every now and again baring gifts; usually flores and jewelry--she still had quite figured out that Icy didn't care for flores nor did she care for jewelry unless it was gótico o topped with large diamonds. But she took them nonetheless to spare herself a fecha in which her lover was crying the whole time. It was on an autumn eve when Bloom snuggled closer than usual and declared that she truly did want to be with Icy forever. And she pulled out probably the ugliest ring yet and asked Icy would do the same. After much consideration Icy answered "exchanged that appalling ring for another and I'll see what I can do."

"Thousands of miles through the cold stormy air there's really nothing that I wouldn't dare I climb the eye of the hurricane when the winds are whispering your name."

And of course, the very siguiente día the fairy came back (taking the joke too seriously) with a new ring and repeated her declaration of undying love. Icy rolled her eyes and slipped the ring on her finger.

"I got tu a better ring. Don't I at least get a kiss?" Bloom requested baring into Icy's very soul with those penetrating perrito, cachorro eyes.

"Fine." Icy sighed after a moment of consideration. And with that, the witch leaned in and press her lips to Bloom's. "Happy?"

"Very." Bloom smiled.

"Now fly on home." Icy waved the fairy off.

"Actually, I'm living with tu from here on out." Bloom decided.

"And what of your friends?" Icy asked.

"They'll get over it." Bloom shrugged.

"Fine. tu can take Stormy's room." Icy pointed her in that direction. This earned her a 'hey' from Stormy and a fit of laughter from Darcy.

"I knew this wouldn't go well." Stormy pouted.

"You do realize that I'm going to have to put up with a weeks worth of complaining from Stormy because of you, right?" Icy asked.

"Don't worry, I don't want to sleep in her room. I want to sleep in yours...with you." Bloom edged closer. And this earned a gagging noise from Stormy as well as the sight of Darcy letting the novel she was lectura slid to the floor.

Icy considered the offer; well it would certainly bring some serious mental scarring to her sisters..."Fine, but I don't...we don't sleep with blankets. They are too hot."

"Fine por me." Bloom shrugged. At this point she was sitting in Icy's lap, leaning her head on the witch's shoulder. Bloom sure as hell was comfy, Icy not so much--the fairy weighed a ton.

How the hell did Icy let this one happen.

And ya'll probably thought this was gonna be cañón couple centric. :P
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