The siguiente day. I havent writen the fecha because I forgot what día it is. It is spring though. It's raining bullets outside. The radio is broadcasting a 90% flood warning. Damon left at daybreak, it's amazing he can walk in the daylight like that. I hope he finds a suitable shelter from the rain, and that whatever protects him from the suns rays keeps on doing his job.
The Master Ineas could do it too; walk in the sun, but the rest of the vampire staff couldn't. It's a long story as to how I learned. When I was little I believed vampiros were invinsible, but they arent. No one is exept Big Brother up in heaven. I remember once I threw open the curtains of the windows while one was in the room. The shrieks and screams I heard still haunt me. And the lash marks after from the flogging I got are still on my back. I remember my friend Samantha was there in the room with me. I opend up the curtains to help me look for a penny, my weekly allowance. the vampiros made it clear we were not to open the windows. A little penny of course could be made an exeption for, so I opened the curtains. Of course Samantha dared not be undone. She tore down the blinds. Somehow, admist the really bad sunburn the vampire caught fire.
Her name was Corry Simon. Before being turned she was a elementary música teacher. When I was young she was my teacher. She taught me how to sound out the beats in a quatrain. She didn't get much further than that though. I'm sure I learned more, but The Master has compelled me to forget most of my childhood. My parents could be the neighbors directly across the calle from the orphanage, but I really wouldn't know. I never estola from their vegitable garden. I have my hopes up.
In a way Ms. Simon wanted to die. She didn't mover an inch from the open window. She stayed, screamed, and burned. The smell of burning human flesh is a terrible thing. First thing I smelled was the smell of beef, yes like a filete on a grill. siguiente came a mix of the aroma of fatty pork on a grill, and of metallic iron; it tickled my nose and burned it. That smell lasted for a while. The rest I can't really describe, but in the end as she caught fuego I smelled something totally different, a musky, sweet perfume. Oh so sweet. When we were sure she was dead I closed the blinds. “What's that smell?” Sam asked. I shook my head, I didn't know. We sniffed around until we where sure on where It came from. The perfume was emanating from the charred remains of Ms. Simon's brain. Yes, her brain smelled like Chanel #5, not that I know whet Chanel smells like, but I can imagine it smells like her brain. It's fitting too, all her thoughts were ones of love. From her tongue only came words of kindness and grace. I hope that If anyone ever burns my brain it smells as good as what hers smelled like. Well, she wasn't dead. At the time Sam o I didn't know how to properly kill a Vampire. Dispite being compelled, Ms. Simon kept her mouth shut, but third degree burns, and a brain practically hanging out of your head is a bit hard to disguise. It's strange because even though The Master can compell the other Vampires, none of the other vampiros never lifted a finger against his abuses. The Master Ineas came up as soon as he could. He was angry, very angry. So angry he shoved a stake through her heart, flogged us, and starved us continually for three days. I don't really care, I learned how to kill a vampire on March third, to me it was a victory. He then compelled me after to forget the pain I felt, during the flogging,a nd the stavation. I know I felt it, I remember it as if it were yesterday, but I have no emotion to base true rage off of. I'm also extemely curious, why didn't he compell me to forget how to kill a vampire? All very stupid in my opinion, but The Master Ineas is anything but stupid. I bet he has some diabolical evil secondary plan. I wonder if he wants me to kill Damon.
On a lighter note, Middleton Elementary school is a small place. Only about one hundred kids. The rest of the infantile population goes to private schools like The Prince of Midton (Yeah, they're so special they call it Midton not Middleton.) I shouldn't hate, I don't really know them. I do know though none of them have ever come here. In Middleton the vampiros run the show. If you're poor tu kids are in the most danger. Why the rich fold are spared I have no idea. If I went around wearing fancy bling, I wonder if Damon would treat me with más respect. I've already found más than three hundred in cash in various place of the apartment, and he just moved in he says. I think he thinks that if he hides valuables in obvious places no one will look there. Tip for Damon: When tu hide something, side it in a place where it's hard to get, and out of plain sight.
Okay, no más flashbacks for the rest of this article. I have work to do. I have to get out of here, even though Damon compelled me to “stay here until dado further orders.” I's happily do it, but unlike him I don't really relish nice'in cold bags of blood. I'm serious that's all there is here. Thankfully, I know a way to get out. All right, I'm going to run for some lunch. Write to tu later. por the way what shall I call you. I don't want to call tu Diary o Journal, becuause those words are really boring. How about Elion. Do tu like it? I think that's what I'll call you. It's nice. I once had a teddy oso, oso de called Elion. He was dado to me por The Master Ineas, and as strange as this is, it was stuffed with Wolfbane. I left Elion back in Florida with The Master Ineas. I miss him. I don't think The Master would like if I went outside in these conditions. I have no coat, no hat, no rain gear. In fact, I don't think he wants me dead at all. I hope I die before he get to me. 'Cause then I know i'll regret living. Cheers to life Elion, until later.