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kittylynn777 posted on May 29, 2012 at 02:15AM
Who is your favorite character who lived and also one that was killed, and why...

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hace más de un año thelatestbuzz20 said…
My favorite charcter alive is Daryl (and i also like Carol and Carl :P) because he is practically invincible. Plus he's like super hot :)
My favorite charcter that died was Sophia (and Amy) because i felt so sorry for her and she was so innocent and that showed that no one is safe, not even an innocent child.
hace más de un año ducky8abug4u said…
My favorite characters are in this order:

1. Daryl
2. Rick
3. Michonne
4. Carol
5. Hershel
6. Glenn
7. Maggie

There were a couple of favorites that died early on:

1. Dale
2. Big Tiny
3. Otis

So those are and were my favorites.