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Nikita Season 2 Episode 20 ,Friday 4/27/2012 Youtube VIDEO On The CW TV serial Show All Politics is Local Episode For Free Trailer and Preview of 4/27/2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers its mean all things are available in my blog please see and check here for latest things for you thanks.



Episode Summary:
Nikita convinces a reluctant Birkhoff to use 20 million dollars of his own money in a plan to trap Percy, but Birkhoff loses it after Percy ends up stealing his entire life savings. Trying to make up for what he lost, Birkhoff hacks into an old network, tripping a trap set by the FBI, which gets him arrested. Division is alerted of his arrest and Percy sends in a team to retrieve him, but Nikita has other plans. Michael and Sean go after Birkhoff's stolen money while Alex attempts to step into Birkhoff's shoes.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Maggie Q, Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca

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