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And so the siguiente day..
"I can't believe Stella did that to us, I thought we all were friends," cries Flora. Layla holds Flora's hands. "Don't worry," she says. "I believe Stella will stop all this," "Oh yeah?" asks Tecna and points to the window. It was still raining.
Stella found a club called 'Dark Magic.' She enters it. Is she willing to practice dark magic?
Bloom and the Winx run to buscar for Stella. But they couldn't find her. Tecna then suggests for them to go back home. They went back to the house.
Tecna tries to locate Stella with her computer skills. "The computer is searching," she says it many times. Roxy walks to Tecna to see what's going on at the computer. "Oh god!" she says. There is a picture of the Winx altogether (without Roxy) and a cruzar, cruz at Stella. "Who did that?" she asks. "Maybe Stella learned dark magic!" says Musa. "That explains the picture!" says Bloom.


They saw Stella..
"Stella! Stop practicing dark magic!!" orders Bloom. "What are tu gonna do about it?" asks Stella. "Winx, Believix!" They transform. "Dark Believix!" Stella transform. "Stella, why?" asks Flora.
"You deserve to get this! tu all hate me!!!!" shouts Stella.
"No, Stella, this isn't true!" cries Flora. "Shut up, Flora!" shouts Stella. "Stella, why are tu doing this?" asks Bloom. "Because tu hate me! Even if I don't do something wrong tu blame me! Like the time the washing machine exploded, with my own eyes, I saw Roxy accidentally poofs up an animal that ate it!" shouts Stella. They all turn to Roxy. "It it my fault," admits Roxy.
"I am still gonna destroy all of you!" says Stella. "This has gone to far, stop Stella!" shouts Bloom. "Never! And tu all aren't my friends anymore!" shouts Stella. "We're sorry!" apologize Tecna. "Not accepted! I rather kill the sun! If the sun is killed, I'll be killed too and tu all are gonna be glad, right?" smirks Stella. "No! We amor you!" says Roxy. "Too far, Stella!!" shouts Flora. Stella blasts to the sun. Bloom then flies to the sun and she was blasted. "Bloom!" shouts Flora as Bloom lies down.
"You evil creature!" says Flora. "And now, the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouts Stella as she chants a spell.

 The picture Roxy saw at the computer screen.
The picture Roxy saw at the computer screen.
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