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------Outside p.o.v
They all sat around in the newlywed’s home. The newlyweds were Flora and Helia, everyone else had already been married for at least a year. It seemed like nothing could break the happiness of all eight couples but in a few minutos it would all break out into tears. As everyone sat around watching a movie it quickly switched to the news and all exchanged glances of concern because it must be something extremely important for the news to just randomly switch on. As soon as the news was finished there was not a single dry eye in the house. Riven squeezed Musa’s hand both were afraid to let go. Brandon wrapped his arms Stella as she cried into his chest since neither was going to let go. Nabu wiped away tears that flowed out of Layla’s eyes and both were not going to let go unless they had to. Garrett rubbed Savannah’s back as she fell asleep crying while holding onto him nothing would separate these two because nothing was going to make them let go. Timmy had his hand intertwined with Tecna’s as she had her head leaning on his shoulder he wasn’t going to let go and neither was she. Aaron held onto Roxy as she rested her head below his chin and their hands were wrapped around one another’s neither would let go for dear life. Helia held Flora in his arms as she bawled her eyes out onto his shoulder but he wasn’t going to let her go anytime soon and neither would she.

-sorry it's so short
Sweet fragranced flores looming over shiny balconies, the sun lighting up the landscape, momumental buildings, Gardinia sure is beautiful in the summer. Everybody loved it, including Roxy,
partly because her new friends the winx lived in Roxy's humble town and see could visit them in their pet store almost every day. Riding along on her neon green bike, she reached the awesome comprar marked as "Love and pet.", Roxy leaned her bike on the muro and paced into amor and pet with her loyal dog, Artu. "Winx, it's me Roxy!" Called Roxy but there was no reply. She and her dog peered around trying to...
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winx club
season 5
episode 26
the end of tritannus
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Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, tu don't touch my girlfriend ever again o I will..
Brad: What? What tu gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of tu Riven, I'm tired of tu treating me like tu want
-Musa dicho screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I amor you
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's all
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These are on Nick only, including season 5's!!

Winx Club

Seasons 1 (60 minuto specials)

101    Jun-27-2011    Winx Club
102    Aug-1-2011    Revenge of the Trix

Seasons 2 (60 minuto specials)

201    Sept-18-2011    The Battle for Magix
202    Oct-16-2011    The Shadow Phoenix

Season 3

301    Nov-14-2011    The Perfect Dress
302    Nov-15-2011    Valtor's Plan
303    Nov-16-2011    Monster's...
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at the end we can see sirenix but 3D!!!!!!!!!!They are lookinf so treiblle i hate their sirenix is ugly
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