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posted by H20girlH20
I looked at my fingers that were pale white.
My tara glitter in the sun, my black hair was up in a bun. I wore a big dress that was purple and black.
The sound of the caballos from outside I can hear. The carridge toke us to England. I, and my grandfather Kellen and my uncle Marcus and Tyler, sat siguiente to me.
my Aunt Jamie and my father Damon also Demetri who is my boyfriend and Felix (My best friend) sat on the other side.
All of us arrived in England 2 days ago. I inhale and exhale, grandfather held my hand and whispered.
"Everything going to be okay"
I smiled at him that help a little.
The only thing I was in England was to see queen Elizabeth's son Prince Edwin. Who is going to be King in two days.
As the carridge stopped. The two doors open. All of us didn't mover an inch; The gaurds from the castillo open the door. The boys and i stayed sitting.
Jamie, Father, Demetri and Felix came out, Marcus came out Tyler was siguiente than Kellen.
I heard a voice his corazón was pumping. It made me mouthwatering. "Calm Down" i whispered to myself.
"Edwin, It's nice to see you" Tyler said.
"It nice to see tu Tyler, when can I see her?" Prince Edwin said.
"Katherine?" Tyler whispered. I grab Demetri's hand and slowly walked out. My dress was light in the sun. I slowly looked up. Prince Edwin, handsome light brown hair and his blue eyes were beautiful, he wore a tux. He walked down the steps and kiss my hand.
"Miss Katherine" He looked up.
"Prince Edwin" I smiled.
"Call me Edin" He smiled back.
"She taken" Demetri dicho behind me.
"Sorry about that" Edwin let go of my hand.
I hiss quietly under my breathe I looked at Demetri than Edward.
"Sorry about that" I sighed.
Later that day, Edwin showed us the castillo and our rooms. I got dressed I wore a blue dress and black belt.
I heard a low voice from downstairs, I walked down the grand-stairs case. I saw a boy about 18. He had black hair and his face amazing he was an ángel
"Snap out of it" I dicho in my mind.
The boy was mostrando the man a sword that was long and blue carving on it.
"Wow, good job" The man said.
"Thank tu sir" the boy said.
"Stefan, my dear one, how about tu go tonight for my son's 19th birthday?" King James said.
"Thank tu sir" Stefan said.
James put the sword in a case.
"Goodbye, my boy see tu tonight"
"Goodbye" Stefan bowed. As i looked at Stefan. He turned around and met my eyes. He also had green eyes just like i do. He was amazing.
"My, My, My" i whispered. Stefan smiled and walked out the door.
I ran off to everyone. I saw everyone in Tyler's bedroom. I lie down on the bed.
"Guess who i saw down-stairs?" I smiled
"Who?" Aunt Jamie said.
"a boy named Stefan" I smiled
"What?!" Everyone yelled.
"Yes, he was amazing. He was selling a sword for King James" I sat up and go on my knees.
Father eyes were happy, everyone eyes were. Father came por and sat siguiente to me.
"How did he look like?" Father said.
"Green eyes, black hair, tall" I looked at father.
"Just like Mya" Father dicho looking down.
"Who is Mya?" I hiss
"A friend an old friend. Of mine" Father looked up at me.

At Night time i was getting ready for the ball. As I fixed my hair a low knock was at me door.
"Come in" I said. I saw my best friend; Felix
"Oh hey" i put on my necklace.
"Hello Katherine" He grabbed my hand and lead me to sit down siguiente to the fireplace.
"I know, tu have some one in you'r life. But Katherine i amor you, so much" Felix dicho holding my hands.
"Wow!" i whispered.
"How much?"
Than i heard a knock it was Grandpa.
"Katherine" he said.
"Coming!" I yelled
"I amor tu to" I looked back at Felix.
He kiss my lips it was soft. And the best kiss ever. I mean i kiss Demetri before but this one was like it had a connection to it.
"Meet me at the garden after the ball" I whispered in his ear.
Felix nodded.
"KATHERINE!" Grandpa yelled.
I growled, I open the door. "Sorry, I was putting my shoes on" I lied.
My escort was Demetri, as I walked around i saw Felix. I walked up to him.
"Hello" I smiled
"Hello, my princess" Felix smiled. Princess? Really nice.
"Don't call me that" I growled.
I heard a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and I saw Stefan.
"Hello" Stefan said. He was amazing he wore an old looking black tux, his skin was chulk white. His green eyes glittering in the light. He had his black hair gel back.
"Hi, Stefan" I smiled.
"I'm Katherine" I pulled my hand out. He grabbed and shook it.
"Nice to meet you"
I giggled.
"Can i have a dance?" Stefan pulled out his hand. He wore black leather gloves.
"Sure" I grabbed his hand. My plan white skin felt the hard gloves.
The Ball room was huge. there was long skylights. the moon shined thru it.
The song turned into a slow song.
"So where are tu from?" I asked
"Virginia in America, You?" He looked at me.
"Italy" I smiled back. His eyes were shock when i dicho "Italy"
"Okay" Stefan dicho looking down at floor.
"Is there a problem?" A voice dicho behind us,
Stefan cranned his neck and saw the person, I turned around and saw father.
"No sir, no problem" Stefan replied.
"That nice" Damon smiled.
"Whar your name dear boy?" He still looked at Stefan.
"Stefan you're?"
"Damon Salvatore"
The song ended and everyone clapped. I clapped not knowing what i was doing.
"Well, Stefan it nice to see tu again" I walked away with my head down.
How Stupid I acted. I still think about Stefan. He look like me.(It's not like a amor him ew!) I saw Felix at the tables standing up, I made contact with him. He nodded and follow me.
We walked fast as we came so nobody could see us.
The stars twinkling very bright. The sound of the fuente was behind us. I held Felix's hand.
We walked together. Holding hand-n-hand. I smiled at him.
"So what do tu want to do?" I dicho still looking at him.
"Can i have a taste of you're blood?" He dicho with a surprise in his voice.
I sat down on the grass. Nobody was here.
"Why?" i asked.
"Cuz, Tyler dicho we can't hurt people in the castle. And i am starving." Felix sat siguiente to me.
I gently grabbed his face and kiss him.
"Sure" I smiled. "And I won't tell nobody" I said.
I toke off my bracelet, Felix grabbed my hand and bit my wrist. I held my screaming. I felt his tounge on my wrist. He teeth into my skin.
I moan in pain.
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