First of all, this is an opinion article. If tu have different opinions o disagree with the article, please put down your comentarios stating your opinions.

Second, this isn't meant to hurt any fans feelings, as I dicho earlier, this is an opinion article. If it hurts tu o tu feel deeply offended, please click away immediately. If tu read it and it offends you... well, I warned you.

Third, enjoy reading.

1. Plots

I think that this was the main reason why Winx Club is ruined. Since tu all probably know, Nick took over Winx Club because Rai English joined forces (if that's the right way to explain it) with it. I think 4Kids o Rai alone did a much better job. Don't get me wrong. I really like Nick, but this is too much. Seriously. I have to admit, season 1 through 3 was definately the best out of the six (yes, six. Even season six isn't as good as I expected it to be). In season 1 - 3, the plots made sense. Think about it.

♦ Season 1: Bloom meets Stella. Bloom goes to Alfea. Stella introduces Bloom to the pied piper, nerd, and tree-hugger. Icy and the Trix are introduced (in quite an interesting way too). Bloom has the Dragon Flame. The Trix steal the Dragon Flame. Bloom saves everyone (with the Winx's help.)

It may seem boring when I put it down, but if tu watch o have watched season 1, you'll be surprised how amazingly the plot was and carried out. Compare this to season 5.

♦ Season 5: The Winx are students again (thought they were teachers in season 4...?) The Winx are a band.... like seriously? The Winx go to Earth to get the Lilo. Sky loses memory (and doesn't hurt o distrust anyone surprisingly).The Trix get stronger and weaker again and again (same with the Winx). Trittanus comes. Trittanus is captured. Daphne is human.The Winx sing.

Maybe that was a little interesting por reading, but the season... ugh... the season just didn't make sense. Even though Aisha's part of the family made most of the plot, even Bloom, who had enough attention, fit in somehow.

That concluded my first reason.

2. Outfits

Did tu notice this one? There outfits were gorgeous in season 1 - 3. I liked 5 and 6 outfits as well, but they don't match season 1-3's uniqueness. The clothes were simple yet stylish. After season 3, I noticed the Winx's clothes changing significantly. It's más girlish (and I thought Musa and Tecna wore either pants o jeans?). Take season 4 outfits for instance. Musa wears a mini-skirt, long stockings, and heels. HEELS!?! Even though I amor Musa dearly, this is so wrong. Wrong in so many ways. And the transformations. Could they get any worse?

♦ Believix: the R & B style so called fairy transformation

♦ Harmonix: Erm... nothing wrong... yet.

♦ Sirenix: Yeah, going down the drain. The "mermaid-fairy outfit"

♦ Bloomix/Cyberix/Whatever: This one isn't cool, man. It's okay, but not cool. The only decent outfits were Tecna's, Stella's and Musa's. Bloom's, Flora's, and Aisha's/Layla's just didn't suit them. I miss the original outfits. Enchantix was ten times better than Believix. Believix ranks last on my favorito! transformation lista (Sophix and Lovix not included).

Moving on to my siguiente reason.

3. Voices

The voices! Look at Flora's sweet voice. What did it turn out to? Look at Aisha's/Layla's voice. I amor Keke Palmer, but it doesn't suit Aisha/Layla's! Look at Stella's voice. WHAT DID THEY DO WITH IT?!? It's become all high-pitched and squeaky. I amor Stella, but this voice is unnacceptable. It's Nick's fault of course. Maybe Rai's partly to blame. If Rai never partnered with Nick, maybe this wouldn't have happened. The worst is yet to come... Icy... Do tu want to know what it sounds like? It's a mix between Flora's and Stella's season 5 voices! And since I hate both of their voices, tu may realize how much más I despise Icy's voice. They should have allowed her original actress to voice her again, but no. It's Nick who's the king (or queen) now, isn't it? And Nick wants it all, how do tu say, childproof.

Yeah right. Leads me to reason 4.

4. Personalities

Anyone noticed this one? The Winx girls changed. They aren't those innocent girls from season 1. tu could say people change as they mature, but the Winx did not mature. In fact, I feel they were playing around. Because the plots didn't even seem serious anymore, it was like neither did they.

♦Bloom: Bloom and Daphne switched personalities in season 6 according to me.

♦Musa: Musa isn't as tomboy-ish as she was.

♦Tecna: She lost her amazingly cute British accent.

♦ Aisha/Layla: Started snapping. No, seriously.

♦Stella Stella turned into model-for-me-I-have-cool-clothes. I didn't know she craved that much for fashion.

♦Flora: Now this might upset Florists, so don't read this. You are lectura this at your own cost. She's become a major tree-hugger.

I amor Winx Club, but Nick really went too far. Moving on to reason 5.

5. Villians.

In my opinion, season 3 had the best villian - Valtor. The Trix come next. Darkar after the Trix. Then the Wizards. And then, possibly the worst villian of all, Trittanus. I'm sure many of tu will agree with me that he was the worst. Nick made him look scary - NOT - to the little kids (under five, that is) and "meh" to kids seven and over. Even the story of Trittanus made no sense. So just choosing your brother over tu makes tu want to kill your family members? I would be happy for my brother (okay, maybe a little chargined).

He acted (I don't think he was even evil) so terribly, I think he would have been fired the minuto he dicho his first line, but they kept him anyway seeing he could turn into a monster. Valtor, on the other hand, had been so evil, he didn't even need to act. Actually, Trittanus sounds like he's lectura from a script.

Trittanus *smiling; trying best to look evil*: Icy, tu will be empress.

If Valtor says the same thing...

Valtor*evil eye and grin*: Trust me Icy, tu will rule with me.

See the difference? Valtor has a bigger chance of winning Oscar. No, he wouldn't need Oscar, because he wasn't even acting.

That concludes my article. I'm sorry if I offended any fans feelings and once again you read at your own risk and this is an opinion article. One más thing. If tu feel like reporting it, think about the time I took escritura it. comentario if tu disagree. But thanks for lectura anyway.