el diario de los vampiros TVD Characters 5in5 icono Contest!!!! 4th round!!!!

Vampire_Lover97 posted on Jan 07, 2012 at 11:02PM
Hey guys .This is The Vampire Diaries characters 5 in 5 Icon Contest.
-You need to choose one character for each round.
-You need to post pictures for each theme.
-Pictures must be Square!
-After 8 days i will close the round!
-If somone choosed a character that you want , you need to find another one.
-You can not use Photoshoots!
-characters can be boys or girls!
Prize :
-Winner : 4 props

Or you can choose someone who isn't on the list :)

*1st Round: (CLOSED)
1.Happy: turnaism
2.Funny Face: KarinaCullen
3.Angry: KarinaCullen
4.Fancy: WonderlandKills
5.Ceremony: Selena_Justin

*Round 1 sign ups:
Selena_Justin ~ Elena (Completed)
ruti97 ~ Damon (Completed)
KarinaCullen ~ Katherine (Completed)
turnaism ~ Caroline (Completed)
STEFidi~ Rebekah (Completed)
WonderlandKills ~ Stefan (Completed)
Desara ~ Bonnie (Completed)
T3Fi ~ Klaus (Completed)
el0508 ~ Jenna (Completed)
modernfan ~ Anna (Completed)

*2nd Round : (Close)
1. not square: KarinaCullen
2. quote: WonderlandKills
3. Rainbow picture: WonderlandKills
4. Jewelry: modernfan_
5. Crying / Sad: WonderlandKills

*Round 2 sign ups:
Selena_Justin ~ Damon (Completed)
WonderlandKills ~ Katherine (Completed)
modernfan ~ Rebekah (Completed)
KarinaCullen ~ Caroline (Completed)
turnaism ~ Elena (Completed)
Desara ~ Pearl (Completed)

*3rd Round : (VOTE)
1. Duplicate : ________
2. Dancing : _________
3. Sleeping : _________
4. Object : _________
5. Epic : _________

*Round 3 sign ups:
WonderlandKills ~ Damon (Completed)
KarinaCullen ~ Elena (Completed)
Selena_Justin ~ Stefan (Complited)
turnaism ~ Katherine (Completed)
modernfan ~ Caroline (Completed)
Sakkara98 ~ Klaus (Completed)

*4th Round : (Open)
1.your mood
2.with vampire/werewolf
4.full body

*Round 4 sign ups:
WonderlandKills ~ Caroline
Selena_Justin ~ Bonnie (Completed)
turnaism ~ Damon
Sakkara98 ~ Katherine
KarinaCullen ~ Rose (Completed)
En- ~ Stefan (Completed)
modernfan ~ Elena
piperleoforever ~ Vicki (Completed)

*Round 5 sign ups:
En- ~ Caroline

Winner's Gallery:
- link
 hola guys .This is The Vampire Diaries characters 5 in 5 icono Contest. -You need to choose one charact
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