*Bloom called the specialist and told them to wait for them at the beach. Everyone was packing a bag. Everyone except Flora who was standing on the balcony thinking about what happened earlier.
could it have been the trix she wondered.
Autumn walked por and saw her and went out and talked to her.
"Flora stop thinking about it, it was probably just some bad luck o something." Autumn dicho not even sure of what she just said. Flora looked at Autumn then back at the forest.
"Autumn I just, want to know how it happened who did it." Flora said.
"We'll think about tomorrow for now just kick back and relax." Autumn dicho while rubbing her shoulder.
"Your right." Flora said. Then they walked back in the dorm and left.

"Witches, I have to go do something I'll be right back." Alison said.
"Leaving where?" Icy asked.
"Just to go get a surprise for the winx." Alison dicho with a smirk on her face.
Then she left the cave.

The winx walked to the beach. No one was talking.
"Soooo...." Stella said.
"How about we go shopping after the beach?" Stella asked hoping not to get yelled at like yesterday.
"I think it sounds great." Flora and Autumn said.
"woohoo!" Stella yelled.

"Brandon!" Stella yelled while jumping into his arms.
"Hey cupcake." Brandon said.
"Bloom!" Sky yelled while he was tackled down por Bloom's hug. That's how it went for everyone.
"Hey Musa can we try no pranking this time." Autumn said.
Everyone laughed at the thought of what happened last time they came.
Flora walked with Helia over to the shore. They were digging for seashells.
"Helia can I tell tu something?" Flora asked.
"Anything." Helia said.
*Flora explained what happened earlier*
"Whoa that's weird." Helia said.
"I think the witches have something to do with it." Flora said.
"Yea, so do i." Helia dicho while they both continued digging.

~Alison at whisperia in her house~
"Dean! Dean tu here!?" Alison yelled up the stairs.
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Dean yelled while running down the stairs along with a friend.
"Who's this?" Alison asked.
"He's here because.."
"He has a crush on Flora and wanted to chip in on our plan which works perfectly, we can torture Helia."
"ohhh I like. tu got the plan?" Alison asked.
They went back to the cave in the forest in magix.

"Point Aisha's team!" Ike and Autumn yelled. Aisha, Stella, and Bloom were playing voleibol against their boyfriends who had claimed they were the best voleibol players in the magic dimension. Timmy, Tecna, Musa and Riven were running around in the water. Helia and Flora were still digging. Flora had 12 seashells and Helia had 7 seashells.
Behind a nearby árbol were the trix, Dean, and Alison.
"Okay so we go after Autumn, Ike, Flora and Helia?" Stormy asked.
"Yup." Alison said. They started walking but Darcy stopped them.
"Wait." She said. She put her hands parallel to the ground and slowly raised them up. She took the spell off Flora.
"Okay and, we can't just walk up to them they'll start attacking before we even get close if they see us." Darcy said.
"She's right." Icy said.
Okay we'll teleport behind our designated targets." Alison said. Then they disappeared.
About a segundo later, Alison appeared behind Ike, Dean appeared behind Autumn, Cyrus appeared behind Flora, and Darcy appeared behind Helia. Alison grabbed Ike's arms, Dean grabbed Autumn por the waist, Cyrus grabbed Flora por the waist, and Darcy grabbed Helia's arms.
"Let go!" Autumn yelled.
"Guess who." Dean said
Autumn gasped.
this is what Autumn is wearing.